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Wed, Feb 09, 2022

Solar Farm Drone Monitoring System Updated

New Integration with Sitemark Systems Comes to H3's Drone in a Box 

H3 Dynamics has continued their quest to automate drone upkeep, releasing additional infrastructure geared at supporting drone fleet stations far away from human settlements at remote solar farms.

The new partnership fuses their H3 Dynamics Drone-in-a-Box robots with the visual/thermal analytics from Sitemark in order to automate and scale up remote monitoring operations at large solar farm installations. So far, Sitemark has been deployed for inspection over 30,000 hectares of solar parks in 35 countries. 

The push for greener, more sustainable energy (although the renewability and long-term efficiency of solar may not be quite as ecologically tidy as its super green branding promises) has resulted in the installation of vast, unsightly spans of solar panels located far away from convenient human travel. Those areas that receive the most solar uptime throughout the year suffer from the side effects of such a climate as dirt, dust, and sand has a tendency to obscure the panels and decrease charging efficiency. A human monitor is far from efficient or convenient, and the go-to solution is increasingly seeming to be a drone-based surveillance system that can constantly survey the farm and evaluate those panels that require attention. 

Of course, drones still require significant attention to run continuously, as many operators have seen. Recharging, downloading, updating firmware, adjusting flight plans, and changing equipment where necessary all require a human touch to maintain the drone in a fine fettle. H3 Dynamics looks to automate even that, providing its now 7th generation Drone in a Box charging station. The DBX is designed to be agnostic to drone hardware and software, and can link up to aerial analytics from around the world to allow operators to work with whatever solutions are best for them. The end result allows solar farm owners and operators to deploy a drone system permanently to "track solar farm construction progress, identify solar panel degradation and provide on-site security." H3 Dynamics has increasingly geared itself towards automating inspections across a number of fields, getting into precision agriculture, water infrastructure, and ports.

“The unique combination of Sitemark Fuse and H3 Dynamics’ DBX will change the way data is captured and processed throughout the entire lifecycle of solar power assets”, says Michiko Lloyd, CEO of Sitemark.



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