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September 11, 2017

Airborne-Unmanned 09.12.17: AUVSI Initiatives, UAS v Hurricanes, Collapsible GDU O2

Also: Hydrogen-Powered Jupiter-H2 UAS, Red Cross, PrecisionHawk, Drone Privacy, Inview Drone Inspection

AUVSI announced at a meeting of its Remote Pilots Council several initiatives to promote safety and performance in the UAS industry. AUVSI President and CEO Brian Wynne said the initiatives will support the integral role of skilled and responsible operators in the advancement of UAS. “As more commercial UAS pilots and operators are trained and certified, they will join the aviation community’s long-standing culture and commitment to safety and performance,” Wynne said. "Hurricane Harvey is the first major catastrophe in which drones have been used on a large scale by both government and commercial operators," according to Ken Long, an analyst at the

Whirly-Girls 2018 Scholarship Opportunities Available Now

Sixteen Scholarships Will Be Awarded In 2018

The Whirly-Girls Scholarship Fund, Inc. is proud to announce the opening of the 2018 scholarship season. Sixteen scholarships will be awarded to deserving female aviators in 2018, setting the bar for the entire helicopter industry. Applications are due by October 1st.

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EASA Certifies Hartzell Composite Prop For Supervan 900 Conversion

Approves Aircraft Modifications By Texas Turbine Conversions

EASA has approved the installation of Hartzell's four-blade composite swept prop designed specifically for single-engine Supervan 900 aircraft by Texas Turbine Conversions.

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Duncan Aviation’s Cincinnati Satellite Shop Upgrades King Air 350i

Brings Aircraft Into ADS-B Compliance

Earlier this year, Duncan Aviation's Satellite Avionics Shop in Cincinnati, Ohio, performed a first-time installation by upgrading the Rockwell Collins TDR-94D transponders on a King Air 350i, bringing the aircraft into compliance with the FAA’s mandate for ADS-B Out.

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Drone World Expo Updates Speaker Lineup

Airbus Aerial, Aurora Flight Sciences, Facebook, NASA And Uber Elevate All Booked For The Conference

Drone World Expo has announced the addition of Jesse Kallman, President, Airbus Aerial; John Langford, CEO, Aurora Flight Sciences; Martin Gomez, Director of Aeronautical Platforms, Facebook; Eric Mueller, Aerospace Engineer, NASA; Parimal “PK” Kopardekar, Senior Technologist for Air Transportation, NASA; and Tom Prevot, Director of Engineering, Airspace Systems, Uber Elevate to the event’s keynote panel roster.

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Second LMT GPS III Satellite Successfully Completes Launch Test

Strenuous Launch Environment Evaluation Test Passed 'With Flying Colors'

Launch is the most strenuous part of a satellite's life. To survive the extreme sound wave pressure and pounding vibrations generated by more than 700,000 lbs. of thundering rocket thrust, spacecraft need a solid, reliable design if they hope to arrive operational on orbit.

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GOL Announces Transactions For 12 Boeing 737 Aircraft

Includes Five 737 MAX 8 Airliners

Brazilian airline GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes has announced a sale and leaseback transactions with GE Capital Aviation Services ("GECAS") for seven aircraft, including five Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft and two Boeing 737-800 Next Generation (NG) aircraft. Additionally, the Company signed the direct operating lease of five additional 737 MAX 8 aircraft.

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Air Wisconsin Pilots Return To Their Roots With New United Express Agreement

Resume Flying In United Express Livery After 10-Year Hiatus

Air Wisconsin pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), have returned to flying under the United Express banner after a more than 10-year absence. The largest privately held regional airline in the United States announced the new agreement with United Airlines earlier this year.

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JetBlue Accepting Applications For 'Gateway Select' Second Cycle

Pilot Training Program Makes The Profession More Accessible To A Broader Range Of Candidates, Airline Says

JetBlue has begun accepting applications for the second cycle of its innovative new pilot recruiting pathway - Gateway Select - the airline's competency-based training program for aspiring pilots. The opening of the second window comes as JetBlue's first set of six candidates complete the airline-focused training program and continue to earn their FAA-mandated 1,500 hours of flight time.

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AF To Implement Second Assignment In-Place Pilot Program

Will Allow Aircrews To Extend Time At Certain Assignments As Retention Tool

The Air Force will allow limited fighter aircrews to extend their time at certain assignments in an effort to improve quality of life, quality of service and help retain experienced aviators for longer than 20 years.

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Embraer Announces Firm Order For 25 E-Jets

SkyWest Will Take Delivery Of The Airliners In 2018

Embraer today announced a firm order agreement from SkyWest, Inc. for 25 E-Jets. The order has a value of $1.1 billion, based on current list prices, and will be included in Embraer's 2017 third-quarter backlog. All 25 aircraft are scheduled to be delivered in 2018.

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LAFD To Acquire Two S-70i Black Hawk Helicopters

Aircraft Will Be Modified To Firehawk Configuration For Aerial Firefighting And Multi-Role Missions

The County of Los Angeles has awarded a contract to Sikorsky for two S-70i Black Hawk helicopters in a baseline configuration. Sikorsky is assembling the two new S-70i Black Hawk helicopters for delivery to L.A. County in December 2017.

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Aero-TV: Ruggedly Innovative - The New Zenith CH-750 Super Duty

STOL CH-750 Super Duty Introduced At AirVenture…
Zenith Aircraft Company introduced a new airplane designed for fun at AirVenture in July. The STOL CH-750 Super Duty is a "big version of our STOL CH-750", according to Sebastian Heinz, CEO of Zenith Aircraft.

