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June 25, 2024

Climate Activists Vandalize Business Aircraft in London

Passenger Flights Not Affected by Incident

Two women were arrested at London Stansted Airport (STN/EGSS) on June 20 on suspicion of vandalizing aircraft in a restricted area of the airport where private aircraft are parked. Local police said officers responded to a report of “people gaining access to a private area of the airport well away from the runway and main passenger terminal” and damaging two aircraft without providing further details. Police added that there were no disruptions of normal passenger flights at the airport located about 30 miles northeast of London. The two women who were arrested are aged 22 and 24 and cut through a fence to gain access to the private ramp.

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Hudson Valley CC Offers Aviation Maintenance Program

Training Facility to be Located at Albany International Airport

The idea of offering a training program for aviation mechanics and service technicians is finally coming to fruition at Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) in Troy, New York. The 12-month training will take place in a hangar referred to as HVCC West at Albany International Airport (KALB) in Albany. The official name of the facility is the Aeronautical Technology Institute, which is about to receive FAA certification as a Part 147 Aviation Maintenance Technical School. The story began in 2021 when Phil Calderone, CEO of Albany Airport, got word that the Aviation Maintenance program was being discontinued at Champlain Valley Educational Services in Plattsburgh.

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Virgin Galactic Gets a Lifeline

International Institute of Astronautical Sciences to Hitch a Ride Aboard Future Delta Spacecraft

Virgin Galactic has gotten a new contract from the International Institute for Astronautical Sciences (IIAS), tasking them with the passage of 3 research astronauts aboard the future Delta Class spacecraft.The mission will be the second that the Institute has undertaken with Galactic, following their first one, 'Galactic 05', which they finished up in November of 2023. That mission wasn't some joyride, but a study flight aimed at testing "novel healthcare technologies" by assessing the behavior of fluids in low gravity environments. They had apparently gleaned a lot of nifty data from that flight, enough to budget another mission along similar lines. T

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NASA Busts Out Some Tabletop Gaming for Asteroid Exercise

5th Exercise Assesses Readiness Against Orbital Threats

NASA got the "planetary defense community" together for a good ol' game of '5th Planetary Defense Interagency Tabletop Exercise', playing out their responses to a prospective celestial impact. In reality the word "tabletop" belies a level of fun NASA folks probably did not have, but the exercise did let everyone game out exactly how their agencies would work together in case of asteroid impact. The exercise takes place on a biennial basis, bringing together the Planetary Defense Coordination Office, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and the U.S. Department of State Office of Space Affairs as they assess how well the country would fare under threat of a potentially hazardous aste

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American Airlines Flight Attendants End Contract Talks without Settlement

Preparations to Strike Continue at AA, but Nothing's Set in Stone Yet

"Weeks of intensive mediation at the National Mediation Board ended without an agreement," said the Association of Professional Flight Attendants. "We do not believe further negotiations will be scheduled prior to the National Mediation Board determining to release the parties into a thirty-day cooling-off period." Now, they say, "All American Airlines Flight Attendants should prepare for an upcoming strike," to the point of sending out a hard copy of the strike handbook to its members. The command center has been opened too, to field questions and prepare members for the path ahead. 

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CAE Opens new Gulfstream-Specific Training Facility

Bizjet Builder’s Hometown Gets Much-Needed Educational Advancement

CAE today has kicked off operations at its first Gulfstream-focused business aviation training center, a base that will one day produce hundreds of freshly qualified pilots and technicians for the brand's platforms. The new facility was built a spitting distance away from Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. headquarters in Savannah, Georgia, with room for up to 4 full-flight simulators as their student numbers grow. The first, a Gulfstream G550 FFS, began operating last January, and the second, a Gulfstream G280 FFS, will be ready for training starting in July. 

