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February 09, 2005

Frontier PAX Quarantined In Denver

"Paramedics Saw Something That Made Them Afraid"

An ill passenger aboard Frontier Airlines Flight 449 was quarantined late Tuesday night after a female passenger became ill and had to be removed from the aircraft by hazmat crews.

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HeliExpo '05: Sikorsky Will Not Protest Marine One Contract Decision

Sikorsky does not want to take any action that might delay or conflict with the GAO's investigation. Accordingly, the company has elected not to protest the Navy's Marine One contract decision.

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SR-22 Wreckage, Victim Found In Big Bowl Ski Area

Investigation Continues

The wreckage of a Cirrus SR-22, along with the body of its pilot, have been found in the snow covered mountains of California's Sugar Bowl Ski Area. There's still no clear indication how the plane's BRS parachute, which was apparently deployed just before the aircraft impacted the ground, became detached from the aircraft itself.

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HeliExpo '05: MD Helicopters Saved By The... Boeing?

Company Steps In To Prevent Failure Of Defense Bid

Embattled manufacture MD Helicopters Inc., which was created when a Dutch group, RDM Holdings, bought the former Hughes Helicopter 500, 600 and 900 lines out of Boeing in 1999, was just saved from possible liquidation by a last-minute deal with Boeing.

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USAF Worried Controller Raises Will Lure Away Talent

Sweetening The Pot "A Deciding Factor" Among Some Military Controllers

"I have no quarrels with the Air Force. I wouldn't mind doing 20 years." Those words from SSgt Anthony Haynes, a controller with the 48th Operations Support Squadron at RAF Lakenheath, as quoted by the European edition of Stars and Stripes. His attitude is typical of many men and women serving in US military control towers around the world.

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NASA Funded For Moon And Mars

But No Money For Hubble Rescue

The good news: If President Bush's budget is approved by Congress, NASA gets a whopping $16.5 billion dollars, an increase of more than two percent over the current fiscal year.

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NATA Troubled By Cuts To FY 2006 Budget

AIP Program Takes Major Hit

NATA President James K. Coyne greeted the arrival of President Bush’s Fiscal Year 2006 budget with concern due to cuts in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) spending. The President’s budget contains cuts both in the FAA's Facilities and Equipment (F&E) account as well as the popular Airport Improvement Program (AIP).

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HeliExpo '05: Eurocopter Selects Ryan Int'l For EC-135, EC-145, and EC-155s

Standard Factory Option for Traffic Advisory Systems

Eurocopter has selected Ryan International Corporation to supply 9900BX Traffic Advisory Systems (TAS) and Multi-Hazard Display's (MHD) as standard factory options in EC-135, EC-145 and EC-155 Model Eurocopter helicopters.

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US, India Shake Hands On Spare Parts

1998 Embargo Lifted on Harrier, Sikorsky SH-3 Parts

The Indian Navy's Sea Harrier and SH-3 helicopter fleets have suffered serious spare parts availability problems since the US imposed sanctions after India's 1998 nuclear test. At times, as many as 30 to 40-percent of Indian aircraft have been grounded because of the spares shortages, according to Indian Navy Vice Chief of Naval Staff Admiral John DeSilva.

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British Lynx Pilot Disciplined For Pizza Delivery

And Not Because He Forgot The Cheesy Bread

A British pilot with the 659th Army Air Regiment is in a spot of trouble this week after he flew his Lynx 30-miles off course to deliver a pizza to his girlfriend.

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Search Teams Give Up On Reaching Afghan Crash Site For Now

So Far, Neither Cockpit Recorder Found

Blizzard-like conditions and frigid temperatures have forced search teams trying to reach the wreckage of a downed Boeing 737-200 in the mountains near Kabul, Afghanistan. So far, military and local teams have been unable to recover the flight recorders from the Kam Airlines wreckage as the search for a cause to the accident also continues.

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NTSB Sends Team To Investigate Afghanistan Accident

From NTSB Headquarters...

The National Transportation Safety Board has sent a team to Afghanistan to assist in the investigation of the crash, on February 3, of a Kam Air Boeing 737-200. The airliner was flying from Herat to Kabul when it went down with the loss of all 104 passengers and crew, after reportedly being diverted from Kabul airport due to a snowstorm. Initial reports indicate that there were 6 American citizens among the passengers.

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Javelin Prototype Construction Continues As ATG Opens New Hangar And R&D

Expansion At Centennial

Aviation Technology Group says it plans to expand its headquarters at Centennial Airport in Englewood, CO. The new facilities will now include two hangars totaling 12,800 additional square feet that will be used for the continuing research and development of the Javelin Executive Jet.

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Alaska TFR: 02.08.05

NOTAM: 5/1108 Issued: 02/08/2005 15:40 Effective: 02/08/2005 19:30 - 02/08/2005 21:45 State: AK Facility: ZAN - ANCHORAGE (ARTCC),AK. Type: HAZARDS Description: JUNEAU ALASKA.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (02.09.05)

"I'm getting out. Without a doubt. I've already started talking to a few guys back in Texas." Source: USAF Sr. Airman Dustin Conner, in an interview with Stars And Stripes, promising to take advantage of what looks like a sweet, sweet offer coming down the road from Washington. Conner, still more than a year away from the end of his enlistment, is one of 3,000 Air Force controllers who are determined to trade in their uniforms for an FAA headset as the civilian agency sets out to hire more than 12,500 air traffic controllers in the next decade. While the FAA is bound to offer those attractive incentives to military as well as civilian candidates, some in the Air Force are worried that will overburden the military ATC system. Right now, the USAF is offering control

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California TFR: Until Further Notice

NOTAM: 5/1099 Issued: 02/08/2005 04:50 Effective: Immediately - Until Further Notice State: CA Facility: ZOA - OAKLAND (ARTCC),CA. Type: HAZARDS Description: TRUCKEE CA.

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Florida TFR: Until Further Notice

NOTAM: 5/1098 Issued: 02/08/2005 01:10 Effective: 02/09/2005 11:00 - 02/09/2005 18:00 State: FL Facility: ZMA - MIAMI (ARTCC), FL. Type: HAZARDS Description: 10 EAST OF ARCADIA FL.

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North Carolina TFR: 02.10.05

NOTAM: 5/1106 Issued: 02/08/2005 15:40 Effective: 02/10/2005 15:00 - 02/10/2005 18:35 State: NC Facility: ZDC - WASHINGTON (ARTCC),DC. Type: VIP Description: RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA, FEBRUARY 10 2005 LOCAL.

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Pennsylvania TFR: 02.10.05

NOTAM: 5/1110 Issued: 02/08/2005 15:50 Effective: 02/10/2005 18:30 - 02/10/2005 23:35 State: PA Facility: ZNY - NEW YORK (ARTCC),NY. Type: VIP Description: AMBLER, PENNSYLVANIA, FEBRUARY 10 2005 LOCAL.

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CASA Urgent AD: Partenavia P68

AD Number: AD/P68/53 Manufacturer: Partenavia Subject: Seat Backrest Quick Release Pin Applicability: VulcanAir aircraft (formerly Partenavia), all P68 variants from S/N 412 up to and including S/N 424 and S/N 429, 434 and 435. Aircraft S/N 418 is excluded. Requirement: Carry out operational checks, inspections and modifications in accordance with the manufacturers Service Bulletin, VulcanAir Mandatory Service Bulletin No.128 dated 12 October 2004, as applicable.

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