Aero-TV: Ruggedly Innovative - The New Zenith CH-750 Super Duty

STOL CH-750 Super Duty Introduced At AirVenture…

Zenith Aircraft Company introduced a new airplane designed for fun at AirVenture in July. The STOL CH-750 Super Duty is a "big version of our STOL CH-750", according to Sebastian Heinz, CEO of Zenith Aircraft. Heinz told Aero-News editor Tom Patton that the company has added a jump-seat in the rear of the airplane. The wing area has been increased to 162 square feet with a 33-foot wingspan...

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DOT Announces $151.1 Million In Airport Infrastructure Grants

Latest Round Will Benefit 66 Airports In 35 States

The FAA will award $151.1 million in airport infrastructure grants to 66 airports in 35 states across the United States as part of the FAA’s Airport Improvement Program (AIP).

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Airborne-Unmanned 09.05.17: FAA Supports TX Drones, Yuneec H520, Insurance UAS

Also: DJI's Unique Sphere Mode, Lily Drone, StratoAirNet UAV, Aeroprobe, Airborne UnManned Test Pilots

By late last week, the FAA had issued 43 unmanned aircraft system authorizations to drone operators supporting the response and recovery for Hurricane Harvey or covering it as part of the media. The authorizations cover a broad range of activities by local, state and federal officials who are conducting damage assessments of critical infrastructure. The FAA issued eight of the approvals to a railroad company to survey damage along a major rail line running through the city. Five others were issued so e

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ANN Battens Down The Hatches... Coverage Will Continue 24/7

Hatches??? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Hatches...

It's going to be an interesting few days for a number of ANN Staffers and their families. As Hurricane Irma bores in on the East Coast of Florida, ANN's Tom Patton is ready to head for higher ground, Chris Odom is weather-proofing his home and hoping for the best, Barry Pruitt and his wife (a new addition to the ANN crew) are heading NorthWest, Nathan, Bri and Laura are well outside the storm's influence, and Jim and his wife, Masako (just outside the current evacuation zone), may try to ride it out with plenty of water, a generator, gas grill, lots of munchies, a six-pack or two (maybe three...), and a cat and dog -- as well as a few friends that may need to get out of flood zones.

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Orbital ATK Completes Qualification Of SRB Avionics For NASA's SLS

Important Step Towards First Flight In 2019

Orbital ATK, a global leader in aerospace and defense technologies, recently completed an important qualification test of the avionics system for the solid rocket boosters the company has developed and is now manufacturing for NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS). Completion of this milestone is an important step toward preparing the SLS and Orion spacecraft for their first flight in 2019.

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XTI Aircraft Company Resumes Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Company Making Strides In Engineering Due To Substantial Investments

After a pause during part of August, XTI Aircraft it is once again accepting investments on the StartEngine equity crowdfunding site.

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Klyde Morris (09.11.17)

Klyde Drills Down On One Of The Sad Realities of Today's Airlines


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Honeywell Launches UAV Industrial Inspection Service

Teams With Intel On Innovative Offering

Honeywell has launched its first commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) inspection service, the Honeywell InView inspection service, to help industrial customers improve critical structure inspections while helping increase employees' safety from many of the risks associated with these often-dangerous working conditions.

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Belite Chipper Flies 460 Miles Non-Stop To Angel Fire, NM

Lands At Nation's Fourth-Highest Airport For High-Altitude Testing

The Belite Chipper was at Angel Fire, NM last Saturday, September 2. Belite owner James Wiebe flew the airplane nonstop one way (960 miles or 830 nm) round trip from Wichita, KS to Angel Fire, performed flight tests, then returned to Marion, KS before the sunset.

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United Airlines Supports WAI’s Girls In Aviation Day As Major Participant

Five United Locations Have Planned Events

United Airlines will roll out the red carpet for local community girls at five United Airlines locations across the United States on September 23, 2017, as part of the Women in Aviation International (WAI) Girls in Aviation Day events. Through a variety of experiences and activities, United Airlines will introduce these girls to the excitement of a major airport while they learn the various career possibilities open to them in aviation.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (09.11.17): Terminal Radar Service Area

Terminal Radar Service Area Airspace surrounding designated airports wherein ATC provides radar vectoring, sequencing, and separation on a full-time basis for all IFR and  participating VFR aircraft. The AIM contains an explanation of TRSA. TRSAs are depicted on VFR aeronautical charts. Pilot participation is urged but is not mandatory.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (09.11.17)

Aero Linx: The Arizona Airports Association (AzAA) The Arizona Airports Association (AzAA) was formed in 1979 to bring together the representatives of public and private airports and others interested in the general benefit of aviation to provide information, expertise and support to all those in the State's aviation industry. Further, the Association works to foster public recognition of airports and the airport executive profession, and to assist in the future development of air transportation in Arizona.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (09.11.17)

"The Firehawk has repeatedly proven its reliability and ruggedness. The stresses we place on the aircraft when we take on and then aggressively release 8,000 pounds of water multiple times a day are far more than what its military variant might do in normal operations at maximum gross weight. Like a good pick-up truck, we beat it up and it keeps coming back for more." Source: Thomas Ewald, assistant fire chief of L.A. County's Air and Wildland Division, in comments made after the County of Los Angeles awarded a contract to Sikorsky for two S-70i Black Hawk helicopters in a baseline configuration. Sikorsky is assembling the two new S-70i Black Hawk helicopters for delivery to L.A. County in December 2017.

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