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June 20, 2010

Senate Commerce Committee Favorably Reports On TSA Administrator Nominee

No Committee Opposition To Moving John Pistole From FBI To TSA

The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation unanimously reported out John S. Pistole to be Assistant Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, and Administrator of TSA on Thursday.

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Dreamliner Hit By Lightning During Test Flight

Not Planned, But The Airplane Was Not Extensively Damaged

One of Boeing's Dreamliner test airplanes was hit by a lightning strike during a test flight last month, but damage to the airplane was minor.

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Cirrus' Brent Wouters Looks Ahead To A Lead-Free Fuel World

Letter To Cirrus Owners Outlines Industry's Plan

A recent post on the Cirrus blog features an open letter from company president and CEO Brent Wouters about the future of 100LL gasoline. The latest Cirrus aircraft, the SR22T, is powered by a Teledyne Continental engine that is optimized for flexible fuel options.

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Iridium And SpaceX Enter Into Major Commercial Launch Agreement

Contract For Launch Of Iridium NEXT Satellite Constellation

The Falcon 9 will be a major provider of launch services for Iridium NEXT, Iridium's next-generation satellite constellation according to a news release issued by Iridium Communications and Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX).

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CA Flight Instructors Ready To Lobby For (AB) 48 Exemption

But The Effort Will Be Expensive, And A Win Is Not A Sure Thing

On Monday June 7th, about 50 concerned flight school owners and flight instructors traveled to Sacremento, CA for the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education (BPPE) hearing, and to plead their case for exemption from (AB) 48.

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Fallen Airmen Laid to Rest After 38 Years

Crew Of An Air Force AC-130 Gunship Lost In 1972 Buried With Full Military Honors

Unidentified remains of 14 fallen Air Force AC-130 gunship crewmembers were laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery Thursday, nearly 40 years after their aircraft was shot down over southern Laos.

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Rolls-Royce Fires Up Its Latest Trent Engine

More Than 1000 Trent XWB Engines Ordered Before First Run

Rolls-Royce fired up the Trant XWB for the first time on a testbed in Derby, UK, on June 17. The engine is the latest member of the Trent family.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (06.20.10): When Able

When Able When used in conjunction with ATC instructions, gives the pilot the latitude to delay compliance until a condition or event has been reconciled. Unlike "pilot discretion," when instructions are prefaced "when able," the pilot is expected to seek the first opportunity to comply...

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (06.20.10)

Aero-Linx: Private Flying Guide -- The Bahamas The page starts out saying this..."Nearly every day, our weather is as clear as our water. The cumulus clouds dot the sky at around 2,500 feet in the morning, rising to 7,500 feet in the afternoon. These are the perfect conditions for flying. Wherever you’re headed, just about every vacation spot on The Islands Of The Bahamas has an airport where you can safely land..."

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (06.20.10)

"Their area of expertise is Washington politics and federal rule making. They are doing their best to help us but they are playing catch up," he wrote. "The horse is already out of the barn. This is new territory for them. They are most effective in the proposed rule making process not in changing law." Source: Jim Brannan, President of Mazzei Flying Service in Fresno, CA and a board member of SAFE...

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AD: Embraer

AD NUMBER: 2010-12-07

MANUFACTURER: Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica S.A. (EMBRAER) Model EMB-135ER, -135KE, -135KL, and -135LR Airplanes; and EMBRAER Model EMB-145, -145ER, -145MR, -145LR, -145XR, -145MP, and - 145EP Airplanes  

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