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Tue, Dec 05, 2023

Skyworks Gains Patent for Standoff Cargo Drone

Gliding, Autorotating UAV Would Simplify Logistics with Pinpoint Delivery from Afar

Skyworks Aeronautics has been busy in recent months, announcing sales, developments and patents in a matter of weeks. Its most recent was an issued US patent for its Precision Airdrop System, an airborne vehicle designed to deliver payloads much like a standoff munition.

The PAS offers intermediate-distance deliveries with a gliding stage to target before autorotating down to ensure precise landings.

"In essence, the PAS is a delivery vehicle that transforms from a stowed configuration initially to an unpowered, fixed wing glider after being dropped from a parent aircraft, and, as the target drop region is reached, the fixed wings are folded or jettisoned and unpowered rotor blades are deployed converting the PAS into a glider rotorcraft in the terminal phase of flight. It provides a gentle, precision payload delivery within a radius of 3 meters or less. The size of the delivery is extremely flexible and can be scaled for small, medium, or large payloads."

Skyworks holds out the design as a prime contender for humanitarian and logistical missions, highlighting its performance compared to more mundane equipment like unguided cargo drops.

"In many disaster relief scenarios, there is an urgent need for supplies but little to no available infrastructure to support aircraft cargo deliveries. Aid being delivered by parachute can experience significant wind drift and be blown long distances from the intended target. Unlike aircraft cargo and parachutes, the PAS doesn’t require infrastructure and uses wind speed and direction to make real-time flight adjustments to maintain precise landing accuracy."

“In a world where access, accuracy, and affordability are the coin of the realm, Skyworks Precision Airdrop System (PAS) stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a straightforward and effective solution to those seeking to bridge the gap between planning aspiration and efficient execution,” said Skyworks Aeronautics CEO John Michel.



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