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Wed, Aug 16, 2023

Classic Aero-TV: Best Seat in The House -- 'Inside' The AeroShell Aerobatic Team

From 2010 (YouTube Version): Yeah.... This IS A Really Cool Job

When ANN's Nathan Cremisino took over the lead of our Aero-TV teams, he knew he was in for some extra work and a lot of extra responsibility. Still... with all that, there ARE times when its good to be the top guy.... like when our friends at Aspen Avionics call over and ask if we want to put one of our Aero-TV videographers aboard a formation aerobatic flight with the world famous Aero-Shell Aerobatic Team. At such times, its good to be in a position to say... "Hey, I want to go..." and go.

Its an amazing experience... paired up with some of the best aerobatic pilots in the business, aboard amazing historic airplanes... all in the shadow of one of aviation's greatest get-togethers.

According to the AeroShell Aerobatic Team, they were 'born of humble beginnings in 1985.' Two friends, Alan Henley and Steve Gustafson, each owned an AT-6 and had been performing solo at air shows for some time. Gustafson’s father Merle, who performed an aerobatic duet with Bob Speed, gave Steve his AT-6 as a Christmas present.

As they watched his father and Speed perform, Gustafson suggested that he and Henley give it a try. Henley agreed, and they took off right then and there to attempt a series of loops and rolls. So began their performing partnership. The duo was eventually joined by Alan’s twin brother, Mark Henley, serving alongside Gustafson as Right/Left Wing Pilot, and Gene McNeely as Right Wing/Slot Man. The team currently consists of Byran Regan as Team Lead, Mark Henley as Right Wing, Steve Gustafson as the Left Wing, and Gene McNeely in the Slot.

Nicknamed “the Pilot Maker”, the North American AT-6 Texan first appeared in 1938. Originally designed as a trainer for the United States Army Air Corps, the Texan was the primary training platform for all airmen in World War II that went on to fly fighter aircraft such as the P-51 Mustang, F4U Corsair, P-40 Warhawk and others. Today Texans are still flown as basic trainers and light attack aircraft by the air forces of 22 countries.

Come along with Nathan and Aero-TV on a flight with the AeroShell Aerobatic Team.... one of the best ways to enjoy Oshkosh that we know of...



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