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April 10, 2024

Airborne 04.10.24: SnF24!, A50 Heritage Reveal, HeliCycle!, Montaer MC-01

 Also: Bushcat Woes, Hummingbird 300 SL 4-Seat Heli Kit, Carbon Cub UL

The newest Junkers is a faithful recreation that mates a 7-cylinder Verner radial engine to the airframe offered last year with a Rotax 912... but a desire for more historical accuracy led to the A50 Heritage. The Helicycle has gone through a number of owners and iterations but looks to be in good hands with a company that keeps tweaking and improving this unique turbine single-engine, single-seat kit helicopter. The Brazilian Montaer MC-01 is about to be joined by a four-place sibling, the MC-04. The two-seater is holding its own though with a number of impressive fleet sales and growing popularity here in the states. Life throws challenges at you now and then...

Daher Updates TBM 960 for SNF 2024

Graphic, UI, Safety, and Quality of Life Revisions Make a Case for Buying New

Daher's Aircraft Division celebrated their showing at the 50th iteration of Sun 'n Fun 2024, rolling out some nice quality-of-life upgrades for the TBM 960. The revision includes a revised paint scheme, too, now called the "Sirocco" livery in silver, black, and blue. Up front, the TBM 960 gains TMB e-COPILOT functionality, bolstering the safety margins a bit for those single-pilot operators. A new pilot inactivity detector helps to activate the HomeSafe emergency autoland system, automatically activating after 30 minutes with an unresponsive pilot. That system will bring the plane on down to runway touchdown once activated, preserving all aboard and preventing a wor

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Piper Raises Eyebrows with Possible Diesel-Burning Seminole

Legendary Trainer Twin Could Get Even more Affordable, Profitable

Piper Aircraft announced a study with DeltaHawk Engines to evaluate the ease, utility, and popularity of bolting the latter's Jet-A powered, STC diesel engine to the ever popular trainer. While many were abuzz with the possibility of a Diamond DA-42 competitor right out the gate, Piper has only signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the engine manufacturer - an actual, factory-produced aircraft isn't in the cards just yet. The bean counters have to give their approval, the flight testers have to grant their blessing, and the market researchers have to prove there's enough of a market for a diesel twin in order to start cutting it into production. Nevertheless, it should prov

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Week Long Sun n’ Fun Open House Engages Youth

Junior ACEs program Kicks Off Week of Open Doors to Drive Kids into Love of Flight

In a significant stride towards fostering the next generation of aviators, the Aerospace Center for Excellence (ACE) unveils the Junior ACEs program, a pioneering initiative aimed at inspiring young minds through the wonders of aviation. The program, part of the broader activities at the SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo in Lakeland, FL, is a beacon of innovation in youth engagement within the aerospace sector. Junior ACEs is a week-long open house that showcases a year-round commitment to engaging youth in the multifaceted world of aviation. This initiative is not just another summer camp; it's a carefully curated experience designed to ignite a lifelong passion for a

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Hartzell Subsidiary Acquires Approved Turbo Components

QAA Buys Approved Turbo Componenets

In a strategic move to enhance its service offerings and market presence, Quality Aircraft Accessories (QAA), a subsidiary of Hartzell Aviation and an Arcline Investment Management portfolio company, has officially announced the acquisition of Approved Turbo Components, Inc. (ATC). This acquisition, announced on April 8, 2024, is part of QAA's ongoing efforts to bolster its turbocharger overhaul and repair capabilities. QAA, known for its comprehensive services in the aviation sector, including the overhaul of most piston engine and airframe accessories, is set to integrate ATC's renowned turbo repair and overhaul expertise into its operations.

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National STOL 2024 Schedule Published

Bush Tire Folks Can Start Planning Now

Those in the STOL scene can start planning when to burn their PTO, now that the National STOL schedule has been published for 2024. The Short Take Off and Landing season already started in March, with the initiation of Swamp STOL in Jennings, Louisiana. Next up? Heritage STOL in Virginia Beach, VA, happening on April 26 and 27. That monthly tempo keeps up pretty consistently, with Arklahoma STOL at Pocola, Oklahoma taking place on May 24-25; Moses Lake Airshow of Washington from June 14 to 16; and an outlier happening only a couple weeks later at the Appalachian Mountain STOL competition. That one runs from June 28th to the 29th in Clarion, Pennsylvania, before things get back into the monthly swing. 

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Viking Aircraft Engines Elevates Sport Aviation with the New Viking 175

Viking 175 Represents Significant Milestone in Sport Aviation

Viking Aircraft Engines has reached a significant milestone in sport aviation with the launch of the Viking 175 engine. This achievement follows the successful delivery of over 1,500 engines, a testament to Viking's commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer service. The Viking 175 engine, built on the strong foundation of 7 proven engine models from Honda, GM, and Mitsubishi, ushers in a new era for pilots and builders who demand uncompromising performance. The Viking 175 engine is not just a product--it's a catalyst that propels dreams into the skies,” says Viking Aircraft Engines.

