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January 10, 2005

Global Flyer Arrives In Kansas

Preparing For Fossett's Big Flight

In a short preliminary to what he hopes will be a record-breaking flight, adventurer Steve Fossett Friday flew into the airport from which he'll launch his 'round-the-world adventure: Salina, KS.

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France's ATR Joins Race To Provide Maritime Surveillance Planes

It's A VERY International Competition

If you lined them all up in a single room, it would be a rogue's gallery of military aerospace contractors: Dassault, CASA, SAAB, Embraer, Antonov, Ilyushin, Dornier, Bombardier and Lockheed Martin. Now France's ATR has joined this august crowd, all hoping to sell India a couple of maritime surveillance aircraft.

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Build It, Move It Or Start Paying Rent

British Pub Owner Figuring Out What To Do With His Vulcan

Authorities in Manchester, England, say pub owner Chris Ollerenshaw has three choices: he can move it, pay rent on it or build it and put it on display -- somewhere else.

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Aircraft Down In Ugandan Jungle

Six Believed To Have Perished

Simeone Siriro Kabyemera is a charcoal burner in the forests of Uganda. He was just sitting down under the thick jungle canopy for a lunch of maize meal porridge when he heard a terrible sound. He looked around and saw trees being uprooted. There was a terrible ripping, crashing sound and Simeone ran for his life. What the charcoal burner heard was an Antonov AN-26 crashing into the thick forest growth, moments after taking off from Entebbe Airport on its way to Kinshasha. Six people reportedly died in the accident.

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Talon Down

Crew Survives Runway Construction + Night-Vision Goggles = Harrowing Crash

By Aero-News Senior Correspondent Kevin R.C. "Hognose" O'Brien Air Force Special Operations has a reputation to uphold, and so does the C-130 Hercules. The first's motto is "Anything, Anytime, Anywhere," and the second is noted as a remarkably robust airplane.

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SpaceShipTwo Won't Be Like SpaceShipOne

Rutan To Embrace Space, He's "Finished With Airplanes For A While"

The guy who put Mojave, CA, on the map, SpaceShipOne into the history books, and himself at the top of the list as the most-admired airplane designer in decades, says the time has come to move beyond all of the above. In recent candid talks including a recent wide-ranging interview with well-known space writer Irene Mona Klotz and a December 20th interview with George Nemiroff, Burt Rutan says that Mojave won't be the only spaceport for the coming project, that it won't -- it can't -- look like SpaceShipOne, and that he is finished with airplanes for the time being.

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KAL Charters For Soap Opera Fans

Popular Soap Opera Drives Japanese Tourism to Korea

In East Asia, the airline business is different. Gigantic planes crammed with seats upon seats whisk teeming masses of people from city to city on a rigid schedule -- when all is going well, it's more like a skyfaring tramline than anything Ernest K. Gann would recognize.

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Boeing Finishes 2004 Strong

Sees Rise in Commercial Airplane Orders

Boeing has released its year-end commercial airplane orders numbers, capping what the manufacturer says was a strong year in which it launched the 7E7 Dreamliner and 747 Special Freighter programs and enhanced its 777 family by delivering the first 777-300ERs and offering a freighter based on the 777-200LR.

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NASA Goes ‘Down Under’ for Shuttle Mapping Mission Finale

Working With NGIA, NASA Completes Most Extensive Topographical Map Ever

Culminating more than four years of processing data, NASA and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency have completed Earth's most extensive global topographic map.

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PAX High And Dry In Alitalia 'Snack Strike'

Well, At Least They're Still Flying

In the labor dispute between Alitalia and its cabin crews, the flight attendants tried something a little different Friday. They stopped serving food and drinks to passengers on domestic and short-haul international flights.

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Klyde Morris 01.10.05

The Crass, Commercial Side of Klyde Reveals Itself

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PA-28 Mishap Stuns Small Town

Teacher, Husband, Children All Lost

The town of Ninety Six, SC, is in shock after a McCormick County council member and former teacher of the year, her husband and their two children were lost when their Piper PA-28 went down near Bradley, SC. Friday night.

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Smuggler's Blues: 'Artfully Concealed' Razors Found At HIA

Man Says They May Have Been In His Bag, But They Weren't His

Authorities are investigating a 34-year old man arrested at Harrisburg International Airport in Pennsylvania, accused of trying to smuggle four double-edged razor blades through airport security.

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Student Pilot Detained For Busting NASA Airspace

Said He Was Lost In Clouds

How do you explain why, as a flight student, you busted some of the most sensitive airspace in the world?

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Saturn's Moon Iapetus Shows a Bulging Waistline

Or Are You Just Happy We're In Orbit?

Images returned by NASA's Cassini spacecraft cameras during a New Year's Eve flyby of Saturn’s moon Iapetus (eye-APP-eh-tuss) show startling surface features that are fueling heated scientific discussions about their origin.

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Rescue Marks The New Year For 341st Medical Group

Malmstrom Crew Makes 355th Save In Southwest Montana

A UH-1N Huey search and rescue crew from the 40th Helicopter Flight and 341st Medical Group at Malmstrom AFB, MT, recorded their 355th save on a mission in southwest Montana January 3rd.

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Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission Status

As The Rovers Continue Their Remarkable Mission, Another Mars Mission Is In The Works

Even as the Spirit and Opportunity rovers complete a year of successful operation on Mars, the next major step in Mars Exploration is taking shape with preparation of NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter for launch in just seven months.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (01.10.05)

"[E]veryone in the world wants to fly on it because it's the only operable, private manned spacecraft. However, Paul [Allen] feels that it needs to be preserved for the Air and Space Museum.... So, I don't think we're still debating it; it probably will not be flown again. I think we'll move on and our future space flying will be done with SpaceShipTwo instead of SpaceshipOne." Source: Burt Rutan, in an interview with George Nemiroff, on what will happen to SpaceShipOne, now that it's won the X-Prize. Don't worry -- SpaceShipTwo is on the way.

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RSW Employee Earns Hazardous Materials Certification

Someone Good To Have Around The Ol' Airport

Ren�e Kwiat, environmental compliance project coordinator for Lee County Port Authority, has been designated a master-level Certified Hazardous Materials Manager. The certification qualifies her to handle, manage and advise on hazardous materials related to environmental protection, safety, transportation, security and regulatory compliance. She is one of 8,800 active CHMMs in the nation.

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NOTAM: 5/0208 Issued: 01/10/2005 01:40 Effective: Immediately - Until Further Notice State: AK Facility: ZAN - ANCHORAGE (ARTCC),AK. Type: HAZARDS Description: MOUNT VENIAMINOF VOLCANO AK.

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