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Sun, Dec 17, 2023

Maeve Aerospace Unveils 80-Seat Hybrid Commuter Aircraft

Longer Range, Gas-Slurping Regional Carrier Shows Pivot to Tried and True Tech

Dutch manufacturer-to-be Maeve Aerospace announced a second aircraft model in their roster of products, building on their electric 44-seat commuter plane, the Maeve01, with a hybrid concept about double its size and capacity. 

The new aircraft will eschew the naming scheme of its predecessor, being called the M80. Instead of the Maeve01’s purely battery powered flight, the M80 will be given longer range, more easily refueled hybrid powerpants. It will accordingly see twice the range, 800 nm to the 01’s 400 nm, while hauling 80 passengers. The design seems more feasible than the firm’s first model, given its use of a more well-trodden hybrid technology. Maeve maintains that the M80 still has ecological bonafides, consuming 40% less energy than the range of regional aircraft currently in use today. If successful, they hope to see the M80 take on the full gamut of smaller commuter aircraft, RJs and twin turboprops alike. The clean-sheet design currently has entry to service slated for 2031, a target Maeve based on “experience and lessons learned from several aircraft programs and their industrial ramp-up.”

“To my knowledge, there are currently no alternatives in development that are equally sustainable, cost effective, and match the operational needs of airlines and airports,” said Martin Nuesseler, CTO. “If there are, I would applaud them, because we need more of these realistic solutions to become sustainable”.

Despite Maeve’s government funding from the Netherlands, they will complete the majority of the M80’s work at an expanded location in Munich, Germany at the Oberpfaffenhofen Airport.



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