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Tue, Apr 09, 2024

Bigger, Better, Badder… The 2024 SnF Innovation Preview Is On The Way!

Last Year's SnFIP ROCKED The Industry.... We're Aiming To Do Even More for 2024!

The 50th Annual SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo is proud to present, as the lead-in to the aviation year via its partnership with the Aero-News Network, the upcoming 2024 SUN ‘n FUN Innovation Preview.

The aviation world is driven by new developments in technology, design, and innovation… And focusing the entire Aero-Verse at the beginning of the year on all that is cool, interesting, innovative, important, and pivotal is the ultimate aim of the 2024 SUN ‘n FUN Innovation Preview. The SUN ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo, as the aviation world's leadoff event and a history of many decades of service to the aviation industry, is the perfect place to make a stand on focusing the future of news coverage, responsibly and credibly, on the gear and products that will become prominent, even critical, in each coming year.

As the delivery of news and information is ever evolving, the SUN ‘n FUN Innovation Preview is looking to AGAIN set THE standard for exciting, accurate and critical news and information--allowing the aviation world, at-large, to build plans for their year based on the new products and innovations to come. Our partnership with Aero-News Network, and their nearly 2 decades of unparalleled accomplishments in producing LIVE news programs, creates the perfect conduit to deliver the news and information relevant to your customers and the aviation industry. Last year’s event was one of the most pivotal news programs in aviation… and for 2024, we’re redoubling our efforts to have a positive impact on all things aviation.


The SnF Innovation Preview is a LIVE, intense, rapid-fire news event… offering a chosen number of SnF exhibitors an opportunity to take center stage and show the aviation world why they deserve to be called an Aviation Innovator. Each Innovation presenter will be featured in individual (no more than 5 minute) snippets, one per company, and will feature ONLY SUN ‘n FUN exhibitors and vendors with NEW products and programs to announce, or otherwise to be seen for the first time, in 2024.

The event will start with SNF24’s own Preview... a short recitation of the highlights expected for this year’s event. Each approved preview will entitle the participant to present a LIVE Tease of the most salient details of their new announcement(s) in order to enhance the excitement, newsworthiness and innovation of SUN ‘n Fun 2024

The resulting multi-hour program will air ‘LIVE’ Tuesday Morning, 1030ET, April 9th, via SNF, Aero-News and other outlets and feature over 20 major companies and organizations with a brief synopsis of what they are showcasing at SUN ‘n FUN.

The full program will be made available, FREE, for re-webcast by interested news organizations, and each of the individual SnFIP presentations, as well, will be logged collectively and individually as a unique news-story on the ANN, SNF, and other applicable YouTube and associated web channels for easy reference and redistribution. Similar such programs have been conducted by ANN for nearly 2 decades and have won universal acclaim, appreciation, and approval from participants, partners, journalists, and viewers alike.

After the conclusion of the New Product Introductions, the Aero-News Network will be syndicating all our live coverage to dozens of popular e-media and aviation sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Roku, FireTV, and many others. Therefore, it is imperative that your presentation NOT contain any copyright restricted material (primarily music and videos) in order for you to receive the complete promotional value of doing the presentation. IF you did buy rights to protected material, make sure we have a copy of your documentation so that we may send this to YouTube (and any others involved) so that we can avoid any potential interruptions. Failure to work in accordance with copyright and IP protection laws will result in the removal of the offending video from all our presentations, as well as that of all our syndication partners.


Note: ALL these dates are ‘first come/first served’--As of today, we have more than sufficient reservations to fill all slots and have started a waiting list to sub in possible candidates whenever a primary reservation drops out… and we do expect several of those to occur when material deadlines pass…

If you do not have a reservation, write us now to get one.


  • Requests for Inclusion Deadline: February 15, 2024
  • Notification (by ANN/SNF) of Inclusion in SnFIP Program: February 28, 2024
  • Reservation Deadline For ANN-Onsite SnFIP Productions: March 8, 2024
  • Submission of Completed SnFIP Segments (for prior submission): March 18, 2024
  • Submission of graphics, audio and other IP prior to: March 18, 2024

Important Links and Contact Info:


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