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February 13, 2021

NATA Schools Washington On Realities of COVID-19 Travel Policy

'Zero Cases Of COVID-19 Transmission Have Been Documented On Part 135 Air Charter Flights'

The NATA, on behalf of its over 3,700 general aviation business members, called upon Washington leaders to consider the low risk of virus transmission posed by the general aviation industry when crafting policies on air travel. In a letter to the Biden Administration and Congressional and FAA leadership, NATA cited the general aviation industry’s unique operating environment and heightened health safety protocols in its case against “burdensome or undue policies, including domestic preflight COVID testing requirements, that work to hinder an essential industry and cut important ties to the over 40 percent of the nation’s population that is

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NASA Assigns Astronauts to Agency's SpaceX Crew-4 Mission to Space Station

The Mission Is Expected To Launch In 2022 On A Falcon 9

NASA has assigned two crew members to launch on the agency's SpaceX Crew-4 mission – the fourth crew rotation flight of the Crew Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station. NASA astronauts Kjell Lindgren and Bob Hines will serve as spacecraft commander and pilot, respectively, for the Crew-4 mission. Additional crew members will be assigned as mission specialists in the future by the agency's international partners. The mission is expected to launch in 2022 on a Falcon 9 rocket from Launch Complex 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Lindgren, Hines, and the international crew members will join an expedition crew aboard the space station for a long-duration stay.

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Training Air Wing Commodore Logs 1,000th Trap

Milestone Took Place Onboard USS Gerald R. Ford

Capt. Tracey “PETA” Gendreau, commodore of Training Air Wing 1, hit a personal milestone Feb. 5 when he caught his 1,000th trap aboard aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) while underway in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida during a carrier qualification (CQ) detachment. Whether a pilot is new to the craft or a seasoned veteran with many at-sea deployments under their belt, landing a jet on an aircraft carrier is exhilarating, sometimes terrifying, and is certainly no easy task.

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Klyde Morris (02.12.21)

Klyde's On A Tear With The TSA Again... Look Out!


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Embraer Praetor 600 Earns Canadian TC

Fly-By-Wire Technology May Be Able To Reduce Maintenance Downtime By As Much As 40%

Embraer's Praetor 600 has been granted a type certificate by Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA). The Praetor 600 is becoming capable of flying beyond 4,000 nautical miles in long-range cruise speed or beyond 3,700 nautical miles at Mach .80 from runways shorter than 4,500ft. Also, it offers solid performance from wet and contaminated runways (snow, standing water) which are very common in the intense Canadian winter. The Praetor 600 is able to make nonstop flights between Toronto and London, Montreal and Paris, Calgary and Honolulu, Vancouver and San Juan. An aircraft of many firsts, the Praetor 600 is reportedly the first super-midsize jet with full fly-b

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Classic Aero-TV: True Blue Power–Evangelizing The Best Of New Lithium Technology

From 2017: Technology Is Misunderstood, Company Executive Says…

Lithium batteries are a misunderstood technology that has suffered from a misperception of the devices. That is the assessment of Rick Slater, Director of True Blue Power at Mid Continent Instrument Company, who told Aero-News CEO and Editor in Chief Jim Campbell at NBAA-BACE that the company began in 2013 to educate people about the technology, and its benefits for aviation. Slater said the company worked to educate consumers about lithium batteries, and the importance of proper use and maintenance. That included seminars to various

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Pilots Ratify New Agreement With Sunwing Airlines

Sunwing Airlines Normally Operates Out Of Six Bases Across Canada

Pilots have ratified a new four-year agreement with Sunwing Airlines. "In the most unprecedented of times while the entire aviation industry in Canada has been shuttered, our pilots came together and this agreement provides a road forward and a plan for all of our members who are suffering financially," said Barret Armann, President of Unifor Local 7378. Unifor Local 7378 represents 451 pilots who have been furloughed or inactive for many months due to the pandemic and government travel restrictions. Sunwing Airlines Inc. normally operates out of six bases across Canada- Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montréal, Quebec City.

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DoT Offers Nearly $2 Billion In Grants for Airport COVID Relief

Available To More Than 3,000 Commercial Service, Reliever And Publically Owned GA Airports

DoT is making nearly $2 billion in federal grant funding available to help airports affected by COVID-19 under the FAA's Airport Coronavirus Response Grant Program. “President Biden has made it a priority to deliver immediate relief to our transportation sectors and their workers, ensuring they can continue to provide essential services through this pandemic and beyond” said U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.

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AD: Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. Airplanes

AD 2021-04-06 Describes The Unsafe Condition As A Missing Release Bar Retaining Screw On A Harley-Type Buckle Assembly

The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for all Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. (Pilatus) Model PC-7 airplanes. This AD results from mandatory continuing airworthiness information (MCAI) issued by the aviation authority of another country to identify and correct an unsafe condition on an aviation product. The MCAI describes the unsafe condition as a missing release bar retaining screw on a Harley-type buckle assembly installed on a harness shoulder strap. This condition, if not corrected, could lead to loss of pilot restraint and consequently loss of airplane control or injuries to the crew. The FAA is issuing this AD to addr

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AD: Airbus Helicopters

AD 2021-04-04 Retains The Requirements Of AD 2020-19-02 And Also Clarifies The Applicability

The FAA is superseding Airworthiness Directive (AD) 2020-19-02, which applied to certain Airbus Helicopters (previously Eurocopter France) Model SA330J helicopters. AD 2020-19-02 required repetitively inspecting affected tail rotor (T/R) blades and depending on the inspection results, repairing or replacing the T/R blade. AD 2020-19-02 also prohibited installing an affected T/R blade unless it passed the inspections. This AD retains the requirements of AD 2020-19-02 and also clarifies the applicability, clarifies the affected T/R blades in the required actions, reduces a compliance time, and corrects the prohibition requirement. This AD was prompted by the

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (02.13.21)

Aero Linx: Gloster Aerodrome Located in the beautiful Brazos River Valley, Gloster Aerodrome is the perfect setting for those pilots who have an appreciation for the early days of flying. We are located less than an hour's drive west on I-10 from downtown Houston in beautiful southern Austin County's Brazos Valley. Our philosophy is to provide a safe and friendly environment for all levels of flying activities for sport aviation. Our field is based on an old English Aerodrome featuring Nissen-style hangars designed with the sport pilot in mind; Perfect for homebuilt, aerobatic and production-built aircraft under 6000 lbs.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (02.13.21): Parallel Runways

Parallel Runways Two or more runways at the same airport whose centerlines are parallel. In addition to runway number, parallel runways are designated as L (left) and R (right) or, if three parallel runways exist, L (left), C (center), and R (right).

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (02.13.21)

“Today’s announcement is one of many steps we are taking to protect the health of America’s travelers and workers, while keeping our nation’s airport operations and related small businesses up and running.” Source: US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, speaking about DoT making nearly $2 billion in federal grant funding available to help airports affected by COVID-19 under the FAA's Airport Coronavirus Response Grant Program.

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