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April 01, 2017

Trump Nominates Campbell As FAA Administrator

Well-Known Critic Of The Agency Expected To Shake Things Up

President Donald Trump has nominated Aero-News Network CEO and Editor-in-Chief Jim Campbell as the next administrator of the FAA.

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SMAA Launches Bid To Purchase Entire City Of Santa Monica

Raising Funds On Kickstarter For The Effort

The Santa Monica Airport Association (SMAA) has launched a bid to buy the entire city of Santa Monica in an effort to save the airport.

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President Trump May Come To Oshkosh

But TFR Could Be Problematic

Will all of the discussion about ATC privatization, President Donald Trump says he’d like to come to AirVenture Oshkosh 2017. But organizers say that the mandatory VIP TFR could be problematic.

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FAA Announces The Total Elimination Of Air Traffic Control

Huerta: NextGen Makes ATC Obsolete

ANN April 1 Special Edition  FAA Administrator Michael Huerta shocked the aviation world April 1 by announcing the total elimination of the nation’s entire Air Traffic Control System.  “Without anyone realizing it, NexGen allowed us to do away with all Air Traffic Control Facilities."

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ICON Pulling Out Of Mexico

Makes Deal With Raul Castro To Set Up Shop In Cuba

ICON has announced that it will be closing its recently-opened manufacturing facility in Mexico and setting up shop in Cuba after closing a deal with Cuban President Raul Castro.

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AOPA Announces New Drone Divisions

Seeks To Increase Membership By Embracing New Technology

AOPA has announced that it will be standing up two new entities to embrace the growing drone culture in aviation.

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Chinese Plan To Destroy U.S. Aviation Revealed

Purchase Of American Companies Part Of A Larger Scheme

President Donald Trump tweeted on April 1 that among the intelligence collected in the Russian hacking probe is evidence that China’s years-long acquisition of U.S. aviation companies is part of a more nefarious plot to completely undermine U.S. aviation.

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Robinson To Develop Manned Multi-Copter

Company Hopes To Crack The Commuter Market

ANN April 1 Special Edition Robinson Helicopter has begun work on a manned, electric multirotor aircraft targeted directly at the personal commuter market.

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Trump Signs Executive Order Requiring Ground School For FAA Employees

Says Basic Knowledge Of Aviation Should Be A Requirement For Working At The Agency

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order that would require every employee of the FAA to take a basic ground school course.

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Beech Revives The Staggerwing

Classic Airplane With Modern Upgrades

Beechcraft announced April 1 that it has plans to bring back the Staggerwing … “because it’s just the coolest-looking airplane ever.”

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Garmin Preps For ATC Privatization

Offers Upgrade To Add Debit Card Chip Reader

With the announcement by President Donald Trump in his FY2018 budget that he supports the privatization of Air Traffic Control, Garmin is first out of the gate with an upgrade to its existing portable GPS models that will allow the use of chip-enabled debit cards to pay expected user fees.

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Virgin Group Plans Floating Hotel

Partners With Hyatt Corporation And Goodyear To Launch A ‘Flight Level’ Of Luxury

With the promise of suborbital space tourism still likely years away, Virgin Group has set its sights on something at a slightly lower altitude … the world’s first airborne floating hotel.

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Reno To Expand Drone Racing Category

Moving Out Of The Cage And Onto The Pylon Course

ANN April 1 Special Edition With drone racing all the rage, organizers of the Reno Air Races say they are planning to expand the category to include large, military-style drones.

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LSA Startup Revives Inflatoplane Concept

Company Hopes To Offer Airplane At Under $50,000

ANN April 1 Special Edition (Parody) A startup company has launched a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of reviving the inflatable airplane concept explored by Goodyear 60 years ago, and which was cancelled in 1973. The company, HotAirAirplane LLC, says on its GoFundMe page that it has acquired the rights to the Inflatoplane from Goodyear, and plans to offer an LSA for under $50,000. “This would be the ultimate LSA,” said HotAirAirplane cofounder Scotty “Crackin’” Wise.

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New Regulation Mandates Safety Vests For All At AirVenture

Reflective Vests Must Be Worn At All Times During The Week

Reflective safety vests: you've seen them on baggage loaders, tug drivers, and mechanics at major airports. In Europe, pilots perform  a preflight wearing them. And now you will see them on the grounds of AirVenture. Originally mandated by OSHA on construction sites, the requirement grew last week to include airport workers, and now will need to be worn by visitors and vendors alike on the airport grounds at Oshkosh.

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Kim Gibbs Opens Skydiving Business

‘I Have To Pay My Legal Bills’, The Anti-Noise Advocate Says

In an effort to pay her mounting legal bills, Colorado anti-noise advocate Kim Gibbs plans to open her own skydiving business and drop zone to directly compete with Mile-Hi Skydiving.

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Grumman To Re-Open F-14 Production Line

Plans To Capitalize On Budget-Concious Administration

With the cost of the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter continuing to be a bone of contention for the Trump administration, Grumman says it will re-start production of the venerable F-14 Tomcat for the U.S. Navy.

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Airlines Eye Ultra-Low-Cost Fares

Passengers Would Be Required To Help With Ramp Chores

As the race to the bottom for low-cost airfares continues, several major airlines are reportedly eyeing fares so low that passengers will have to help out with operations before boarding the plane.

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Next AF Trainer To Be Selected In Fly-Off Competition

Would Be Like Red Bull Air Races On Steroids, Says Air Force Says

The next-generation trainer for the U.S. Air Force will be selected in a fly-off resembling the Red Bull Air Races, according to a USAF official not authorized to speak to the media.

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FAA Conducts Investigation Into South Florida TFR Incursions

Finds Aging Pilots In South Florida May Be Part Of The Issue

There has been a rash of TFR incursions in south Florida since the FAA began establishing the VIP restrictions in the area when President Trump is visiting his home at Mar-a-Lago near Palm Beach, and the FAA thinks it may know at least one reason that they have been so pervasive.

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