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February 04, 2005

First R44 Raven II Lands at South Pole

An R44 Raven II helicopter piloted by Quentin Smith and co-pilot Steve Brooks landed at the South Pole on January 18, 2005. This was another historic first for the two British pilots, as they were the first to land an R44 helicopter at the North Pole in June 2002.

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AOPA Keeping An Eye On Chertoff

Pilot Group Backs DHS Nominee

Congress continues focus on security Aviation not alone in the spotlight during Chertoff confirmation hearing Yesterday was Tom Ridge's last day as Secretary of Homeland Security. Today his likely successor, federal appeals court Judge Michael Chertoff, confidently told the Senate Committee on Homeland Security what things would be like on his watch. AOPA legislative affairs staff present at the hearing report that Chertoff said it was important that the department not focus on just one segment like aviation while ignoring significant problems in other areas, such as the vulnerability of the nation's seaports.

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IL-76 Down: Sudan

Official Cites Pilot For Bravery

Seven people are dead in the wake of a crash involving an Ilyushin IL-76 near the Sudanese capital of Khartoum Thursday. Among the dead were six Russians and one Sudanese. Sudanese officials praised the flight crew, saying they went to extraordinary lengths to avoid going down in a populated area.

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Navajo Nation To Continue With Utilicraft Deal

NM Officials Had Warned Deal Is "Risky"

In spite of warnings from New Mexico economic officials, the Navajo Nation will go ahead with plans to invest $34 million in return for a 25-percent stake in Utilicraft Aerospace.

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Florida TFR: 02.06.05 - 02.07.05

NOTAM: 5/0321 Issued: 01/13/2005 18:30 Effective: 02/06/2005 21:30 - 02/07/2005 04:00 State: FL Facility: ZJX - JACKSONVILLE (ARTCC),FL. Type: SECURITY Description: ALLTEL STADIUM JACKSONVILLE FL.

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Oxygen Issue Solved Aboard Global Flyer

With Help From Kansas State University

When you're flying at 47,000 and you suddenly lose cabin pressure -- that's bad. And that's just what happened to adventurer Steve Fossett as he was ferrying the Rutan Global Flyer from Mojave, CA, to its start/finish point at Salina, KS. But thanks to a quick-thinking, resourceful engineer at Kansas State University, Fossett and Flyer are flying again.

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Beancounters To Decide Hubble's Fate

Studies: But It Would Have To Be A Manned Mission

The fate of the much-acclaimed Hubble Space Telescope no longer rests in the hands of mission managers at NASA. It reportedly rests instead in the hands of NASA accountants, whose system of prioritizing has been referred to as "Byzantine."

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View From The Ground: Green Bay FSS To Close

One Of 38 To Be Shut Down Under Privatization

When the FAA closes 38 of the 58 Flight Service Stations across America, Mike Micoletti and some 60 of his co-workers will pack up and move on.

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HeliExpo '05: Kamov KA-32A11BC Certified In Mexico

Mexican Officials: "There Is A Demand For Precisely This Type Of Machine"

Handing over the certificate to Kamov's President and General Designer Sergey Mikheev, Pedro Cerisola y Weber, Mexican Communications and Transport Minister, said: "I thank you for opening doors to Mexico for Ka-32. I do trust that this helicopter will help build Mexico as a country with competitive economy."

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What's The Beef? PAX Complaints Up In 2004

DOT Report Cites Increases In Flight Delays, Mishandled Bags, Consumer Complaints

US airlines experienced a higher rate of flight delays, more reports of mishandled baggage and a higher number of complaints about airline service in 2004 than in 2003, according to the US Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Air Travel Consumer Report which was issued today. However, the performance figures for 2004 were better than those for most previous years.

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A Different Spin on Flying Warbirds

The Blades On The Chopper Go Round And Round...

Warbird Adventures is living up to its name. For years they have been the place to go for both pilot and non-pilot alike to fly an authentic WWII T-6/SNJ advanced fighter trainer. The adventure also included flights in their Bell 47 MASH helicopter over the sites of Central Florida's attractions. Warbird Adventures is adding complete-start to finish flight training in the Bell 47 to their school of higher education for the pilot who wants to do and know more. What will set Warbird Adventures' program apart from others is that after the student pilot has successfully completed the course work and required flight training time, they will be able to rent the Bell 47 for SOLO flight.

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X-Ray Telescope Locates Missing Matter

Lost And Found

NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has discovered two huge intergalactic clouds of diffuse hot gas. These clouds are the best evidence yet that a vast cosmic web of hot gas contains the long-sought missing matter - about half of the atoms and ions in the Universe.

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Aero-Book Report: 'FARs in Plain English'

Book By Phil Croucher Ever felt like you needed a law degree to understand the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs)? Well, Phil Croucher has written a plain-language FAR book that is much more understandable than the raw FARs.

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NATA To Host FBO Symposium

To Take Place At March 2005 Annual Convention

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) has announced that they, together with the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE), will be hosting their third FBO Symposium during the NATA Annual Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Thursday, March 10, 2005. The past two FBO Symposiums were hosted by AAAE in 2001 and 2003.

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Ready For Tort Reform?

That's Rumored To Be Bush's OTHER Top Priority

The kind of legal liability that makes a $20,000 airplane cost $120,000 could very well be one of President Bush's top priorities in the coming four years. How important is that to you?

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Upgraded: Leonard Hicks

Becomes Business Operations Vice President At Lockheed-Martin

Lockheed Martin has named Leonard Hicks as Vice President of Business Operations for its Simulation, Training & Support operating unit. Hicks will oversee business matters relating to accounting, compliance, contracting, facilities, financial systems, planning and property management.

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ANN Free Classifieds Featured Ad: Cessna 152

For Sale: Cessna 152 Series

1980 C152II orig. owner 4070TT, 1674 SMoH, IFR, original paint (File Image) Used, will sell for $26,000.00

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Something New For Helo-Based Firefighters

New Partnership Offers Fixed-Tank Firefighting System

Isolair says it's formed a partnership with Rainier Heli-Lift to design, manufacture, and certify the Eliminator II fixed tank fire fighting system for the Kaman K-MAX K-1200.

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Aero-News Net Quote Of The Day (02.04.05)

"We will certainly encourage Judge Chertoff to point Homeland Security at the areas where there are truly significant threats to Americans, because tonight, with the Washington ADIZ closed for the State of the Union address, and TFRs popping up across the nation the rest of the week for the President's travels, general aviation feels like it remains in the spotlight. And we have demonstrated over and over that our small, slow aircraft aren't the real threats." Source: AOPA President Phil Boyer, speaking earlier this week on the nomination of Federal Appeals Court Judge Michael Chertoff to replace Tom Ridge as Secretary of Homeland Security. Chertoff could be confirmed by the Senate as early as Monday.

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Nebraska TFR: 02.04.05

NOTAM: 5/1012 Issued: 02/03/2005 19:20 Effective: 02/04/2005 02:00 - 02/04/2005 16:50 State: NE Facility: ZMP - MINNEAPOLIS (ARTCC),MN. Type: VIP Description: OMAHA, NEBRASKA, FEBRUARY 3-4 2005 LOCAL.

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Arkansas TFR: 02.04.05

NOTAM: 5/1003 Issued: 02/03/2005 17:30 Effective: 02/04/2005 16:50 - 02/04/2005 19:55 State: AR Facility: ZME - MEMPHIS (ARTCC),TN. Type: VIP Description: LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, FEBRUARY 4 2005 LOCAL.

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