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Elevating Women in Aviation: SUN 'n FUN Hosts Inspirational Women ACES Breakfast

Speakers Run the Gamut of Experience from Gen Z Fighter Pilots to Retired Airline Captains

The SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo, set to celebrate its 50th anniversary in April 2024, announced an event that underscores its commitment to diversity and excellence in aviation: the Women ACES Breakfast. Scheduled for Wednesday, April 10, 2024, at 7:30 A.M. in the Aerospace Pavilion, this event shines a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of women in the aviation sector. Supported by Women In Aviation International, the Women ACES Program is dedicated to honoring the contributions of women who have blazed trails in the aviation industry. This special breakfast gathering aims to provide a platform for sharing stories, insights, and inspiration, ensuri

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Vittorazi Motors Makes 1st Showing at SnF with EFI in Tow

Biggest, Baddest Engine Seems Tailor Made for USDM

Italian engine manufacturer Vittorazi Motors made a good first impression at Sun 'n Fun 2024, coming to the fly-in for the first time with all kinds of goodies in tow. Vittorazi specializes in small, compact, lightweight parameter engines, a natural outcropping of their evolution from small mini sport bikes in the early 80s. They've moved on to gain a strong position in the parameter scene with their Atom 80, Moster185, and Cosmos 300 engines. That covers most of the parameter bases, with the Atom taking up the lighter, smaller end and the Cosmos hauling the bigger wheeled aircraft aloft. Knowing the American market, they brought out their newly patented fuel injection for the Cosmos 300, add

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Pipistrel Velis Electro Gains LSA Airworthiness Exemption from FAA

Battery-Powered SportPlane Enters Market as ‘Cheap’ Little Trainer

Textron's sustainable light plane brand Pipistrel got some good news from the FAA in recent weeks, "opening up flight training in an electric aircraft in the United States". The plane in question is their battery-powered Pipistrel Velis Electro, which got a light-sport aircraft airworthiness exemption allowing it to be used within stateside flight training programs. As such, Pipistrel says the Velis Electro is a much lower cost and sustainable learning platform for low-time pilots learning the ropes. That just adds to the Velis' lore as the first commercially available, type-certified electric aircraft in the world. “This is a great day for flight training or

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Airborne 04.02.24: G700 Certified, Collier Trophy, Wing-Walker Busted

Also: ALPA Says Plenty of Pilots, Bell 429 E-AD, Eutelsat OneWeb STC, Bell BasiX-Pro

Gulfstream has announced that the G700 has received FAA type certification. The milestone paves the way for customer deliveries. The FAA certification process also confirmed two new performance improvements for the G700, providing customers with increased flexibility and airport availability. The National Aeronautic Association has awarded the 2023 Robert J. Collier Trophy to a NASA program that saw a prop head to an asteroid and back on the OSIRIS-REX mission. The mission stands for "Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, and Security-Regolith Explorer (O

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Classic Aero-TV: Starting 'em Young - Aero-Education for K-12 Students

From 2016 (YouTube Version): The Aspen Aerospace Alliance Motivate Students towards STEM Subjects…

Here’s a video that runs a little longer than our normal Aero-Minute because it’s a subject that’s fascinating and could make a difference in the lives of children in our school systems. This video is about an organization called the ‘Aspen Aerospace Alliance’ that has set a goal to bring aviation into the lives of schoolchildren ranging from elementary through high school. ANN News Editor, Tom Patton, f

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NTSB Final Report: Stinson 108-1

Pilot Applied Full Right Rudder, “Not Realizing My Feet Were Partially On The Brakes...”

Analysis: The pilot in the tailwheel equipped airplane reported that, while landing with a crosswind, a gust of wind was encountered that “caught my tail” and pushed the airplane to the left. The pilot applied full right rudder, “not realizing my feet were partially on the brakes,” and full throttle to abort the landing. The airplane turned to the right and the pilot applied left rudder to keep the airplane on the runway.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (04.10.24)

Aero Linx: Helicopter Safety Advisory Conference (HSAC) The HELICOPTER SAFETY ADVISORY CONFERENCE (HSAC) was formed in January, 1978 after an accident in which 19 people lost their lives when a helicopter came in contact with a platform crane. Realizing there was a lack of communication between oil companies, service organizations, helicopter operations, and the helicopter industry, representatives of these companies agreed to work toward improved safety offshore. The HSAC continues to identify critical issues that affect safety in the Gulf of Mexico. Through interaction of HSAC subcommittees and associated responsible organizations, HSAC has been, and continues to be, proactive in resolvin

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (04.10.24): Go Around

Go Around Instructions for a pilot to abandon his/her approach to landing. Additional instructions may follow. Unless otherwise advised by ATC, a VFR aircraft or an aircraft conducting visual approach should overfly the runway while climbing to traffic pattern altitude and enter the traffic pattern via the crosswind leg. A pilot on an IFR flight plan making an instrument approach should execute the published missed approach procedure or proceed as instructed by ATC; e.g., “Go around” (additional instructions if required).

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (04.10.24)

"Our vision at National STOL is simple. We introduce the excitement of general aviation to a nationwide audience, challenge pilots to better themselves, and foster the next generation of aviators. Established in 2020, our series has demonstrated continuous growth with four competitions in 2021, six in 2022. and eight in 2023. As we enter the 2024 season, National STOL plans to host ten to twelve events from coast to coast." Source: From a statement by National STOL organizers as the National STOL schedule has been published for 2024.

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