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January 01, 2023

USAF Looks Toward a Bountiful 2023

Aim High

While the December 2022 rollout of its B-21 Raider stealth bomber has commanded the lion’s share of interest in and controversy over the United States Air Force’s latest aircraft acquisitions, the service—by dint of the $858-billion Congress has allocated for military spending in fiscal 2023—is making ready to take on a veritable cornucopia of new and formidable sky-going machines.

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Airborne 12.21.22: B2 Grounded, Airbus Qatar Spat, F-35B Mishap/Ejection

Also: Blue Angels On for SnF23, Young Eagles, Damaged Soyuz, Cocoa Beach Air Show $nubbed

The Air Force has grounded the entirety of its B-2 Spirit fleet, and will inspect all twenty of the enigmatic aircraft in the wake of a 10 December incident in which an in-flight malfunction forced a B-2 crew to make an emergency landing at Missouri’s Whiteman Air Force Base. A UK court has ordered an upcoming trial to be split into two parts on account of the sheer weight of disagreements between litigants Airbus and Qatar Airways. The parties are in a protracted dispute over alleged breaches of contracts stemming from the subjective airworthiness of A350 j

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Ramp Checks to Increase Across Mexico

AFAC attributes the step-up to Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Mexico’s Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC) has announced its intention to increase the number of ramp checks its agents perform on foreign business aircraft and crews traveling into and around Mexico between 20 December 2022, and 20 January 2023. AFAC attributes the step-up to Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s decision to turn the enterprise of administering his nation’s airports to the Mexican military.

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USCG MH-65 Crew Rescues Boater and Two Dogs

In Praise of Persistence

On Wednesday, 28 December 2022, personnel of Washington State’s U.S. Coast Guard Station Port Angeles rescued one person and two dogs from a sailing vessel that lost power prior to running aground offshore British Columbia, Canada’s Vancouver Island.

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NBAA Seeks Clarification of FAA’s Revised Aircraft Registration Scheme

The More You Know …

After initially expressing support for the FAA’s plan to extend the duration of U.S. aircraft registrations from three to seven years, the NBAA has called upon the agency to provide greater clarity on some elements of the amended process.

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Aircraft Lessor BC Orders Forty 737 MAX 8 Jets

Boeing on the Rise

Aircraft leasing company BOC (Bank Of China)—a Chinese state-owned global aircraft leasing concern—has announced that it has entered into an agreement with Boeing to purchase forty new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, deliveries of which are slated for 2027 and 2028. In addition to the forty confirmed 737 MAX 8 orders, BOC has reportedly amended an extant purchase agreement with Boeing, thereby bringing the total number of 737 MAX jets the company has on order to a robust eighty aircraft.  

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Classic Aero-TV: Zenith Builder Intro Program--Rudder Building Workshop Inspires

From 2017 (YouTube Version): Zenith Offers Workshop For Beginners At Sebring Sport Expo…

The concept of building your own airplane can be daunting for a lot of people. Most wouldn't consider building their own car, much less an airplane. In an effort to demystify the process, Zenith Aircraft held a four-day workshop at the Sebring Sport Aircraft Expo in January to introduce beginners to the process of building their own airplanes.

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Lockheed’s HC-130J Super Hercules Supplanting USCG’s C-130H Fleet

What’s in a Letter?

Established in 1945 with a pair of PBY-5 Catalinas and one Grumman G-21 Goose, Hawaii’s U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point conducts search and rescue, maritime domain awareness and surveillance, law enforcement, and cargo and transportation operations throughout Oceania. Today, the Barbers Point aircraft fleet comprises four MH-65 Dolphin helicopters and four Lockheed HC-130 Hercules transport/cargo aircraft. The latter were recently upgraded from the “H” model to the faster, heavier-lifting, longer-legged, altogether more modern and capable HC-130J Super Hercules.

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NTSB Report on 2021 DA40 Brake Fire Released

Location: Portsmouth, New Hampshire Accident Number: ERA21LA099 Date & Time: Jan 3, 2021 Aircraft: N489RS Event: Fire/Smoke, Non-impact Injuries: None Flight Conducted Under: Part 91, Instructional The NTSB has completed a report regarding a Diamond DA-40 wheel fire that occurred last year. The long and short of things is that the instructor, performing an aircraft checkout for one of the school’s frequent piper renters, used an excessive amount of braking in the landing roll that led to a small fire.

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Airborne-Flight Training 12.22.22: AF Wants Pilots, Young Eagles, Mesa Drops AAL

Also: Stillwater High School, Women's Aviation Symposium, Aeronautical Chart User's Guide, Bogus Pilot

The Air Force's recruiting and training situation is scarcely better than it was last year, amid a growing industry-wide pilot shortage. The USAF thinks it can train 1,470 new pilots in fiscal year 2023, something its own AF Times calls a "lofty goal amid an enduring shortage of flyers". The target is not far off the original plan to graduate 1,500 new, combat-ready pilots per year by 2024. EAA’s Young Eagles program has rebounded after languishing in low turnout since the pandemic, with more than 49,000 participants taking part this year. Almos

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AD: Bell Textron Canada Limited Helicopters

AD 2022-27-08 This AD Requires Inspecting The Tailboom Attachment Structure

The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Bell Textron Canada Limited Model 407 helicopters. This AD was prompted by an accident. This AD requires inspecting the tailboom attachment structure, as specified in a Transport Canada AD, which is incorporated by reference. The FAA is issuing this AD to address the unsafe condition on these products. This AD becomes effective January 12, 2023.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (01.01.23)

Aero Linx: International Auster Club Aims of the International Auster Club: To bring together Auster owners and enthusiasts and anyone wishing to support or learn about Auster aircraft throughout the world, and to foster and promote the worldwide survival of the type in an airworthy state through the provision of information and advice as is within the scope of the Club’s technical and financial resources....

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (01.01.23): Landing Minimums

Landing Minimums The minimum visibility prescribed for landing a civil aircraft while using an instrument approach procedure. The minimum applies with other limitations set forth in 14 CFR Part 91 with respect to the Minimum Descent Altitude (MDA) or Decision Height (DH) prescribed in the instrument approach procedures as follows: Straight-in landing minimums. A statement of MDA and visibility, or DH and visibility, required for a straight-in landing on a specified runway, or Circling minimums. A statement of MDA and visibility required for the circle-to-land maneuver. Note: Descent below the MDA or DH must meet the conditions sta

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (01.xx.23): Oceanic Airspace

Oceanic Airspace Airspace over the oceans of the world, considered international airspace, where oceanic separation and procedures per the International Civil Aviation Organization are applied. Responsibility for the provisions of air traffic control service in this airspace is delegated to various countries, based generally upon geographic proximity and the availability of the required resources.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (01.01.23)

“We are pleased to continue to build on our existing relationship with Boeing, with this forty-aircraft incremental order for the fuel-efficient Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft.  The incremental aircraft takes our total 737 MAX 8 orderbook with Boeing to eighty aircraft. We look forward to continuing to provide one of the industry’s most technologically advanced aircraft for delivery on lease to our airline customers, to support their sustainable growth over the balance of this decade.” Source: BOC vice president David Walton, commenting on their agreement with Boeing to purchase forty new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, deliveries of which are slated for 2027 and 2028.

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