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Wed, Apr 12, 2023

Swift Fuels Extends $100 Forever Avgas STC

Fee Covers all Future AVGAS Certification, Documents & Placards

Swift Fuels, LLC is an Indiana-based producer of unleaded aviation gasoline for piston-powered (propeller) aircraft. The company is the only fuel concern that has, to date, developed, produced, and sold a qualified unleaded AVGAS product across the entirety of the United States.

By dint of its efforts and the quality of its product, Swift Fuels has built a dedicated and ever-expanding customer base. Benefits of running Swift’s premium grade unleaded AVGAS in piston-engined aircraft include increases in oil change intervals of up to one-hundred-hours, elimination of lead-fouled spark-plugs, zero toxic lead exhaust, and diminished engine wear.

Swift’s UL94 unleaded AVGAS is FAA-approved for over seventy-percent of the U.S. piston aircraft fleet and complies with an ASTM International production specification. ASTM is a U.S.-based, international standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services—to include aviation fuels. Swift’s UL94 AVGAS has been endorsed by major aero-engine manufacturers, airframers, and rotorcraft producers—feats equaled by no competing unleaded AVGAS.

Swift Fuels is currently working with the FAA, OEMs, and ASTM International on the certification and roll-out of its 100R fuel—a new, one-hundred-octane, ten-percent-renewable AVGAS—the production of which includes no aromatic amines (heavy/aggressive solvents) or methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT). Such materials are utilized in the formulation of many automotive and aviation gasoline products. To supplement 100R’s performance, Swift makes use of oxygenates which co-combust with the base hydrocarbon fuel, thereby occasioning energy output virtually identical to that of leaded AVGAS while producing the cleanest exhaust of any such product. Swift aims to roll out 100R in 2023 with the short-term aspiration of seeing the stuff entirely supplant 100LL in three-to-five years.

For purpose of fostering customer confidence in the availability of its unleaded AVGAS, Swift has expanded its UL94 supply chain network. The company maintains a revolving, five-hundred-thousand-gallon throughput capacity of UL94, which it disseminates via a network of railcars. Swift intends to expand UL94 syntheses in the coming years by adding fuel production and distribution sites in strategic locations. To further boost the distribution of its products, Swift is working with major fuel distributors/suppliers the likes of World Fuel, Avfuel, Titan, Epic, and P66.

To help ensure its customers operate safely, Swift utilizes a proprietary STC program that allows consumers to confirm their respective engine and airframe certifications with any FAA-approved mechanic. The STC program provides for the placarding of aircraft with notification that it may be serviced with Swift unleaded fuels, thereby reducing the likelihood of misfuelling.

Swift’s goal is to work with consumers and aviation stakeholders to provide premium-grade, certified fuel products at the lowest possible cost. To that end, the company limits the cost of its STC program to a one-time, forever price of only one-hundred-dollars. Once buyers make their one-time, one-hundred-dollar STC purchases, all future FAA-AVGAS-STC approvals Swift is granted by the FAA will flow to qualified Forever-AVGAS-STC holders at no extra charge. The commitment pertains to all, past and future, AVGAS certification information and placards pertaining to the combined engine, airframe, and/or rotorcraft for any given FAA-registered aircraft tail number.

FMI: www.swiftfuelsavgas.com


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