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May 22, 2024

SkyCourier 'Combi' Layout Seats 9 Passengers & a Load of Cargo

New Floor Plan Splits The Difference Between Freighter and Passenger Operations

Textron has been granted certification of a new interior conversion for passenger-layout SkyCouriers, allowing operators to carry 9 pax and a load of cargo at the same time. "This newly certified combi kit adds to the growing list of options for the versatile Cessna SkyCourier," said Lannie O'Bannion, senior vice president, Global Sales and Flight Operations. "The Combi will allow operators to use the aircraft for an even broader range of missions globally and quickly change configurations to best serve their needs."

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Look Out Below... Blue Origin Flight Hits a Snag on the Return

Failed Parachute on NS-25 Adds Some Excitement to the Journey

Blue Origin's seventh passenger flight ended with a smidgeon of drama when one of its 3 parachutes failed to fully deploy, forcing it to rely on its remaining 2 units. That's not the worst system failure in the world, since the triple-chute system sports redundancy as a baseline, but it's always a little discomfiting to rely on a backup whenever parachutes are involved. The chute appears to have simply failed to inflate, and will no doubt be dissected six ways from Sunday in the coming months as Blue Origin looks to prevent it from ever happening again.

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Coast Guard Aircrew Locates, Rescues 2 From Disabled Vessel

MH-60 Rescue Took Place off Samana Cay, Bahamas

Coast Guard aircrews located and rescued two missing boaters off the coast of Samana Cay, Bahamas, Monday, after their vessel became disabled. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force notified the Coast Guard, Sunday, that two men were reported overdue and were last seen departing Samana Cay, May 15, in an 18-foot recreational vessel.  Aircrews aboard an HC-144 Ocean Sentry plane from Coast Guard Air Station Miami and an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter forward-deployed from Air Station Clearwater to Operation Bahamas Turks and Caicos were launched to assist.

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NAAA Shows Off UAS Committee

Agriculture Association Takes Little Whirlybirds Seriously

The National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) Board of Directors held a vote to bolster their activities in the uncrewed sphere, coming away in favor of creating an Uncrewed Aerial Application System (UAAS) Committee. The Committee will advise the Association on uncrewed aircraft systems issues, development, and regulation, as well as give them a useful way to weigh in on the topic in the public eye. The Committee will "ensure the low-altitude airspace is safe for crewed and uncrewed aircraft as the number of UAS in low-altitude airspace grows", while becoming the local expert on all things uncrewed within the NAAA.

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Samson Sky Hits the Wind Tunnel

Improvements Stack as Brand Readies for Mass Production

Samson Sky updated followers on its flying car progress, describing some of the travails of the wind tunnel as they get closer to production. Recent tweaks have largely revolved around realistic production alterations designed to bring the Switchblade to a more achievable production rate, with little nips and tucks to the design and materials involved. That final inch is always a rewarding one, since those finishing touches can go on to be darn near set in stone once the production line spins up to full output. In the update, Samson Sky Captain Sam Bousfield reported that their 3d-printed prototyping worked out perfectly.

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Airbus Rings in Riyadh Expo with Mondo Sale

Another Episode of Movin' Metal Gives the Point to Airbus

Saudia Group signed off on an order for 93 A321neo planes and a dozen A320neo aircraft. Saudia will put them into business with their low-cost carrier flyadeal (all lower case, gotta give the marketers their due) as they get their legs under them. Saudia remains the flag carrier for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, allowing flyadeal to go out and compete with the rest of the smaller guys running narrowbody aircraft. All in all, Saudia Group has 144 aircraft on order throughout the A320neo family.

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Airbus Helicopters Grabs 21-Aircraft Order to Sumitomo Mitsui

Deal Expands Fleet With New Helos for Variety of Missions

Airbus Helicopters managed to grab itself a pretty big order for a change, inking a deal with LCI and Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Company, Limited (SMFL) for 21 of its latest generation helicopters. It's good news for the brand, since the rotary wing industry often survives on much smaller orders, but this time around they even got the better of the firm:option breakdown. Of the 21 aircraft 'ordered', 14 are firm, with 7 options should Sumitomo decide to exercise them later on. The purchase includes a mix of options, with a pair of Airbus' light twin H145, a medium twin H160, and their oddly named 'super medium' H175.

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Airborne 05.13.24: DC-9 Jump Plane, Wag-Aero Sold, VA-1X AAIB Report

Also: 'Space Weather', USAF Rescue, Atlanta Warbirds, WestJet Encore Pilots Vote NO

The Perris SkyDive DC-9 is ALIVE! Following initial test flighta and practice landings that were flown by a flight crew that had to be brought in all the way from Florida, the California DZ put the DC9 back in service and made at least three jump runs on Saturday, taking about 60 jumpers each to about 15K'. An interesting surprise occurred this week as Wag-Aero customers logged on to their site in order to order a few Wag-Aero. Instead, the site was redirected to Aircraft Spruce, which has apparently bought out the once popular Wag-Aero operations short

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NTSB Final Report: Piper PA-39

Pilot Most Likely Experienced An Acute Cerebrovascular Event

Analysis: The 84-year-old pilot and the passenger made two attempts to take off on a cross-country flight. According to the passenger, once she and the pilot boarded the airplane, the pilot said he forgot where they were going and had to ask the name of the airport. After informing the pilot of their destination, the pilot taxied to the runway and began to accelerate for takeoff. The pilot aborted the takeoff because he thought the passenger’s door was open. The door was secured, and the pilot taxied back to the runway. Just before taking off again, the pilot asked a second time where they were going. The passenger again had to tell the pilot their destination.

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Classic Aero-TV: Aviator Sean O’Donnell – A Love For Flight Has No Limits

From 2016 (YouTube Version): What's Holding YOU Back From Your Dream Of Flight?

While at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2016, ANN CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell, shares a conversation with us that he had with Sean O'Donnell, a pilot and representative for Able Flight. In this video, we see an interesting airplane called the Sky Arrow, and we also hear the fantastic and poignant story of an organization called, Able Flight. The Sky Arrow has been around for a while as an early entry into the field of light sport aircraft. It's a great little plane, but it also has one particular feature that made it perfect for the missio

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (05.22.24)

Aero Linx: International Aviation Fire Protection Association (IAFPA) IAFPA was first formed in 2000 by a group of airport fire officers in the UK.  From the initial UK site, the work of IAFPA spread throughout the Asia Pacific and the Middle East.  In March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world and affected almost all economies on the world stage especially aviation and the hospitality industry. With this major impact, the Council decided that to be relevant in the fast changing times and to be mission ready in the post-Covid era, IAFPA needed to restructure itself going forward. 

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (05.22.24): LAHSO

LAHSO An acronym for “Land and Hold Short Operation.” These operations include landing and holding short of an intersecting runway, a taxiway, a predetermined point, or an approach/departure flightpath. 

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (05.22.24)

"We have been working on production engineering for the Switchblade and are tweaking the design to get the improvements needed for production vehicles. After First Flight of the prototype last November, we finalized a handful of important improvements to be made before we go into production. A key area to improve was our speed targets - and after much investigation found that we would not be able to do so with the single large ducted fan in the rear. We worked quickly to get an alternate method of propulsion, which we accomplished, and added in the rest of the improvements we had slated for production vehicles." Source: Samson Sky Ca

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