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September 07, 2023

Airborne Affordable Flyers 09.07.23: AEA v MOSAIC, Rotax Fly-In, DarkAero 1 Prototype

Also: MidWest LSA Expo!, Hawk Gyro Reborn..., EAA Pancake Brkfst, Sun ‘n Fun 2024 Tickets
Notwithstanding the buzz MOSAIC has occasioned amongst pilots and aeronautical stakeholders, AEA notes that little mention has been made of the FAA’s intentions—under MOSAIC—to amend nine discrete regulations. Moreover, the docket includes 17 supporting documents (including two draft ACs), 129 footnotes, 26 Federal Register cites, and seven policy documents equating to well over 1000 pages of information. A Rotax-branded shindig at the Weiße Möwe Wels airfield saw a strong  turnout of almost 300 guests from across the continent and beyond. The numbers may not be eye-popping to an American audience, accustome

EAA Volunteer Pilot Celebrates Flying 10,000 Young Eagles

Oshkosh Resident Fred Stadler Recognized

Longtime EAA Chapter 252 member and volunteer-pilot Fred Stadler of Oshkosh, Wisconsin has become the first individual to fly ten-THOUSAND young people free of charge under the auspices of the Experimental Aircraft Association’s Young Eagles program. Mr. Stadler, whose involvement in the Young Eagles initiative dates back to the year 2000, made the milestone flight—a round-robin sortie from the EAA Aviation Museum’s Pioneer Airport (WS17)—on 26 August 2023.

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NASA's Ingenuity Rides Again

"The Little Copter That Could", Does, Once Again

NASA's remote-control whirlybird on Mars has logged another sortie in its book with a 1,344-foot flight on August 26th. The Ingenuity Mars helicopter program has continued, against all expectations. Originally expected to serve as a proof-of-concept before losing power or functionality, the aircraft has continued on to log 56 flights in all. Its most recent flight held it aloft for 2 and a half minutes, flying at 39 ft AGL as it repositioned itself to a better vantage point for future missions.

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Gulfstream G700 Test Aircraft Surpass Performance Projections

Faster, Farther, More Comfortably

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation—airframer to the world’s economic, political, and social elite and maker of aircraft renowned by pilots and engineers alike—made known on 05 September 2023 that its segment-leading and all-new Gulfstream G700 will, in actuality, deliver even better performance and greater cabin comfort than the company’s augurs initially predicted. Over the course of the model’s flight-testing and certification campaigns, the G700 consistently demonstrated higher-than-predicted speed and range as well as lower-than-predicted cabin-altitude.

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PAL-V 'Flying Car' Gains First German Showroom

European Design Sprints to Public Footprint in Bid for German Mindshare

"The long-awaited future of transportation has arrived" says PAL-V, "the pioneer in Advanced Air Mobility", as it opens their first showroom in Germany. The showroom currently contains a single example of the PAL-V flying car, allowing buyers to see and feel the machine in the flesh as they imagine a purchase of their own. Beyond that, there isn't too much to see, some baubles, some paint samples, and a few brochures, but it's further along than the competition, and in this biz, that's what counts at this stage in the game.

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U.K. ATC Meltdown 'One in 15-Million Event'

So States NATS CEO

The head of the U.K.’s National Air Traffic Services (NATS) has ascribed a 28 August 2023 breakdown of  the country’s local and en-route ATC network to a "one in 15-million" event occasioned by a single flight-plan bearing two identically-labeled markers.

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Aero-TV: Heavenly Helicycle

Sustained Flight

Buford John Schramm was a remarkable man. His contributions to aviation—rotary-wing aviation in particular—are myriad and of a significance commensurate with Schramm’s having been inducted into the EAA Homebuilder’s Hall of Fame despite the fact he wasn’t an EAA member at the time of tragic 2006 death. In addition to founding kit-helicopter manufacturer RotorWay and operating a non-ferrous metal foundry that supplies materials to Bell, Hughes, Sikorsky, and Motorola, Mr. Schramm is remembered for developing the Helicycle—a rotorcraft widely esteemed among helicopter enthusiasts and counted among the world&rsq

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Signature Reopens BED Massachusetts FBO

L.G. Hanscom Sees Renovated, Fancier Facility 

Signature Aviation has reopened its newly renovated private aviation facility at L.G. Hanscom Field (BED) in Massachusetts. The new furnishings and amenities will help to improve the vibrancy of the New England GA network, while "solidifying Signature's long-term partnership with the region’s largest general aviation airport." The new additions feature an "array of customer-centric designs and amenities focused on space, speed, and sustainability," biggest of all a new 6,500-square-foot passenger terminal. While much of its new space is dedicated towards backend services and infrastructure, it adds 2,500 square feet of space to serve customers, giving travelers modern, high-end amenities pr

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ERAU Publishes Accounts from Recent Scholarship Winners

Vignettes from the Flight Line Show What's on Hand for Enterprising Students

Embry-Riddle published a handful of student testimonials surrounding its cadre of scholarship winners, shining a light on those chosen to receive the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) Foundation Scholarship. The 2023 International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading Foundation disbursed almost $365,000 to 37 students around the globe, 5 of which happen to study in the ranks of current ERAU students. Showing off the level of assistance possible in the industry, the school shined a light of 5 recent winners.

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Klyde Morris (09.04.23)

Klyde Wonders If SpaceX Is Taking DoJ Seriously


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NTSB Prelim: Bell 407; Sikorsky S-64E

Bell 407, N555AS, And A Sikorsky S-64, N4037S, Collided Midair Near Cabazon, California

On August 6, 2023, about 1844 Pacific daylight time, a Bell 407, N555AS, and a Sikorsky S-64, N4037S, collided midair near Cabazon, California. The Bell was destroyed, and the pilot and two qualified non-crewmembers were fatally injured. The Sikorsky sustained minor damage and the pilot and copilot were not injured. Both helicopters were operated as public-use firefighting aircraft.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (09.07.23)

Aero Linx: MidWest LSA Expo The 15th ANNUAL Midwest LSA Expo will be Thursday, September 7, 2023 – September 9, 2023 at the Mt. Vernon Outland Airport (MVN) Mt. Vernon, Illinois. Midwest LSA Expo. Inc. specifically organized the unique event to sell Light Sport Aircraft, LSA Ancillary Services, and LSA related Services. ANN recommends this event highly.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (09.07.23): Takeoff Hold Lights (THL)

Takeoff Hold Lights (THL) The THL system is composed of in-pavement lighting in a double, longitudinal row of lights aligned either side of the runway centerline. The lights are focused toward the arrival end of the runway at the “line up and wait” point, and they extend for 1,500 feet in front of the holding aircraft. Illuminated red lights indicate to an aircraft in position for takeoff or rolling that it is unsafe to takeoff because the runway is occupied or about to be occupied by an aircraft or vehicle. 

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (09.07.23)

“Fred’s remarkable accomplishment is indicative of the dedication of our Young Eagles volunteers to make a difference and build the future of flight. There are so many young pilots today who got their start when an EAA-member pilot provided that first flight, igniting a spark that became a career for many. Fred and all those EAA members have earned our congratulations and sincere thanks for their efforts, along with a call for other aviators to join us in flying Young Eagles.”   Source: EAA CEO and chairman Jack J. Pelton, in recognition of longtime EAA Chapter 252 member and volunteer-pilot Fred Stadler of Oshkosh, Wisconsin -- who has become the first individual to fly ten-THOUSAND young people free o

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