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October 10, 2005

Commander Premier Aircraft Lands A New Home

Oklahoma City Company Headed For Cape Girardeau

Commander Premier Aircraft has apparently found a new home, after losing its lease at Oklahoma City's Wiley Post Airport. The company, which just emerged from bankruptcy in June, will soon land at Cape Girardeau, MO.

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FAA Grants O'Hare $300 Million For Expansion

Project Still On Hold As Opponents Fight Relocation

Showing its commitment to the expansion of O'Hare International Airport, the FAA plans to give Chicago $300 million -- the full amount requested by the city -- for the first phase in the planned $15 billion project. The announcement comes as the plan continues to be on hold, pending an inquiry requested by opponents to the measure.

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Gone West: George C. Watkins

Former Naval Test Pilot Held High Altitude Records

It is with sadness Aero-News has learned Capt. George C. Watkins, a decorated Navy test pilot and world record holder, died last month from a heart attack at a hospital near his home in Lompoc, CA. He was 84.

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UP, UP and Aerospace?

New Vendor Offers Inexpensive Payload Lifts

by Aero-News Senior Correspondent Kevin R.C. O'Brien While the focus and certainly the glamour is all on manned spaceflight this week, a new vendor was displaying its wares, and reminding us that there remains a robust market for sounding rockets that can fly small payloads into suborbital space.

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Colorado Flying Service Stands By Its MU-2s Despite Losses

Operator Believes Training Is The Answer As Others Call To Ground Aircraft

Having lost four of its pilots in three Mitsubishi MU-2s over the past twelve years, including one last August, you would perhaps think Denver's Flight Line Aviation would be among those seeking stronger government oversight -- or an outright ban -- of the controversial airplane. Such is not necessarily the case.

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Aero-News Featured Aero-Casts: Scott Crossfield And Mike Melvill

Two Test Pilots Talk About Their Flights And Their Aircraft

It has been just over one year since the privately-funded SpaceShipOne flew into space, twice within five days, to claim the Ansari X-Prize. With that in mind, we felt it would be an appropriate time to revisit one of our inaugural Aero-Cast features: our coverage of a presentation from this year's AirVenture 2005, featuring former X-15 pilot Scott Crossfield -- the first man to fly a winged vehicle into suborbital space -- and Mike Melvill, pilot of SpaceShipOne's first flight into space, as well as the first of the two X-Prize-winning flights.

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Electric Brakes Offer Advantages

Boeing 787 One of First to Benefit

by Aero-News Senior Correspondent Kevin R.C. "Hognose" O'Brien The Goodrich brake unit for a Boeing 787 Dreamliner looks like any other jet brake pack -- until you start looking for a place to connect the hydraulic line. You can look as long as you like, but there isn't one: the brake is electric.

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Klyde Morris 10.10.05

Klyde Plays Bill Collector

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AeroGraphics Design Moves To Larger Facilities

They'll Also Come To You

AeroGraphics Design LLC of Rio Rancho, NM -- makers and installers of aircraft graphics such as registration numbers and larger-scale applications, as well as airport signage and facility markers -- moved its Albuquerque headquarters last week into a larger 2,200 square-foot facility, stepping up from its thousand-foot-smaller location in the same complex.

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Missouri Agency's Plan To Buy C208B Criticized

Conservation Department Would Swap Two Aircraft For One

The Missouri Department of Conservation was criticized last week for their plan to replace two older aircraft with a new Cessna Grand Caravan, ostensibly in an attempt to reduce fuel and maintenance costs.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day 10.10.05)

"This is an attempt to play a shell game with the law." Source: Attorney Joe Karaganis, who represents opponents to the planned $15 billion expansion of Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, on the FAA's decision to grant the city $300 million to get started on the project. The announcement of the grant came as construction is currently halted on the expansion project, in order to give the US Court of Appeals time to review a petition submitted by those opposed to relocating homes, businesses, and a cemetary in the path of construction.  

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