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March 01, 2022

Confirmed: World's Largest Plane Destroyed

Super Heavy Airlifter Destroyed In Ukraine During Airport Battle

The sole remaining An-225 Mriya, the only aircraft of its type, has met its end during fighting at the Antonov Airport in Hostomel, Ukraine. The fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces resulted in the aircraft, then stuck in its hangar undergoing maintenance, catching fire and likely burning up without mitigation. Initial reports vacillated on the condition of the plane, as many hoped it had somehow escaped damage until satellite photos showing large smoke plumes and visible fire were released detailing the expected extent of the damage. 

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Dynon Announces Fast-Install Line

New FastTrack Avionics Packages Simplify Installation With Pre-Wired, Pre-Assembled SkyView Systems

Dynon has capitalized on the home build and home assembly market with their new line of FastTrack avionics setups geared towards E-AB and light sport builders. The systems streamline the often obscenity-filled, tiresome process of wiring a panel, with Dynon SkyView modules, displays, electrical harnesses, and racks readied for installation out of the box. Dynon's come a long way in recent years, moving from an industry underdog to a true competitor to some of the bigger, pricier brands in the general aviation market. Their near domination in the LSA segment has earned them many fans, not just because of the affordability in comparison to l

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Aero-TV At XPO21: Camflite Reviews Its Drone Portfolio

A Number of Platforms Offer Aggressive Versatility

Aero-News got a moment as Paul Gentile, President, went over some of what makes Camflite’s drone portfolio different from the rest, boasting domestically produced commercial and industrial drones for inspection, survey, SAR, and other professional missions. The small SUAS, the Ascent, weighs in at 15 pounds dry but carries up to 55 pounds with the freedom to reposition payload however it’s needed.

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Helicopter Ground School Celebrates 10 Years

Opens EFB Giveaway, Anniversary Livestream

Helicopter Online Ground School has reached 10 years in business on March 1st and will celebrate with a course intended to "finish your rating". Pilot training has always been an expensive affair, but rotary students especially seem to suffer from dropoff, frustrated by the demanding nature of building skill and the pricey affair of buying flight time. The Final Approach Course will aim to take those students back into the seat and get them flying. courses can be purchased for monthly or one-time fees for everything from private pilot to CFI.

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Russia Bans 36 European Airlines from Airspace

China-Bound Airlines Now Forced to Route Around Russian Airspace

Russia has retaliated to European bans on flights through their airspace, putting a retaliatory ban of their own on 36 countries. The bans include those selected by the Russian Federal Agency for Air Transport. The United Kingdom, a bevy of Eastern European countries, and larger western states like Germany, Spain, Italy, and France all made the list of those banned from operating flights in Russian airspace. flights may apply for a special authorization should they seek passage through Russian airspace.

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PlaneSense Standardizes on Gogo

Moves to Install Avance L3 Internet Across Pilatus Fleet

Fractional aircraft company PlaneSense has announced the integration of Gogo Business Aviation's Avance L3 systems across its fleet of Pilatus aircraft, granting internet access from altitudes as low as 3,000 feet. The company operates just under 40 PC-12s with 7 PC-24 jets, the majority of which already run the Avance L3 systems. Moving to standardize the handful that have yet to be upgraded allows for better, streamlined connectivity and simplified management for the company. Avance L3 provides a range of in-flight internet enhancements for passengers and pilots alike, from in-flight entertainment, email, voice and text communication, and EFB downloads. 

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FAA Empowers Boards in Certification Process

Technical Advisory Boards to See Expanded Roles in Establishing Compliance

The FAA has announced progress in their use of independent external safety experts for certification of aircraft. The expansion affects Technical Advisory Boards, groups composed of private and public safety experts for certification of commercial, GA, and autonomous aircraft. The changes augment the previous Aircraft Certification, Safety, and Accountability Act by promoting the establishment of the Advisory Boards earlier in the certification process. Now, different levels of Boards will be specified for differing projects, dependent upon the "project scope and the risks the aircraft could pose when it enters into service."

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Airborne 02.21.22: Van's Pricing, CA Luxury Tax, AEA Avionics Mkt

Also: Mesa Addresses Pilot Shortage, FAA v Dreamliner, Bell Phase 2-AFWERX, Virgin Galactic Shakeup

In a notice to customers, Van's outlined the state of the company and the steps they're taking to keep the company in good health. More bad news is never a good thing to hear, but fans of Van's Aircraft have to at least give credit to the company for shooting straight. Price increases are on the way, with an RV kit price bump already in effect. The average increase across the board is in the neighborhood of 6%, but RV kits in standard and QuickBuild flavors will increase in accordance with their component price increase. The exact price bump will depend

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NTSB Prelim: Blake D Barrymore Just Acft SuperSTOL

Unable To Restore Engine Power And Initiated A Forced Landing To A Snow-Covered Field

On January 30, 2022, about 1430 mountain standard time, an experimental amateur-built Just Aircraft Superstol, N8794G, was substantially damaged when it was involved in an accident near Ketchum, Idaho. The pilot was not injured. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight. The pilot of the tailwheel equipped airplane reported that while in cruise flight, about 1,500 ft above ground level over mountainous terrain, the engine lost power.

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AD: Bell Textron Canada Limited Helicopters

AD 2022-04-06 Retains Certain Requirements Of AD 2021-06-06

The FAA is superseding Airworthiness Directive (AD) 2021-06-06, which applied to certain Bell Textron Canada Limited Model 505 helicopters. AD 2021-06-06 required repetitive fluorescent penetrant inspections (FPIs) of the pilot collective stick and grip assembly and revising the existing Rotorcraft Flight Manual (RFM) for your helicopter. Since the FAA issued AD 2021-06-06, the pilot collective stick and grip assembly has been redesigned. This AD retains certain requirements of AD 2021-06-06, requires modifying your helicopter to include the improved pilot collective stick tube and adds a terminating action for the repetitive FPIs. This AD also prohibits installing any pilot collective st

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (03.01.22)

Aero Linx: The UK Space Agency Founded in 2010, the UK Space Agency delivers key elements of the Government’s National Space Strategy. We use our expertise to: catalyse investment, supporting projects that drive investment and generate contracts for the UK space sector deliver space capabilities and missions that meet public needs and advance our understanding of the Universe champion the power of space to inspire people and offer greener, smarter solutions for business, and to support a sustainable future

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (03.01.22): Obstruction Light

Obstruction Light A light or one of a group of lights, usually red or white, frequently mounted on a surface structure or natural terrain to warn pilots of the presence of an obstruction.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (03.01.22)

"Mriya will definitely be reborn" Source: Following its destruction, the AN-225's operating agency, UkrOboronProm, has said it will make Russia pay for the rebuild or replacement... They estimate the restoration will be time consuming and cost somewhere in the range of $3 billion, promising that the rebirth will take place over a span of 5 years. 

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