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June 29, 2005

Update: FAA SCREWED UP Arizona TFR Notice

You Know You're In Trouble When You Have To Check That The FAA Has Gotten Their Facts Straight... ANN has received an urgent  notice from an FAA Staffer indicating that the TFR graphic that accompanied our original publication of TFR 5/5094 is mistaken and that pilots are busting this TFR. Checking with the FAA site, we see that the TFR depiction we had previously published is STILL depicted in RealTime. Afraid yet?

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Another DC Evacuation

Another ADIZ Incursion

ANN REAL-TIME NEWS: 2022 EDT -- Stop us if you've heard this one before: "All persons in the US Capitol, Hart, Dirksen and Russell buildings should evacuate now."

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Walton's Ultralight Had A History

Hard Landing Noted On Journey From Virginia To Jackson Hole

The eleventh-richest man in the world was flying an ultralight that had a recent history of damage when he was killed in a mishap near Jackson Hole, WY, Sunday.

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New SJ30 Twinjet Aircraft Rapidly Approaching FAA TC

Two Additional TIA's Issued by FAA as Sino Swearingen Prepares for FAA Certification

The FAA recently issued two additional Type Inspection Authorizations (TIA's) for the new SJ30-2 executive business jet, currently approaching final certification this year.

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USAF Officer MIA from Vietnam War is Identified

The DoD POW/MIA Personnel Office (DPMO) has announced that the remains of a U.S. serviceman, missing in action from the Vietnam War, have been identified and are being returned to his family for burial.

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Diamond Selects Garmin G1000 For D-Jet

Diamond Aircraft Industries Inc. has selected the Garmin G1000 integrated avionics system for its new D-JET personal aircraft. The G1000 flight deck for the D-JET will be available as a three-panel system with two 10" primary flight displays (PFDs), a centrally located 15" multi-function display (MFD), FMS controller, glareshield mounted Autopilot Controller, and dual AHRS/GPS/Magnetometer sensor system.

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Mooney CEO/Ovation2 GX Place In Top 10 At Air Race Classic

"Gretchen did well," is the sentiment we've heard over Mooney CEO Gretchen Jahn's exciting effort in the recently concluded Air Race Classic.

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Rod Machado Training Package Debuts At Sporty's

Learning is fun and exciting with noted aviation instructor and humorist Rod Machado. Two of Machado's products have been combined, the Private Pilot Handbook and Samurai Airmanship DVD, and are being sold exclusively through Sporty's for the price of one.

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FAA Publishes Procedures for Working With the European Community on A/W Issues

AEA has alerted ANN to Proposed FAA Order 8100.14A

SUMMARY: This notice announces the availability of and requests comments on proposed Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Order 8100.14A, Interim Procedures for Working with the European Community on Airworthiness Certification and Continued Airworthiness.

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CAFUC Places Order with Mechtronix

Canadian-Based Manufacturer To Deliver Full Flight Simulator and Flight Training Device To China

The Civil Aviation Flight University of China (CAFUC) placed an additional order for a Cessna Citation Jet 1 Ascent FFS XTM and an Ascent Level 5 Flight Training Device with Mechtronix Systems.

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Shot Down! Chinook Fell To Enemy Fire In Afghanistan

Insurgents Claim Responsibility, Promise Video

ANN REAL-TIME NEWS: 0527 EDT -- Members of Afghanistan's renegade Taliban say they shot down a US Army MH47 Chinook helicopter in the eastern part of the country Tuesday, and military officials say that may indeed have been the case. There were 17 service members on board -- and there's no immediate indication as to their fate.

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Just Before The Launch: NASA Fails To Meet Safety Goals

Stafford-Covey Group Finding Probably Won't Cause Launch Delay

Just three weeks before the space shuttles' Return to Flight, a NASA advisory group says the space agency has failed to address three critical safety issues: eliminating critical launch debris, harden the shuttle against debris impact and figure out a way to repair the orbiter's heat shield in orbit.

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NBAA Warns DOT On Flight Recorders

Says FAA Needs To Go Back To The Drawing Board

ANN received a copy of this letter from NBAA Tuesday -- and we thought you would want to know what it said.

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Army's 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment Jumps Down Under

Talisman Saber: Joint US-Australian Exercise

Dropping in and destroying enemy ground forces is the specialty of the 1st Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment. Based at Fort Richardson, Alaska, the unit is playing a pivotal role this week in Talisman Saber '05, a combined joint exercise with Australian forces.

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NASA's Deep Impact Craft Observes Major Comet 'Outburst'


NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft observed a massive, short-lived outburst of ice or other particles from comet Tempel 1 that temporarily expanded the size and reflectivity of the cloud of dust and gas (coma) that surrounds the comet nucleus.

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NASA's Cassini Reveals Lake-Like Feature on Titan

Posted -- No Swimming

Scientists are fascinated by a dark, lake-like feature recently observed on Saturn's moon Titan. NASA's Cassini spacecraft captured a series of images showing a marking, darker than anything else around it. It is remarkably lake-like, with smooth, shore-like boundaries unlike any seen previously on Titan.

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New ARINC Software Tool--ALARM

It Can't Be That Old. DOH!

ARINC says it's made an engineering breakthrough that can extend the life of complex electronic and mechanical systems built into aircraft, vehicles, military weapons, and communications equipment.

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Northwest Mechanics: Update Outsourcing Job Loss Benefits

Program Founded 31-Years Ago -- Union Says It's Outdated

Northwest Airline mechanics say Congress and the Bush Administration need to update a federal program that was made into law in 1974 to help manufacturing workers who lose their jobs to outsourcing.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (06.29.05)

"It is unfair and un-American to abandon displaced service workers and their families, just because treating them the same as displaced manufacturing workers would cost more. This simple reform has been discussed for quite a while. Now it's time for President Bush and Congress to do the right thing." Source: Ted Ludwig, president of Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) Local 33, demanding Washington update benefits to workers whose jobs are outsourced. US Airways machinists, are you listening?

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