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December 17, 2011

Airborne 12.16.11: Burt/Paul Are Spacebound, Boeing's 747-8I, and SpaceX To ISS!

Also: SWA, Lightsquared, Piper, GE, NLRB, EUETS, TSA, Tarmac Delays, AVW Gets Rotor-Happy, Aviation Partners, Astronaut Undies... and MORE!!!

It's been a most interesting week for the Airborne crew as we assembled the top stories of the week for your perusal and enjoyment. Your feedback has been greatly appreciated and in listening to your critique, we're getting a far better idea as to how to tweak and fine-tune future Airborne programming to fit you needs. Already; we've implemented your suggestions for a tighter overall length, without reducing the story count, on this week's Airborne, and I assure you that we have even great things in store for you as Airborne evol

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ForeFlight Speaks out On AeroNav’s Digital Chart Agent Proposal

Draconian AeroNav Money-Grab Finding Few Takers

The folks behind 'ForeFlight' have posted their thoughts on a recent meeting in Washington held between the FAA's AeroNav division (to which media was not only not invited but refused permission to attend... in possible violation of applicable Federal guidelines) and invited members of the aero-business community affected by recent developments in which they have indicated the potential need for aggressive new prices for services provided by their government agency and already paid for by the taxpayers.

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Coalition to Save Our GPS Applauds GPS Interference Report

Says Study Offers Conclusive Proof Of LightSquared's Incompatibility With Existing GPS Units

The Coalition to Save Our GPS says a government study released Wednesday shows conclusively that the 4G wireless broadband Internet connectivity proposed by LightSquared should not be allowed on frequencies adjacent to the existing GPS bandwidth. 

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NASA Issues Fourth Commercial Partners Progress Document

Agency Releases A Non-Technical Status Report Every 60 Days

NASA released the fourth in a series of 60-day reports today showing that commercial spaceflight development programs are moving forward. The agency’s U.S. industry partners continue to make progress in developing a transportation system to ferry cargo and U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station. The development of industry systems will allow NASA to concentrate its resources on deep space exploration.

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ANA Adjusting International Routes Following Dreamliner Delivery Delay

Third Airplane On Hold Pending Resolution Of Electrical System Issues

A delay in the delivery of a third Boeing Dreamliner to launch customer ANA is causing the Japanese carrier to alter its international route plans for the 787 while it waits for the airplane. Boeing reports there have been problems with the installation of some wiring which cropped up during a routine FAA audit of the first three airplanes off the line.

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Air Force Report Place Blame For November 2010 F-22 Crash On Pilot

Mentions Oxygen System Problems, But Cites Pilot Error As The Cause Of The Accident

The USAF has released its official report on an accident which occurred November 16th of last year in Alaska in which a pilot was lost and an F-22 Raptor was destroyed.

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Newark One Of 20 Airports Requiring A Waiver For 747-8 Ops

Larger Plane Needed FAA Approval For Operations At Liberty International

It didn't quite require an act of Congress, but Liberty International Airport in Newark, NJ, did need a waiver from the FAA to allow Boeing's new 747-8 to operate from its runways.

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Pistole Responds To 'We The People' Petition To Abolish TSA

Defends Agency To The 30-Thousand Plus Who Have Electronically Signed The Document

An online petition created on the White House 'We The People' site in September calls for the dismantling of TSA, and it's shown to be one of the most popular petitions on the site. After gathering more than 30-thousand signatures, the head of the agency, Robert Pistole, has responded on the TSA blog.

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Australian Sea Kings And 817 Squadron Make Their Final Flight

Helos Retired Following 35 Years Of Service With The Royal Australian Navy

The Royal Australian Navy’s Sea King helicopters and 817 Squadron have made their final flight as part of a decommissioning ceremony held at HMAS Albatross in Nowra Friday. The Minister for Defence Science and Personnel, Warren Snowdon and Chief of Navy, VADM Ray Griggs, were on hand to welcome the final flight and thank the 817 Squadron who operated the helicopters.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (12.17.11)

"(I)it is clear that LightSquared simply refuses to accept the overwhelming technical evidence on the interference issue and continues to try to ‘define away’ devastating test results." Source: Dale Leibach.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (12.17.11): Precautionary Landing

A premeditated landing, on or off an airport, when further flight is possible but inadvisable.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (12.17.11)

Great Aircraft Of History

From the early days to the golden age of avation, this site has information about technical development and production, see photographs, read contemporary pilots' descriptions, see detailed data tables about a wide variety of aircraft.

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