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June 06, 2010

YIKES!!! Red Bull Pilot Pulls Off Amazing Recovery After Water Collision

Wingtip Grazes Water, But Pilot Matt Hall Recovers

Folks... I really don't know that it gets closer than this... but you gotta wonder what kind of rabbit's foot Australia’s Matt Hall is carrying around. Matt, you see, had a scare during the first Qualifying session at the Red Bull Air Race in Windsor Ontario, Saturday, when his plane touched the surface of the Detroit River...

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Aero-TV Special Report: Exceeding Expectations -- SpaceX Falcon 9 Is In Orbit!

Successful Liftoff Signals Spectacular Start To Grueling Test Program

Friday, June 4th, 2010, is a not a day that ANN and Aero-TV are likely to forget... after an early morning flight down in our Cirrus to prep for our launch coverage and a long hot day of great expectations, SpaceX mighty Falcon 9 roared to life at 1445 and entered the history books.

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Red Bull Air Race' Lamb Wins Windsor Qualifying

In Other News There Was, Indeed, A Qualifying Race

Somewhat overshadowed by Matt Hall's close call with the Detroit River, Britain's Nigel Lamb won the first Qualifying point of his career on Saturday by posting the fastest time in Windsor, Ontario, ahead of Sunday's fourth race of the 2010 season. Britain's Paul Bonhomme was second with Hannes Arch of Austria third in front of a crowd of 48,000 spectators.

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NTSB Prelim: Power Loss Downed RV-9A During Flight Test

One More Reason As To Why They Call It Flight TESTING

 A new RV-9A, still in Phase 1 flight testing, wound up damaged after its ECi O-320 packed up in flight and turned the RV into a glider with only a little warning. Unfortunately, the bird didn't quite make it back to the runway and nosed over after touchdown, doing significant damage to the new aircraft.

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Houston Wants A Shuttle

Space Center Houston Targets Acquisition of Retired Space Shuttle

Houston area business leaders and philanthropists are chatting up their desire to ensure that the NASA Johnson Space Center provides a permanent home for one of three retiring space shuttles at the city’s 'Space Center Houston.'

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BRS Parachute System Saves Four In Dramatic Norway Emergency

Number Of People Saved By The System Stands At 250

BRS Aerospace ("Ballistic Recovery Systems") of South St. Paul, Minnesota has now documented 250 lives saved. Four people in a Cirrus SR20 SRV G3 single-engine aircraft were uninjured after deploying their BRS-equipped ballistic emergency parachute over unlandable rocky terrain in southern Norway.

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USAPA May Bargain For Pilot Senority Integration

U.S. Court Of Appeals Rules In Favor Of US Airways Pilots’ Union Over Former America West Pilots

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday reversed the decision of a lower federal court that had found the US Airline Pilots Association (USAPA) liable in a Duty of Fair Representation lawsuit. This decision allows USAPA to freely bargain for the terms of its seniority integration.  

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Garmin Receives Approval for Change of Place of Incorporation to Switzerland

New Home For Garmin Parent

 Garmin Ltd. has received approval from the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands of the pending change of place of incorporation of its group holding company from the Cayman Islands to Switzerland.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (06.06.10): Angular Momentum

Angular Momentum A property that an object, such as a planet revolving around the Sun, possesses by virtue of its rotation or circular motion. An object’s angular momentum cannot change unless some force acts to speed up or slow down its circular motion....

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (06.06.10)

Aero-Linx: Falcon 9 Launch Vehicle Payload User’s Guide The Falcon 9 User's Guide is a planning document provided for potential and current customers of Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX).

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (06.06.10)

"I felt I was having a fairly good run... I might have skipped twice on the water. It’s a very disappointing result for me. It’s the motor racing equivalent of touching the wall..." Source: Australia’s Matt Hall, one of the red Bull Air race pilots... who had the bad luck to make contact with the water of the Detroit River in a Qualifying run, Saturday. Matt's OK and his bird is repairable... but this is about as close as it gets in the fate department.

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