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December 15, 2023

Airborne 12.15.23: 100th TBM 960, Ground-Effect Seaglider, Poseidon Removed

 Also: Universal Avionics STC, Airspeeder 2023, Firefighting A400M, Aerobility Chief CFI Mike Owen

Daher's 100th TBM 960 has been delivered to a customer, showing just how popular the newest iteration of the personal turboprop has been since its introduction. The buyer is a "Californian businessman who is stepping up from a piston-engine airplane to this top-of-the-line member of the high-speed, turboprop-powered TBM aircraft family," according to a Daher release. Not much news on the Regent front since last October, when they got a $4.75 million deal with the US Marine Corps for a Seaglider demonstration - but the company remains hard at work for a commercial service entry in 2025. The company gained a little blurb in mains

Aerobility Chief CFI Mike Owen Steps Down

After 15 Years in the Saddle, Chief Eases into Retirement

Aerobility’s Chief Flying Instructor Mike Owen is leaving the game, stepping out of his role after "more than 15 years helping thousands of disabled people to experience piloting an aircraft." The 65-year-old Owen has enjoyed his time with the charity, first starting in May 2008 as the team's first full-timer. Owen won't be out of the cockpit for good though - His retirement as Chief Flying Instructor won't prevent him from showing up as a part-timer, however often he feels up for it.

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Southwest Added to Thrive Aviation Pipeline

Zero to Hero Program Eventually Ends in Slot at SWA

Thrive Aviation announced a new partnership with Southwest Airlines, allowing graduates to head into the carrier's Destination 225° Pilot Pathways Program. The program works in the usual cadet program manner, with students working their way through their ratings, instructing, and time building in order to become a SWA FO in "as little as four years."

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Daher’s 100th TBM 960 Delivered

Newest Iteration of French Fave Proving Popular

Daher's 100th TBM 960 has been delivered to a customer, showing just how popular the newest iteration of the personal turboprop has been since its introduction. The buyer, Kevin Kaseff, the President of Titan Real Estate Investment Group, said it's an excellent pick: “My home base is near Santa Maria on California’s Central Coast, which has very limited commercial airline service, so having a personal airplane is extremely valuable as I continue to develop my business,” Kaseff explained.

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Ice-Bound P-38 Subject of Lead Excavator Presentation

Once Frozen, Refurbished, Minty Fresh Lightning Offers a Night Of Curiosity

Lone Star Flight Museum's P-38 "Glacier Girl" will be the subject of a special presentation next month, with the once ice-bound aircraft presented to attendees after 10 years of excavation and restoration. Bob Cardin, lead excavator, will walk visitors through the impressive history of the plane, showing them just how much work went into the recovery and rehabilitation of the classic warbird. The session will offer attendees a chance for Q&A as well as an up-close photo opportunity.

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Southern Airways to Open Caravan Service

Southern Airways to Open Caravan Service 24x per Week

Surf Air Mobility has agreed to begin a scheduled commuter air service between West Lafayette/Purdue University Airport and Chicago O’Hare Airport, targeting a starting date in “early second quarter 2024”. The operation will be supported by funding from Purdue University, who will provide funds to support the establishment and ongoing operations. In the beginning, the flights will be run by Southern Airways Express, an airline subsidiary of Surf Air Mobility.

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Elixir Aircraft’s Glass-Panel LSA Approved in EU

EASA Approval Advances New Layout for French Sportplane Builder

Elixir Aircraft has obtained EASA Certification for its Elixir plane sporting a Full Glass Cockpit layout. The new panel sports dual Garmin G3X touchscreens, a GTN750xi and Garmin's GNC355a Comms and Nav backup unit.

