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Wed, Nov 21, 2007

Help Wanted! Staff Positions Needed Right Away For ANN 10.0

Due To On-Going Expansion, Full- And Part-Time Positions Now Available!

As journalists and pilots, we've often noted that there is no better marriage of vocation and avocation than working as a member of the aviation media. Seriously. The late musician Harry Chapin (much admired by a number of ANN staffers) once told an audience what his grandfather told him, about doing what you love for a living, that sums it up pretty well:

"My grandfather was a painter... and he said 'Harry, there's two kinds of tired. There's good tired, and there's bad tired. Ironically enough, bad tired can be a day that you 'won'... but you won others peoples' battles, you lived other peoples' days, other peoples' agendas, other peoples' dreams, and when its all over there was very little of 'you' left in there, and when you hit the hay at night somehow you toss and turn, and you don't settle easy.

"'Good tired" can come after a day when you lost... but you don't even have to tell yourself because you knew you fought your battles, you chased your dreams, you lived your days... and when you hit the hay at night, you settle easy, and sleep the sleep of the just.'" -- (excerpt from "My Grandfather')

Now that we do what we love, we can understand. The truth is, if you love your work, it's like hardly working at all. That's what working at ANN is all about.

And yeah, it's also about hard work, tight deadlines, serious research, solid expertise, and dealing with the vagaries and demands of the occasional news-day gone out of control.

Recently, you've been reading about big exciting changes at ANN... more capabilities, more features, a major site upgrade... all part of our quest for total world domination. Well... we're ready to deliver it... right about now. We call it ANN 10.0 for short, and it's our most ambitious undertaking yet. To accomplish all of it, we'll need to add (yet more) souls to the family.

We've added some talented new folks to the roster lately, but we're STILL going to need more. These are interesting jobs and the positions/hours vary according to the skills possessed by the applicant, and the needs we have at any given time -- but you'll find that we can adapt the workflow to a number of criteria for the right person(s).

The best part is that you (with a few exceptions) can do this job from virtually anywhere --  so long as you have a good high-speed net connection and the appropriate tools (and work discipline) to pursue the day's stories.

The qualified editorial respondent needs the following --

  • SOLID aviation/aerospace writing and journalism credentials/abilities
  • SOLID photographic/graphic web smarts
  • Good basic web skills (light HTML know-how and some grasp of photo-editing) and E-Mail skills
  • A strong work/journalism ethic, and an ability to meet and adhere to tight deadlines
  • RELIABLE full-time access to a fairly speedy Internet connection (DSL, ADSL, T1, T3, Pipeline to the Almighty, etc...)
  • A computer with the ability to keep up with a number of graphic chores and editorial efforts, and the ability to work with a very strange crew of ANN weirdos. Since this job is computer based, it does not matter where you live and we are, of course, unconcerned about your workspace so long as the job gets done (and the less info we have about someone working in pink shorts and fuzzy bunny slippers, the better).

Perhaps above all else, we need flexibility. As the saying goes, the news stops for no one... and while there are days a person can wrap up a full day's work in relatively little time, on some days you may be looking at 10-12 hours of hard work. It doesn't happen very often... but when it does, ANN counts on its staff to step up.

ANN is currently looking for four more staffers, RIGHT NOW, to add to the asylum/roster we have to complete in order to roll out ANN Upgrades and the Phase One implementation of Aero-TV (which is even more complex than we imagined... and infinitely more exciting than we envisioned just a few short weeks ago). We have already selected three new folks for senior Aero-TV positions and are training them now... so as soon as we find the right people for the following positions, they're hired. Period.

Run, do not walk, to your PC and email us if you're interested...

  1. F/T News/Editorial Staffer: Ths position is for a daily news-writer that will assist Rob and others in the daily selection, investigation, research, write-up and publication of Aero-News. This is a position that can be worked from anywhere you desire (so long as you have dependable high-speed net access and can work without supervision) and no move is required. By the way; this position has no dress code since the only one who knows about what you're wearing is you, and frankly, the less we know about such things, the better (grin). See the note (above) about fuzzy bunny slippers...
  2. P/T Weekend News/Editorial Staffer: This is the same gig (though simpler) as the weekday job... but only requires a commitment for Saturday and Sunday, and is a part/time position. The current person working this gig wants to go Full-Time and we're pleased to note that a number of folks have graduated to full-time gigs (including our Managing Editor) this way.

  3. F/T Aero-TV Story Editor: Here's a great gig for the right person... we need a solid aviation/aerospace journalist with an eye for feature story selection to help plan and implement Aero-TV story research, preparation, logistics, shooting and production. Preference will be given to someone with a CFI and/or significant flight experience since we will be using GA birds wherever possible and staff members who can meet our specs will get to do some serious flying to locations all over North America. The successful applicant will need to be a personable 'master' of networking, and have the ability to seek out, prepare, storyboard and guide Aero-TV video crews through the prep and productiion of dozens of stories a month.

  4. F/T Aero-TV News Anchor: This position will position you as the "Face" of forthcoming Aero-TV Daily news programs. We're looking for a talented, technically oriented, journalist to headline our daily news programming... While most of ANN/Aero-TV's staff positions do not require a specific residence, we're afraid this one does... so that we can work out of a central studio, each day. So... the successful applicant will need to relocate to Northern Florida, near Jacksonville.

    We're looking for someone with solid reporting or journalistic credentials, the ability to work with our mobile Aero-TV teams (and help coordinate their actions and efforts), and a strong technical aptitude for aerospace and aviation. The successful applicant will help write, organize, research and produce each day's news coverage and become an integral part of the Aero-TV formula.
    They must demonstrate a strong commitment to the craft of aviation journalism and will need a strong and ethical commitment to making sure that aviation is reported properly, aggressively and honestly. Our studio is located south of JAX/Orange Park, FL, though some on-location travel will be a part of the gig (especially for special event coverage). Please reply with resume, clips, pix, etc... Position will be filled ASAP. 


Folks... we're not yet ready to shoot our mouths off about some amazing things we've been working on, but suffice it to say that when we conceived of ANN a decade ago, even our fertile imaginations had no clue about how cool this project would ultimately become. If YOU want to become part of the hardest-working and most talented aviation news team in the biz -- let us know -- because things are about to get REALLY exciting hereabouts.

Please send your resume, clips (if applicable), an intro letter, and contact information to ANN right away... as these positions are ready and waiting for the right person, right now.

And that's all you have to do! We'll be in touch!

FMI: ANN Opportunities


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