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January 07, 2022

Airborne 01.07.22: Zenith Saves Pony, ABACE Cancels, Legend Cub Floats

Also: Allegiant Goes Boeing, Gogo Gets Going, Iran Shootdown Fallout, Tamarack Petitions NTSB
T'is the season.... for a good holiday story in which a SportPlane, and its pilot, gets to play hero. And in this case, it's yet another case of a Zenith to the rescue. Pilot Jerry Ebke noted, via Facebook, that his nephew’s little boys received a pony for Christmas in rural southeastern Nebraska. But... the Yule-time pony-joy was short-lived as the four-legged Christmas gift was spooked by their dog and ran off. The search started in earnest... "Many FB posts, stops at neighbors and driving roads had been unsuccessful in locating Scout," (the Pony). Jerry is not only a pilot, but has a Zenith CH-650... The website for ABACE 2022 was updated to n

Aero-TV At NBAA21: Daher Continues To Innovate

Daher Has Continually Updated Their Offerings

Nicolas Chabbert, CEO of the newly combined Daher and Kodiak Aircraft companies, took a moment to speak with Aero-News Editor-in-Chief Jim Campbell about recent changes while at the 2021 NBAA convention. Daher has continually updated their offerings, like the TBM series’ newly added HomeSafe, an emergency autoland system that brings a safety enhancement for operators of private, single-piloted aircraft.

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Skydio Releases KeyFrame App, Improved 2+ Drone

Point-to-Point Flight Path Programming, Target Tracking, Turn Skydio Drones into An Automated Cameraman 

Skydio started off the year with a few bonuses for fans, releasing an upgrade to their flagship drone alongside enhanced AI-backed software utilities for autonomous photography. The youthful company has seen a bumper crop of venture capital as it gears up to take on the biggest names in the drone sphere with its hands-off approach to pilotage. The Skydio 2+ brings slightly better specifications and capabilities that can incrementally boost its ability to work as a part of an enterprise. 

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Safran Group to Hire 12,000 Worldwide

Will This Reverse Their Trend of Downsizing? 

Jet Builder Safran has announced its intent to hire 12,000 more employees around the world by year's end. The recovery of the aerospace economy has been brisk enough that the company's chief executive has signaled a period of significant expansion. Olivier Andries told a French publication the company will soon begin a hiring spree, saying "We are in the process of coming out of the crisis and we've decided to relaunch our hiring, with 12,000 hires planned in 2022, of which 3,000 will be in France." 

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Virgin Galactic Stock Slumps

Amid Spacecraft Overhauls, Delays, Price Dips Below 2019 Introduction

Space tourism company Virgin Galactic has seen better days in its never ending roller coaster ride on Wall Street. Its stock price dipped briefly below its $11.75 start price from October 2019, seeing $11.33 for a brief time before rebounding to hover around $12.00 throughout the early afternoon. The price was upheld as a rousing deal for believers in the company, some of whom recall the high of $62.80 a share in the February 2021 frenzy. 

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Boeing Clarifies Allegiant Order

Boasting a $5.5 Billion Order On the Books, The 737 MAX Has Drawn Another Airline to the Boeing Side

Boeing announced the specifics of the now inked Allegiant order, said in recent days to be a deal for 50 737 MAX aircraft, with a number of 737 8-200 models that will see the carrier as its launch customer. Allegiant selected the Boeing kit in a turn from their 110-strong fleet of used Airbus aircraft, ostensibly out of the desire for greater fuel economy and cheaper maintenance costs. Their A119s, now long in the tooth, have brought increasing expenses to the ultra low cost carrier, and the move to diversify their fleet with a domestic American manufacturer could prove to be a wise one should supply chain instability continue.

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Duncan Aviation Reveals Refurbed Challenger

Company Highlights Its Makeover Capabilities By Returning Clapped-Out Jets to Chic, Modern Showpieces

Duncan Aviation showed off its newest pet project with a "well-used" Challenger 604 that served as a blank canvas for their interior design talent. The black and grey bespoke furnishings have a unique feel apart from the common sweeping curves and organic shaping so popular in the private jet scene. The owner of the aircraft was said to have more limited resources for the creation of a perfect plane, and his first-time affordable pick was turned into a dream through the addition of fresh paint, updated avionics, a 12-month inspection, and a custom interior provisioned for aero-med stretcher service.

