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Wed, Mar 20, 2024

Classic Aero-TV: Composite-FX Sets Elevates the Personal Helicopter Market

From Oshkosh23 (YouTube Version): The Mosquito Evolves

Formerly known as Mosquito, Trenton, Florida-based Composite FX is a designer and manufacturer of personal kit and factory-finished helicopters. The company’s offerings comprise three piston-engined models and a single jet-powered machine.

The agile XE and the float-equipped XEL both make use of the 63-horsepower, two-cylinder, two-stroke, fan-air-cooled, carbureted, MZ202-powerplant. The larger XE-290 model is powered by the ninety-horsepower, two-cylinder, two-stroke, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, CFX-800 engine. Finally, the flagship XET is motivated by a 95-horsepower, radial-inflow, T62-T2A1 Solar Turbine engine.

Composite FX refers to its XE series the “industry standard” of light helicopters. The aircraft, according to those by whom it’s produced, features “exceptional auto-rotation capability and strong tail-rotor authority.” The XE kit retails for $46,000. Factory finished, the XE can be had for $59,000.

Notwithstanding the handsome and functional floats with which it’s provisioned, the XEL maintains a svelte 312-pound empty-weight and a maximum gross weight of only 610-pounds—thereby qualifying as an ultra-light aircraft under Part 103 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. XEL kits retail for $47,000. Factory finished machines run $60,000.

The workhorse of the XE family, the XE 290 represents years of development vis-à-vis transition from the smaller, air-cooled MZ202 engine to the larger, more powerful CFX-800 powerplant. At 6000 RPM, the latter engine’s output is only half of its potential. The veritable lope at which the mill operates significantly extends component service-life and overall dependability. Under normal use, the CFX-800 engine’s consumption of its preferred, 93-octane pump gasoline is a miserly seven-gallons-per-hour. XE 290 kits retail for $55,000. Factory-finished aircraft command $70,000.

The XET makes the great leap from the thump of pistons to the superbly-pleasing whine of turbines by which the pilot heart is compelled to ecstasy. Powered by a modified T62-T2A Solar Trubine engine, the XET tops the hierarchy of Composite FX helicopters and instantiates the pinnacle of personal rotorcraft. The XET kit, which doesn’t include the aforementioned powerplant, can be had for $60,000. Factory-finished XET specimens—sans engine—will set aspiring jet aviators back a cool $77,000.

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