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Mon, Apr 18, 2005

Parade of Light Sport Aircraft Continues: Interplane

Interplane S-1 Cobra (Formerly the SkyBoy)

By ANN Correspondent John Ballantyne

"I think the marketplace is primed and ready for sport pilot," said Ben Morris, Head of Interplane Sales in the United States. "Interplane has looked toward sport pilot with lots of anticipation and this year's Sun 'n Fun is a perfect place to display our newly-certificated plane. We are ready for sell light sport aircraft right now."

The S-1 Cobra aircraft is a high-wing, side-by-side and two-place conventional three-axis aircraft with a boom fuselage, standard tail with tricycle gear. With two people aboard (useful load of 532 pounds) and a Rotax 582, the factory reports a take off roll of 330 feet. The cruise speed is listed at 90-95 mph, stall speed 40 mph, rate of climb 1,050 feet per minute with a full, 15 gallons of fuel, will go 300 miles before becoming a glider.

"The reasons someone would choose us instead of another plane is the base price of $39,900, to start with," reports Morris. "That is actually a genuine flyable plane, factory assembled, including wheels, tires, and you name it. Its all there, ready to fly.," he added. The base plane utilizes an engine is a Rotax 582 and Interplane also offers the Jabiru 2200, 912 or 912S with four-blade Warp drive prop. Soon they will offer the Jabiru 3300 de-rated to 100 hp for the airframe.

"The recent FAA certification of this plane in the light sport category has come only after about 8 years of anticipation and work on our part. 'There are about 25 improvements on this model over previous versions," said Morris. "You are looking at a GA quality plane in the light sport aircraft (LSA) category. The S-1 is both a great starter plane for someone who is getting into flying, and also is a terrific plane for older pilots who want to take advantage of the opened-up rules to get some more flight time. 'It is a pleasure to fly this very capable aircraft," Morris said

The factory says that if you bought a S-1 Cobra today, deliveries would be in five months or less. Additionally, the factory offers several hours of flight check-out time with a factory pilot.

Standing tall in the parade of light sport aircraft, the S-1 Cobra is ready to go right now, fully ready to fly from the factory with an FAA airworthiness certificate.

By The Numbers

Factory Published Performance and Specs - Interplane S-1 Cobra

Wing Span:  30'
Length:  20'3"
Height:  7'
Wing Area:  143 sq.ft
Cabin Width:  41"
Empty weight:  700lbs (approx)
MGTOW  1232
Useful Load:  532
Fuel Capacity:  15 gallons
Design Load Factors:  +6/-3
VNE:  128
Max Level:  110
Cruise:  90-95
Vs: 44 
Vso: 40
Rate of Climb:  1050
TO:  330'
LDG:  380' (grass)  480' (paved)
Fuel Burn:  2.5-3.0 GPH
Range:  300 miles
Service Ceiling:  11000'



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