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Mon, Apr 01, 2024

ConkSat Throws Elbows in the Commercial Space Race

Denial-of-Service, Anti-Satellite Product Removes the Competition with Eco-Friendly Flair

A lean little space startup is making waves with a new, no-holds-barred approach to coming out on top among dozens of satellite constellations - and not everyone is happy to see how.

ConkSat has shown off ambitious plans to offer their new FragSat, an orbital denial-of-track system that grants total control to disable entire swathes of orbit at a very low cost. Using affordable, basic parts systems, ConkSat believes they can sell a perfectly functional Denial of Track, Denial of Path (DOT/DOP) anti-satellite system for pennies on the dollar compared to traditional weapon systems. FragSat's simple solution to preventing the competition from exploiting a satellite track: an uncontained burst of non-radioactive, chemically inert steel.

"FragSat is more than a satellite," ConkSat's initial presser says. "It's a cloud of over 70 billion steel ball bearings packed into a payload fairing. Say goodbye to your competitor's megaconstellations with FragSat, guaranteed to increase the rate of collisions in orbit by orders of magnitude. Taking advantage of the increase in payload to orbit offered by new launchers, we're planning on up to twenty launches per year of pure steel, rendering entire families of orbits unusable."

ConkSat protects their brand by being a little coy about the duration that FragSat's payload will affect satellite operation. They don't want everyone to figure out just how easy it is to clean up after a successful FragSat launch, which could affect the apparent efficacy of a preventative deployment. All it takes is a simple recollection of the FragSat payload, which can then be de-orbited in eco-friendly fashion. ConkSat even uses safe, non-toxic, chemically inert, recycled steel for its FragSat payload - much more eco-friendly than so many green pretenders in the commercial spacing market. 

ConkSat has plenty more on the grill too, with programs ranging from a pure LLM-designed launch system to a subscription-based membership program to give smaller nations, states, companies, and people access to nuclear ICBMs. Things are looking up for the little startup, with SPAC rumors swirling around Wall Street with each new ConkSat announcement. The firm further improved its books with the recent removal of its bureaucratic quality assurance system. ConkSat found that they could operate at a much higher launch tempo, with lower overhead with the vertical integration of its quality, assurance, and inspection personnel in favor of some in-house LLM assistance. That alone is estimated to bring about more than $138,000 per year in cost savings, making them an even better target for acquisition the second they hit the market. 



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