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November 04, 2017

FAA Outlines GA Safety Accomplishments, Plans

Working With Industry On Several Initiatives To Make Flying Safer

The FAA and industry are working on a number of key initiatives to improve general aviation (GA) safety: the GA Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC), Equip 2020 for ADS-B Out, new Airman Certification Standards (ACS), streamlining aircraft certification, the Got Data? External Data Initiative, and the Fly Safe outreach campaign on Loss of Control.

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Richard Collins Celebrates 70 Years Of Writing About Airplanes

First Pilot Report Was In November 1947

The first article that Richard Collins wrote about an airplane appeared in the November 1947 issue of Air Facts. It is a pilot report about flying an Ercoupe (NC95464) out of Glens Falls, New York, accompanied by his father and Air Facts’ founder Leighton Collins.

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Super Legend Cub Takes First Place In Texas STOL Roundup

Joe Edwards Takes Top Honors In The Competition

American Legend Aircraft Company announced today a customer-flown Super Legend took first place and scored best overall in the recent Texas STOL Roundup. With two Super Legend aircraft participating, their skilled pilots conspired to take a first and a second place, respectively, in obstacle and traditional STOL competitions.

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3S Engineering Completes Part 23 AML-STC

Approves Installation Of Send Solutions’ Airtext And Airtext+ Systems

3S Engineering LLC has issued a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that enables affordable airborne text messaging via Send Solutions’ Airtext and Airtext+ systems. 3S, an FAA-designated STC Organization Designation Authorization (STC-ODA), has developed and issued an Approved Model List STC (AML-STC) certifying the installation of Send Solutions’ airborne texting systems in FAR Part 23 aircraft, helping passengers stay connected without the high cost incurred with traditional internet services.

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Revealing Galactic Secrets In The Fornax Galaxy Cluster

European Southern Observatory Studies The Cluster In Detail

Countless galaxies vie for attention in this monster image of the Fornax Galaxy Cluster, some appearing only as pinpricks of light while others dominate the foreground. One of these is the lenticular galaxy NGC 1316. The turbulent past of this much-studied galaxy has left it with a delicate structure of loops, arcs and rings that astronomers have now imaged in greater detail than ever before with the VLT Survey Telescope. This astonishingly deep image also reveals a myriad of dim objects along with faint intracluster light.

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New Radar Sensor Provides Clear Vision in Any Weather

In Flight Tests, Synthetic-Aperture Radar Captures Real-Time, Full-Motion Video Of Ground Objects Through Clouds

DARPA’s Video Synthetic Aperture Radar (ViSAR) program recently completed flight tests, successfully demonstrating a new sensor that can capture real-time video through clouds.

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Enlisted RPA Pilot Opportunity Window Open

Application Deadline For NCOs, SNCOs Is November 15

Noncommissioned and senior noncommissioned officers interested in transferring to the Air Force’s newest enlisted aviation Air Force Specialty Code have until Nov. 15, 2017, to submit their applications to meet the next selection board. More than 800 applicants submitted for the program last year; those who were not selected by the inaugural board are highly encouraged by officials to apply again this cycle.

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Russian Helicopters Tests Ansat In Pakistan

Will Be Expanding Operational Temperature Range

The Russian Helicopters Holding Company (part of Rostec State Corporation) has started testing its multi-purpose Ansat helicopter in Pakistan. The objective of testing is to prove the ability to use the machine in high temperatures.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (11.04.17)

“Although it’s unlikely, we hope there is someone out there to surpass Richard’s record.” Source: Air Facts’ Editor and Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman, commenting on 70 years of aviation writing by Richard Collins.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (11.04.17): Interference Drag

Drag generated by the collision of airstreams creating eddy currents, turbulence, or restrictions to smooth flow.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (11.04.17)

The Society of U.S. Naval Flight Surgeons (SUSNFS)

The Society of U.S. Naval Flight Surgeons (SUSNFS) was founded in 1976 to advance the science, art, and practice of Aerospace Medicine and the mission of the United States Navy; foster professional development of its members and enhance the practice of Aerospace Medicine within the Navy; strengthen professional and fraternal ties; optimize the solidarity and professional standing of Naval Flight Surgeons and other aerospace medicine professionals.

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