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April 11, 2011

NTSB Prelim: PA46 Downed After Pilot Passes Up Initial Airport Selection

Declared Emergency But Passed Up Smaller Airport For One With Better MX Options

Second-guessing any pilot's decision making process is a tough gig... but this is a case where a pilot may have not have been quite cautious enough in selecting a location for an emergency landing. According to the NTSB, the pilot of a Malbu Mirage was being vectored to a small airport by ATC after declaring an emergency due to power issues, but thereafter decided to divert to a larger field with better facilities and the availability of a mechanic. The subsequent landing at Greenwood Le-Fore Airport did not go so well and the aircraft was significantly damaged though both occupants were uninjured.

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Aero-TV: Spidertracks -- Real-Time Aircraft Tracking

Iridium-Based Flight Tracker Offers Added Safety And Utility

It's a novel and intriguing program... Nearly real-time tracking for your aircraft... available 24/7 to those who need to know where you are... in good times and bad. Spidertracks sends your location in real-time from the spider in your aircraft through the Iridium satellite network, and displays the track of your flight on the Aviator website. Should the worst happen and you have an accident, Spidertracks will automatically send out SOS alerts to the people you have allowed/selected.

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Aero-TV: Flyvie Flight Recorder -- Enhancing the Flight Training Experience

A Novel Attempt To Improve The Flight Training Experience

Many people have been putting some serious brain power to work in order to conceive of ideas that might help to improve, even revolutionize, the flight training experience. One of the resulting efforts is called Flyvie. Using video recording technology, in concert with specialized software and GPS positioning, Flyvie offers some intriguing possibilities to make the flight training experience more valuable... in retrospect.

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ANN Completes Post-Production Distribution Of AEA 2011 NPI Coverage

Aero-TV's "Three Hours of Non-Stop Aero-Geekery" at AEA 2011 Turned Out GREAT

The INTENSE programming involved in documenting 32 separate New Product Introductions at each year's AEA Convention and Tradeshow are one of the most trying times in our year... but also the most fun. Working in concert, once again, with the talented staff of the Aircraft electronics Association, ANN and Aero-TV documented over 30 rapid-fire new product presentation for live webcast and has now broken each of them down into the shorter, separate segments so that viewers with specific interest can get to the product that most interests them... right away.

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