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January 13, 2005

New Instructions For Laser-Targeted Pilots

FAA/DOT Issues Statement, Advisory Circular (We Have The Link For You)

Wind Shear, Wake Turbulence, Convective Storms. What's the next hazard to the safety of your next flight? How about, some jerk with a laser? While law enforcement tackles the jerks, the FAA and DOT have determined that it makes sense to handle the laser threat much like the others are currently handled: pilots are expected to report, and to be advised of, laser illumination of civil aircraft.

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US, EU Agree To Try Settling Subsidy Spat

Both Agree To Stop Subsidizing Aircraft Manufacturers

"We need open warfare like we need a hole in the head." Those words from EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson signaled a break in the rising tensions between the continents over subsidies granted Airbus and Boeing. Both the EU and the US have agreed to at least try to settle their rancorous dispute over their allegations, where billions of dollars are at stake. The agreement is also another sign of a possible thaw in relations between America and Europe.

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TSA Publishes On-line Class for CFIs

The Deadline For FSAA Is Fast Approaching

By ANN Correspondent John Ballantyne As of next Tuesday, all US flight instructors must complete Transportation Security Administration Security Awareness training (FSAA). There are three options: individual flight schools may develop an in-house training program (per 49 CFR 1552), CFIs can take a course offered by AOPA or take the (free) on-line program produced by TSA. [Guess which choice most will take?]

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NAFI Working To Get The Word Out On New CFI Security Rules

Modifications Apply To Both Flight Instructors And Flight Schools

The National Association of Flight Instructors is working hard now to get the word out about details of the modifications just released by the TSA. The details are aimed at easing and clarifying required record-keeping training both US and non-US citizens. The new details clarify the TSA requirements announced last September, which placed new burdens on instructors and schools.

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Opposition Mounts In Attempt To Close Georgia Airport

FAA, State DOT And Pilots Fight To Keep Pine Mountain Open

The fight against a developer's efforts to close Georgia's Pine Mountain Airport is gathering momentum. Now, the FAA and the Georgia Department of Transportation have joined the AOPA in trying to keep the GA airport open.

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DOT's Mineta Announces New Laser Warning and Reporting System for Pilots

Measures to Safeguard Pilots and Passengers

Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta Wednesday announced new measures designed to alert and better prepare pilots to handle incidents of lasers being shined at their aircraft and to speed notification about such crimes to law enforcement investigators. The measures are designed to respond to a recent increase in the number of reported laser incidents.

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Super Bowl TFR Shuts Out GA

But If You Own A Boat, You Can Get Close... Go Figure

This year's Super Bowl will be subject to unprecedented security measures — matching those afforded President Bush when he travels. The Super Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida, will be surrounded by a 10-nm no-fly zone and a de facto air defense identification zone (ADIZ) from 10 to 30 nm in which pilots must be on an active flight plan and "squawk and talk" with air traffic control. The FAA is expected to issue the notam establishing the Super Bowl TFR this week.

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Snowbirds Didn't Eject After All

Investigation Contradicts Initial Statements

Contrary to initial reports from Canadian defense officials, two members of the Snowbirds precision aerial demonstration team did not eject from their mortally wounded aircraft. Instead, a report just released in Ottawa says they rode the aircraft to the ground. One pilot was killed -- the other was ejected from the aircraft by the force of the ground impact, but walked away with only minor injuries.

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Boeing Completes First 7E7 Composite Fuselage Section

First Full-Scale, All Composite Demonstrator

Boeing has completed the first full-scale composite one-piece fuselage section for its new 7E7 Dreamliner program, demonstrating concepts for 7E7 production that begins next year.

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EAA And Cessna Launch 'Partners In Flight'

Hoping To Inspire Aviation's Future And Preserve Its Past

The Experimental Aircraft Association and Cessna Aircraft Company today announced a landmark, five-year agreement launching EAA's "Partners in Flight," which provides financial support of EAA's youth-education and historical-preservation missions.

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New Clues Found in Ongoing Mystery of Giant Galactic Blobs

Demystifying One Of the Oddest Space Phenomena

Astronomers have numerous technical terms and numbering systems for describing the universe, but one type of mysterious object has yet to be classified. For now, these oddities are named for their strange appearance. They are called blobs.

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Yokota C-130s Continue To Fly Aid To Tsunami Victims

Pilot: "It Feels Great To Help"

C-130 Hercules crews from the 36th Airlift Squadron at Yokota Air Base, Japan, continue to fly vital supplies and equipment to tsunami-stricken areas in Southeast Asia.

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Guardsmen Also Helping With Tsunami Relief

Missions Flown From Alaska And Hawaii

Alaska and Hawaii, the two closest states, are supporting American relief efforts by sending Air National Guardsmen and resources to the region devastated by the Dec. 26 earthquake and tsunamis, Guard spokesmen said.

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PAMA Offers Professional Development Workshop

Aviation Maintenance Management Class Offered At Annual Symposium

The Professional Aviation Maintenance Association announced that it will once again offer "Aviation Maintenance Management," one of its popular Professional Development Workshops, which are offered each year at PAMA's Annual Maintenance Symposium.

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Bell Helicopter Opens New Customer Training Academy

Classes Underway At Fort Worth Alliance Airport

Bell Helicopter's Customer Training Academy began classes this week at its newly opened facilities at Alliance Airport, Fort Worth, TX. Bell's Customer Training Academy, in operation for nearly 60 years is the world's foremost civilian training school for helicopter pilots and maintenance personnel.

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Aircraft Spruce: Aeromag Assembly Vastly Improves Oil Filtration

Boosted Efficiency Could Extend Engine Life

Oil filters are designed to remove steel particles from circulation in aircraft engines to prevent scarring, scouring or other forms of damage to cylinders. While they certainly make a difference, the efficiency of the filters leaves a lot to be desired. AeroMag says it's come up with an oil filter enhancement that installs quickly and can make a huge difference in removing steel particles.

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ScanEagle Saves Lives

Marines In Iraq Swear By Their UAVs

It's called ScanEagle, and it has already saved the lives of many Marines.

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EADS Gets DRAC UAV Contract

Biggest UAV Project In Europe

EADS says it's won a huge contract that should lead to the purchase of 160 very close-range UAV systems in Europe. In fact, the European conglomerate says this is the largest very close range UAV systems program in Europe.

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Boeing, Emirates Airline Announce Largest Electronic Flight Bag Order

Thirty Units For 777 On The Way

Boeing and Emirates Tuesday said the Dubai-based airline is ordering 30 Boeing Electronic Flight Bags for its 777-300ER (Extended Range) airplanes, making the airline the largest customer for that Boeing-supplied system.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (01.13.05)

"We've identified the Pine Mountain airport as being in the state's best interest. The FAA has determined it's in the national interest. Airports fill a vital transportation role in the state." Source: Edward Ratiganm, chief of aviation programs for the Georgia DOT, was quoted by the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. Ratiganm's organization, along with the FAA, has joined the AOPA in opposing a developer's efforts to shut down Pine Mountain Airport in Harris County Georgia. The Callaway Foundation, which operates the airport, wants to build a five-story, $20 million hotel and wellness center on land where the airport now sits.

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Alaska TFR: Until Further Notice

NOTAM:  5/0280  Issued:  01/12/2005 08:10  Effective:  Immediately - Until Further Notice  State:  AK  Facility:  ZAN - ANCHORAGE (ARTCC),AK.  Type:  HAZARDS  Description:  MOUNT VENIAMINOF VOLCANO AK. 

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