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Wed, Aug 09, 2023

Opener Aero Launches BlackFly Early Access Program

The Art of Dialogue

The Opener BlackFly is an eVTOL personal air vehicle designed by Canadian engineer Marcus Leng and produced by Palo Alto, California-based Opener Aero.

EAA AirVenture 2023 saw Opener Aero debut its Early Access Program (EAP), a milestone heralding BlackFly’s market readiness and commercialization. The program enables participants to provide Opener Aero feedback pertaining to their individual customer experiences with the BlackFly eVTOL platform.

Opener Aero CEO Ken Karklin stated: “We have a sound and novel aircraft design. Opener’s EAP establishes a two-way communication channel to inform how we address customer concerns, refine features, and optimize the overall user experience. Our close partnership with early adopters is a huge step toward moving us closer to general release and fulfilling the promise of personal aerial freedom.”

BlackFly owner and inaugural EAP program participant Tim Lum set forth: “Flight in a BlackFly is amazing. Even though I’ve been in and around aircraft for years, this is my first time as an official VTOL pilot, and the connection with my BlackFly goes well beyond the aircraft itself. It's all the things that Opener Aero does to assist me—from extensive flight-training to delivery and ongoing support. The level of hands-on service is off the charts.”

A pioneer in the light eVTOL sector, Opener Aero has busied itself for nearly a decade perfecting BlackFly, the company’s inaugural aircraft offering.

Featuring a unique tilt-aircraft architecture, Opener’s BlackFly is designed to comply with FAA Part 103, which supports consumer recreation and short-hop travel. BlackFly may be operated in Class G airspace over uncongested areas. Moreover, the contraption may be operated by non-pilot certificated individuals. However, to ensure safe operation of its BlackFly eVTOL, Opener requires buyers and pilots thereof to undergo comprehensive flight-training.

Building on the success of BlackFly and leveraging the tilt-aircraft architecture, Opener is currently developing additional manned and unmanned light eVTOL platforms for civilian and military applications.



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