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Tue, Jul 24, 2012

Business Disease Infiltrates Fly-In


By: Dr. David Juwel

Hello, my name is ITBOA BNITBOB, and I’m a devastating business disease. My name is an acronym for “In The Business Of Aviation, But Not In The Business Of Business.” I’m like a silent virus roaming around seeking whom I might destroy. This morning I decided to see whom I could inflict with lesser business success. If I’m really in top form, I may even get some businesses to fail.

What I started out today to achieve was easy. They didn’t even know I was afflicting them. I easily slid in with the early morning ground fog and penetrated their booth before they arrived. I then influenced their people to open their booth 30-minutes late. Perfect. Some of their best future customers arrived on time to beat the crowd. Seeing no one at the booth, they left disappointed. They walked over to a competitor and gave them their business. Ha Ha Ha, This is too easy.

I just come in with a little sprinkle of laziness dust, add a whiff of passivity air, concentrate their mental process on hanger flying, give them a rash of ignore the attendee’s, and I hide the “get around to it’s” Works every time. I’ve destroyed the income of more businesses doing this.

I then went to a kit provider that had a new aircraft they brought to introduce to the aviation public. This should be an easy target. Curses! They were open early and they’re devoting time to each prospective customer. They’ve even understated the reality of their aircraft; the gross weight, fuel usage, and takeoff/landing figures are specified lower than the actual aircraft produces. The trouble with this is that whenever I fail, they succeed.

I’d better move on, after all there are hundreds of other businesses in this place. So I went to a well known international aircraft distributor to see what damage I could inflict on their profitability. Gazooks! They’re following professional exhibition advice. I hope this doesn’t catch on. If it does, aviation businesses will start becoming successful and profitable.

Please folks. Have pity on me. I can only succeed if you make an effort not to, and so many of you have done that in the past that I have many business trophies on my wall.

Will you become one of them? You won’t if you’ll sharpen up and remember that you’re a business first, and an aviator second.




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