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Sedona Airport Introduces SAF via Avfuel

Sustainable Fuel to be Delivered in Every 10th Shipment

Sedona, Arizona's local airport authority has snatched up a line to start offering locals sustainable aviation fuel via provider Avfuel Corporation, with plans to sell it out of Sedona Airport's Red Rock Aviation. The move will be a first for the state, fueling local tourism, general aviation, and firefighting operations as needed. The first truck from Avfuel arrived in early June, providing Red Rock's FBO with 8,000 gallons to start off with. Under current plans, they'll get a fresh load of SAF from the distributor about every 2 months, or every 10th fuel delivery.

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Airborne 06.17.24: Icon Sale?, Risen TransAtlantic Crossing, ISS Scare

Also: AirVenture Schedule, Aero-Playground, LA ANG F15 Milestone, Eve Air Mobility

Court documents have identified ‘SG Investment America’ as the successful bidder in the convoluted bankruptcy process that should see them as Icon Aircraft’s new owner. It was not a big draw--especially after a rumored 450 possible bidders turned them down... 'SG Investment America' is not as American as titled but pretty much owned by Chinese corporate interests... making Icon the latest of several American aviation concerns that have had their ownership and Intellectual property taken over by companies based in China... An amazing flight has just been comple

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Aero-TV: MyGoflight Acquires FlightFlix

FlightFlix Has What You Need For Mounting Cameras

While weathering the brief storm at Sun ‘n Fun 2024, ANN Editor-in-Chief Jim Campbell hunkered down for a chat with President and Co-Founder of MYGOFLIGHT Nic Martinez, taking a spell to check out their high-quality action camera mounting systems. MyGoFlight brought out its recent portfolio additions from FlightFlix, a whole host of camera mounting solutions tailor-made for aviation. Whether strapping a camera to a strut, a wing, or a tie-down, they’ve got a system worth trusting with a few hundred dollars’ worth of camera. For those sick of seeing vibrations, jitters, and rattling throughout t

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NTSB Final Report: American Legend Aircraft Co AL11

Upon Exiting The Runway, The Airplane Struck A Runway Distance Remaining Sign

Analysis: The piloted reported while practicing takeoffs and landings, on her third approach to land, the air traffic control tower reported an 8-knot crosswind. During touchdown, she reported that the airplane bounced several times and subsequently during the landing roll, the wind shifted, and the airplane pulled to the left. The pilot attempted to maintain directional control, but the airplane continued its path to the left and departed the runway into the grass. Upon exiting the runway, the airplane struck a runway distance remaining sign, which substantially damaged the left wing and collapsed the left main landing gear.

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Canadian Bill Reinforces Negotiation Footing for Airliners Up North

C-58 Prevents Scabs, Vollies, and Such from Crossing the Picket Line

Canadian Bill C-58 has been passed up North, revising the limited prohibition on using replacement workers during a strike. The bill has been celebrated by the union fans throughout the airline industry, with immediate appreciation coming from the Air Line Pilots Association on behalf of their Canadian members. They said that the bill closed a loophole in the Canada Labour Code and regulations that govern the Industrial Relations Board, giving airline management a handy tool to keep pilots from striking. The new bill contains a pretty thorough rule set, keeping employers from using a variety of methods to replace striking or locked out labor. That prevents contractors, late hires

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (06.25.24)

Aero Linx: The National Museum of the Royal Navy The National Museum of the Royal Navy is delighted to offer a brand-new school program of interactive learning opportunities and resources to enthuse and inspire learners of all ages and abilities. Using our world-class ships, collections, expertise, and facilities at our sites across the UK, our programs provide unique and unforgettable learning experiences.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (06.25.24): Threshold Lights

Threshold Lights

Fixed green lights arranged symmetrically left and right of the runway centerline, identifying the runway threshold.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (06.25.24)

“We’re excited to continue our partnership with IIAS in an expanded capacity. Our suborbital science lab is revolutionizing the field of microgravity research by offering routine, reliable access to space – and it’s great to see institutions like IIAS begin to build iterative and innovative campaigns around suborbital space-based research.” Source:  Virgin Galactic Vice President of Government Affairs and Research Operations, Sirisha Bandla. speaking about a new contract from the International Institute for Astronautical Sciences (IIAS), tasking them with the passage of 3 research astronauts aboard the future Delta Class spacecraft.

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