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April 02, 2023

2023 NAFI/King Schools Scholarship Awarded

“Anything But Normal”

John King meant no offense when he said of Tracy Atobatele; “You are not normal!” In point of fact, Mr. King’s words were intended as high praise for the winner of the 2023 National Association of Flight Instructors/King Schools scholarship. Valued at over $18,000, the annual scholarship includes a $5,000 stipend and access to King School’s entire range of instructional materials and videos. The initiative aims to further the career of an aspiring or already working flight instructor.

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Air Race X is on the Way!

Pilots say “5-Dimensional Motorsport” Coming Soon

As the curtains close on Reno's final Air Race, another contender may have its eye on ascending tot its vacant throne - Air Race X, a conceptually similar, but new take on the sport. World Champion air racers Matt Hall and Yoshihide Muroya announced a presser revealing their plan to combine traditional air racing with digitized, augmented reality to create a world series of sorts. The "Real Round" will follow the Red Bull Air Race World Championship format, which will be partnered up with the "Digital Round". The change is just as much a product of necessity as it is an effort to entice prospective viewers.

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Viking Engineering Sees Increasing Interests as Aeronautical Costs Rise

Reliability, Affordability, and Commonality Key Draws for Automotive Engine Conversions

Viking Engineering Showed Up Ready for Sun 'n Fun, with their full lineup of experimental aircraft engines ready to capitalize on a market where traditional aircraft engines are getting pricier than ever. The outfit provides high-quality, robust, lightweight engines from well-known automotive manufacturers for use in experimental aircraft, bringing out cutting-edge technology in a field that's been using the 'same ol', same old' stuff since the postwar era. Direct injection, turbocharging, and omnivorous fuel diets are the norm in the automotive world.

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Barrett Precision Engines Makes it Out to Sun 'n Fun

High-Performance, Premium Work for the Discerning Aviator On Tap Courtesy of the Barrett Family

Barrett Precision Engines (BPE) made their way out to Sun 'n Fun again this year, showing off some of their handiwork in repairing Lycoming and Continental engines to factory spec - and beyond. BPE, like other overhaul facilities, make their bones on bringing powerplants back to peak condition. BPE is an FAA-certified Class 1 Powerplant Repair Station, capable of dealing with most any engine problem seen in common General Aviation use. 

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BAE and Heart Aerospace Developing Battery for Electric Aircraft

System to Power ES-30 Hybrid-Electric Regional Airliner

BAE Systems, the British multinational arms, security, and aerospace concern, has partnered with Swedish plane-maker Heart Aerospace for purpose of collaboratively developing a battery system for the latter’s ES-30 regional electric aircraft. The inchoate battery, the first-of-its-kind to be integrated into an electric conventional takeoff and landing (eCTOL) regional aircraft, will ostensibly allow Heart Aerospace’s ES-30 to operate with zero emissions and low noise.

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MCI Aviation Director to Retire After 25 Successful Years

All Good Things …

Kansas City Aviation Director Pat Klein stated he plans to retire at the end of May 2023, thereby bringing to an end his quarter-century of distinguished service to the Paris of the Plains and its people.

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Restoration of 1929 Lockheed Vega Proceeding Apace

EAA Chapter 534 Bears Witness to Historic Planes Rebirth

On 25 March 2023, the Experimental Aircraft Association’s (EAA) Chapter 534 visited Jim Kimball Enterprises (JKE Works, Inc.) to check on a Lockheed Vega 5C currently being reborn under the auspices of the Florida-based aviation restoration company.

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FedEx Shrinks Schedule Following Lowered Demand

Cost-Cutting Brings 8% Reduction in Fleet Usage

FedEx Express has rolled back on some of its operations to the tune of almost 10%, looking to cut costs amid decreasing demand for freight shipping. The decision was spoken of by CEO Raj Subramaniam during an earnings call, telling investors that the company was parking aircraft and optimizing procedures to slash costs where possible. In the near future, the airline could see increased flights once again as newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft are delivered to replace their older, thirstier jets.

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Former American Airlines Aircraft Sold to AAR Supply Chain

Collection of 9 757-200s Will Join AAR’s Stock of Parts

AAR Corporation's subsidiary AAR Supply Chain will purchase 9 Boeing 757-200 formerly operated by American Airlines. The aircraft will come equipped with 18 Rolls-Royce RB211 engines, allowing AAR to bolster its supply of spare parts for the series. AAR Supply Chain provides spare parts for airframes, engines, and logistical equipment for commercial and defense operators around the world. 

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Airborne 03.24.23: Reno Roars!, Santa Monica Plea, SnF Morning Brief

Also: ABQ Balloon Relief, Sikorsky Layoffs, Flair Jets Seized, Circling Approaches

“While we had anticipated the final National Championship Air Races in Reno would be one of our best, we never imagined it would be so popular that the demand would overload our servers within a half-hour of tickets going on sale..." The Santa Monica Airport Association published a survey in the printed and digital iterations of the Santa Monica Mirror, the city’s weekly, community newspaper. Subject survey posed two simple questions: Should Santa Monica close the Airport? If you think the airport should close, what should the site be converted to? In addition to Tu

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Diamond Inks Deal for Austro Powered DA42 to UAE Training Program

Jet A Powered Twin Chosen for Flight Training at Al Maktoum

Diamond sold another one of its brand-new, diesel-powered DA42-VIs to the Al Maktoum International-Dubai World Central Airport for use under the Emirates’ National Cadet Pilot Program. The Austro engines allow the Diamond to burn regular, cheaper JetA instead of avgas, lowering costs for both operators and students with widely available fuel. Al Maktoum's new twin will be put to work in the multi-engine phase of their training curriculum, doing the same bridging from light singles to larger crew environments like any other commercial training environment.

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Dynon and Airmate Extend Attractive SUN ‘n FUN Offers

A Lot for a Little—On Many Levels

Airmate, the free Electronic Flight Bag provider with north of 200,000 users worldwide, now provides its proven Aviation Data for U.S. operators of Dynon’s SkyView Primary Flight Displays (PFD) and supplemental aircraft cockpit architectures. On 23 March 2023, Airmate and Dynon Avionics announced a partnership by dint of which U.S.-based SkyView operators may access Airmate's comprehensive and updated Aviation Data for a startlingly reasonable $49.90-per-year. Fan’s of Dynon’s slick, high-functioning, eminently intuitive PFDs ought note that throughout SUN ‘n FUN (Tuesday, 28 March through Sunday, 02 April 2023) the company’s D3 Pocket Panel is being offered fo

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Israel Aerospace Industries B777-300ER Freighter Conversion Flies

Mazel Tov!

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)—Israel's principal aerospace concern and producer of aerial and astronautic systems for both military and civilian customers—announced on 24 March 2023 that it had successfully completed the first flight of a B777-300ER passenger airliner the company has converted to a freighter configuration at the behest of AerCap Holdings, the American-Irish aviation leasing company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

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