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Airborne 12.06.23: Vans Chap 11, Collings Grounded, YouTube Lunatic To Jail

Also: NJSAP v Buffet, WAI 2024, NAHF 2024, Alaska-Hawaiian

Van’s aircraft has filed for reorganization under the chapter 11 bankruptcy code. Van’s Founder Dick VanGrunsven said  "I realize that the word "bankruptcy" here is shocking, however the key word here is "reorganization", which implies continued operation and improvement. Our doors will remain open and we will continue to work hard to serve our customers." The Collings Foundation have announced an end to their flying WWII aircraft wing, deciding to ground all aircraft and intern them on display at the American Heritage Museum. The turning point appears to be the Oc

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Airborne-Flight Training 12.07.23: BAA C172 Deal, Bell Training, L3Harris Sale

Also: NJSAP v Buffet, FAA Reauth, Sopwith Camel Flight Sims, FAA Flight Training Dispute

International flight enterprise BAA training inked a deal for 48 C-172s, expanding their educational Cessna fleet around the world. BAA Training is a full-spectrum GA provider with facilities in Spain, Lithuania, France and Vietnam. Additionally, pilot training services are provided through a consultancy office in India and a sales representative office in the UAE. Bell Training Academy in Valencia, Spain welcomed around 200 students to training using its nifty facilities, its crown jewel being a fully certified Bell 429 Level D Full Flight Simulator. The sim has been a h

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Italian Air Force Takes Flight with Block 5 MQ-9A

GA-ASI's Latest and Greatest Sees Testing in The Mediterranean

The Italian Air Force (ItAF) put one of their brand-new MQ-9A Block 5 Remotely Piloted Aircraft through its paces after a Foreign Military Sale. The Italians already owned and operated a fleet of such aircraft that includes 4 Block 1 MQ-9As, with 2 Block 15 Mobile Ground Control Stations backing them up. The new aircraft included both a spiffy new Block 5 aircraft and a new Ground Station to operate it. The unites were tendered as a part of the Italian Air Force's Mid-Life Modernization update to the fleet of General Atomics uncrewed aircraft.

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Classic Aero-TV: A True Show Stopper - Patty Wagstaff on Air Show Sponsorship

From 2009 (YouTube Version): Wagstaff Explains the Importance of Sponsorship for the Air Show Industry

At the 2009 International Council of Air Shows Convention, ICAS President John Cudahy expressed optimism going into 2010. Despite the struggling economy, air show attendance increased throughout the 2009 season. Yet as the industry shows signs of thriving, performer sponsorship remains a vital aspect to the continuation of the air show community. Patty Wagstaff sat down with Aero-TV to explain the criticality of sponsorship and the difficulties many performers face within the industry. Given the relatively small niche that air show performer

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NTSB Prelim: Piper PA32R

“…I Have Lost Um My RPM On My Engine And So Um I Am Declaring An Emergency.” 

On November 27, 2023, about 1748 central standard time, a Piper PA-32R-301T, N4187Q, was destroyed when it was involved in an accident near Attalla, Alabama. The private pilot was fatally injured. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight. The pilot was on an instrument flight rules clearance from Scott Municipal Airport (SCX), Oneida, Tennessee, to H L Sonny Callahan Airport (CQF), Fairhope, Alabama. According to preliminary Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) data and air traffic control audio information, after takeoff the flight

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (12.15.23)

Aero Linx: Women in Corporate Aviation (WCA) Few professions are more challenging, or more rewarding, than a career in aviation. It opens up opportunities for women to fly to new heights in an atmosphere that has become more diverse in business aviation over time. Women in Corporate Aviation exists to promote career opportunities for women, provide a networking hub and highlight role models and leaders in the profession. We celebrate our delightful differences, unique contributions and exceptional abilities as women in the careers we love.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (12.15.23): Execute Missed Approach

Execute Missed Approach Instructions issued to a pilot making an instrument approach which means continue inbound to the missed approach point and execute the missed approach procedure as described on the Instrument Approach Procedure Chart or as previously assigned by ATC. The pilot may climb immediately to the altitude specified in the missed approach procedure upon making a missed approach. No turns should be initiated prior to reaching the missed approach point. When conducting an ASR or PAR approach, execute the assigned missed approach procedure immediately upon receiving instructions to “execute missed approach.”

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (12.15.23)

“We are particularly proud that the 100th TBM 960 has been received by a newcomer to the TBM community. It confirms that the TBM 960 is the quintessential TBM – meeting the expectations of entrepreneurs like Kevin Kaseff, who require a safe and efficient individual transportation tool.” Source: Nicolas Chabbert, the Senior Vice President of Daher’s Aircraft Division, celebrating the delivery of the 100th TBM 960. 

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