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International Children's Aviation Art Contest Deadline Approaches

Only Days Remain For State Submissions in Aircraft Design Theme

Those kids interested in submitting their work to the National Association of State Aviation Officials art contest have less than a week before entries are closed. NASAO has worked as a submission funnel for the International Aviation Art Contest hosted by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale. The contest is an annual event that spurs children's creativity with an aeronautical focus, often changing the themes or topics for the year's challenge. This year's art project will see kids attempt to design their own aircraft in a standard, permanent medium on an 11.75 by 16.5 inch sheet of paper. 

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Airborne 12.29.21: Fake YT Crash?, Fired Pilot, SpaceX 100th

Also: IAF MiG 21 Loss, 10th Surveillance DA62, UAV Corp, COVID Consequences

One YouTube creator has made some waves with his latest video, a quickly edited affair packed with jump cuts, that he says shows his recent cross country flight ending in an ‘unavoidable’ plane crash. The 16-minute video is packed with oddities from the start. It features Jacob flying a 1940 Taylorcraft to spread the ashes of his friend, Johnny Strange, who died in a 2015 wingsuit crash. With his aircraft sporting cameras affixed to the tail, the port wing, and the cabin, Jacob had been filming a supposed cross country. He tells  viewers that he always flies wi

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Airborne-Unmanned 12.28.21: Bristow-Overair, Space Telescope, uAvionix

Also: eHang EH-216, Rotax Service Bulletin, Eve Air Mobility, Camden Spaceport

Bristow Group, a "vertical flight solutions" company, has pre-purchased a batch of the as-yet unmade Butterfly eVTOL aircraft from OverAir. Along with the deal, the two companies agreed to explore commercial aerial taxi service in emerging, densely populated markets. OverAir is yet another entrant into the burgeoning Urban Air Mobility market, boasting a 5-seat, intercity, quad rotor, efficient metro runabout. The company combines the forces of chief engineer Abe Karem with Korean defense contractor Hanwha Systems, combining his large body of aeronautical experience with the

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NTSB Prelim: Piper Aircraft PA 28-140

Airplane Then Made A Tight Left Descending Turn Followed Immediately By A Hard Right

On December 8, 2021, about 1957 central standard time, a Piper PA 28-140 airplane, N3865K, was destroyed when it was involved in an accident near Houston, Texas. The student pilot and passenger were fatally injured. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight. There were no witnesses to the accident. Radar indicated the airplane departed the West Houston Airport (IWS) about 1955 and proceeded generally south-southwest. About 1.5 miles later the track showed a slight descending left turn and the groundspeed of the airplane increased.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (01.07.22)

Aero Linx: The Soaring Association of Canada (SAC) The Soaring Association of Canada (SAC) is the governing body for the sport of gliding in Canada. Mandated to safeguard and promote our sport, we render support and representation to glider pilots and gliding clubs across the nation through a variety of committees. On a national level, we represent our affiliated clubs and members on issues related to licensing, medical requirements, airspace and regulation. Internationally, we maintain representation within the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale and the International Gliding Commission. We invest in the renewal and expansion of our sport by offering bursaries for y

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (01.07.22): High Speed Taxiway

High Speed Taxiway A long radius taxiway designed and provided with lighting or marking to define the path of aircraft, traveling at high speed (up to 60 knots), from the runway center to a point on the center of a taxiway. Also referred to as long radius exit or turn-off taxiway. The high speed taxiway is designed to expedite aircraft turning off the runway after landing, thus reducing runway occupancy time.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (01.07.22)

"Our approach to the fleet has always been opportunistic, and this exciting transaction with Boeing is no exception. While the heart of our strategy continues to center on previously-owned aircraft, the infusion of up to 100 direct-from-the-manufacturer 737s will bring numerous benefits for the future – including flexibility for capacity growth and aircraft retirements, significant environmental benefits, and modern configuration and cabin features our customers will appreciate." Source: Maurice J. Gallagher, Allegiant CEO, explaining the rationale behind the now inked Boeing-Allegiant order, for 50 737 MAX aircraft, with a number of 737 8-200 models that will see the carrier as its launch customer. 

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