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January 23, 2016

MGL Avionics Leads The Way To ANN's SAE16 Special Coverage

Bright, Powerful, Intuitive: MGL Avionics Is A Next Generation EFIS.... Today!

Since 2001, MGL Avionics has been producing avionics for the Experimental and Light-Sport Aircraft markets. The flagship product is the iEFIS - a comprehensive flight, engine and navigation instrument designed to meet the demands of the modern pilot. It is the next generation EFIS system utilizing a custom developed, pressure sensitive, sunlight-readable touchscreen that can also be operated using gloves. iEFIS combines the undeniable advantages of simplified operation that a touchscreen can offer with rich traditional knob and button controls that are equally indispensable in the cockpit environment. The pressure sensitive touchscreen operates much like a tactile button preventing false activ

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Blue Origin Booster Flies Again

Reached An Apogee Of Over 333,000 Feet Before Returning To Earth

The very same New Shepard booster that flew above the Karman line and then landed vertically at its launch site last November has now flown and landed again, demonstrating reuse. This time, New Shepard reached an apogee of 333,582 feet (101.7 kilometers) before both capsule and booster gently returned to Earth for recovery and reuse.

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FAA Has Registered Nearly 300,000 Unmanned Aircraft Owners

Transportation Secretary Foxx 'Pleased' With The Response

Nearly 300,000 owners have registered their small unmanned aircraft in the first 30 days after the FAA online registration system went live. Owners who registered in the first month received a refund for the $5 application fee.

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Airforms, Inc. Awarded FAA PMA Approvals

Baffle Kits Now Available For Mooney M20J

The FAA has awarded PMA approval to Airforms for engine baffle kits fo the Mooney M20J. The newly approved components join Airforms’ engine baffle product line covering more than 60 applicable aircraft models. The baffles are eligible for installation on all Mooney M20J aircraft, serial numbers 24-0001 through 24-1623, and 24-1632 through 24-3431. Airforms’ engineering department received the new PMA’s (Part Manufacturing Approvals) recently through its continued work with the FAA Anchorage ACO (Aircraft Certification Office).

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The Airplane Factory Presents Sport Aviation Expo 2016 Special Event Coverage

The Airplane Factory Sling – Best-Handling LSA – A Real Airplane

The Airplane Factory Sling is a high performance, 2 place Light Sport Aircraft that fits the needs of private individuals as well as flight schools and flying clubs alike. The Sling has been reviewed by many as one of the best handling LSA’s on the market as well as being referred to as a REAL airplane, not just a toy! And with its sexy, yet aggressive aluminum construction you’ll be sure to turn some heads on the ramp. The Sling utilizes the ever popular Rotax powerplant making it a highly economical cross-country airplane. It features plenty of shoulder room and baggage space for you and a guest to get away for the weekend. The Ready-to-Fly Sling is delivered standard with the MGL

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MIT Research Aimed At Reducing Airport Congestion, Delays

Takes Into Account Weather, Runway Traffic, And Flight Schedules

Engineers at MIT have developed a queuing model that predicts how long a plane will wait before takeoff, given weather conditions, runway traffic, and incoming and outgoing flight schedules. The model may help air traffic controllers direct departures more efficiently, minimizing runway congestion. For example, if a controller knows that a plane is unlikely to take off for half an hour, he may choose to keep the plane at the gate to avoid contributing to runway backups.

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Airbus Helicopters Raises H145 Maximum Take-Off Weight To 8,157 Pounds

This Allows A 50kg (110 Pounds) Of Additional Useful Load For Increased Mission Capabilities

In December, EASA awarded the certification of the increased maximum take-off weight (MTOW) for the H145. With this enhancement, the helicopter can carry an extra 50kg, raising the MTOW to a total of 3.7 metric tons (8,157 pounds). It will be available for customers in early 2016. The improvement does not require any structural modifications or additional equipment.

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Blue Angels Attend Imperial County Airport Aviation Day

Pilots And Crew Interacted With Attendees To The Open House

U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, attended the Imperial County Airport Aviation Day, Jan. 16.

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L.J. Aviation Opens New Hangar At KLBE To Finish Year Of Expansion

Also Opens Completely Renovated Maintenance Facility At Latrobe, PA

L.J. Aviation has completed construction on its new hangar at KLBE (Latrobe, PA), finishing a year of expansion on a strong note.

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German Court Ruling Definitive On Codeshare Dispute

Finds In Favor Of Mid-East Carrier In Case Involving Etihad Airways And airberlin

Etihad Airways today welcomed the ruling by the higher administrative court in Luneburg, Germany reversing an earlier judgment and allowing it to continue operating 26 out of the 31 codeshare flights for the full Winter Schedule - which ends on March 26, 2016.

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Unmanned Chinese Helicopter Completes First Flight

Aircraft Developed By Beijing Normal University Accomplished Antarctic Mission

The first flight of a Chinese unmanned helicopter developed by Beijing Normal University saw the aircraft complete a mission at the Great Wall Station in Antarctica.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (01.23.16)

“Sometimes, if there is a controller with a lot of experience or intuition, they might actually decide they’ll hold aircraft back. Historically, though, they don’t, they just let everybody go.” Source: Hamsa Balakrishnan, an associate professor of aeronautics and astronautics and engineering systems and an affiliate of the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society at MIT.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (01.23.16): Short Takeoff And Landing Aircraft

An aircraft which, at some weight within its approved operating weight, is capable of operating from a runway in compliance with the applicable STOL characteristics.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (01.23.16)

Light Sport Aircraft Headquarters

This site claims to be "Everything S-LSA." There are listings for many manufacturers, training resources, rules, and partnerships.

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