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December 16, 2011

ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 12.16.11

SpaceX prepares to make history - again.
FAA Whistleblowers are behind the "Draft Sully" petition.
And a satellite got a great photo of that new Chinese aircraft carrier.

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Piper Quietly Acquired By Sultan Of Brunei

Imprimis Has Sold The Florida Planemaker To The Brunei Finance Ministry

Piper has apparently very quietly been sold to one of the world's richest men ... the Sultan of Brunei. The previous owner ... Singapore-based investment holding company Imprimis ... says on its website "We divested our interests in Piper Aircraft and Piper Capital in October 2011."

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Bell Helicopter Delivers First Multi-Mission 429

Will Be Operated By Fairfax County, VA, Law Enforcement

The first Bell 429 with a multi-mission configuration has been delivered to Fairfax County, Virginia by Bell Helicopter ... the first of two of the aircraft ordered by the county. Their second helo is expected to deliver in the second quarter of 2012.

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Gulfstream International Airlines Re-Brands As Silver Airways

New Saab Turboprops Being Added To The Fleet

Silver Airways Corp, a new regional carrier launched with assets from the former Gulfstream International Airlines, unveiled its new brand and logo at a special launch event held in Fort Lauderdale today. Developed in conjunction with Aerobrand, the new Silver Airways brand espouses core values of professionalism, quality, vibrancy and trust, while also highlighting the benefits of turboprop aircraft.

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NASA Mars-Bound Rover Begins Research In Space

Monitoring Radiation During Eight-Month Passage To Mars

NASA's car-sized Curiosity rover has begun monitoring space radiation during its 8-month trip from Earth to Mars. The research will aid in planning for future human missions to the Red Planet. Curiosity launched on November 26 from Cape Canaveral, FL, aboard the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL). The rover carries an instrument called the Radiation Assessment Detector (RAD) that monitors high-energy atomic and subatomic particles from the sun, distant supernovas and other sources.

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Boeing, FedEx Announce Order For 29 Airplanes

FedEx Express To Acquire 27 767 Freighters, Two 777 Freighters

Shipping company FedEx Express is set to acquire 29 new Boeing airplanes, after placing an order Wednesday for 27 767-300 Freighters and exercising existing options for two additional 777 Freighters.

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Sunstate Aviation Builds New Facility At Kissimmee Gateway Airport

Flight School Grows, Offers Advanced Options To Pilots, Students, Airport

SunState Aviation is replacing its current facility at Kissimmee Gateway Airport (KISM) with a new, 16,000-square-foot building with a grand opening projected for Fall 2012. Construction began early this month, and the new facility will be dedicated mostly to expansion of the flight school's hangar for aircraft maintenance.

Read More Supports Schumer-Gianaris TSA Passenger Advocate Idea

Backs Bill To Provide Passenger Advocates At Security Checkpoints

The non-profit airline passenger advocacy organization issued a statement Tuesday strongly supporting creation of passenger advocacy positions at all airport TSA checkpoints, an idea advanced by Sen. Charles Schumer and Sen. Michael Gianaris.

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Johnson Space Center, Houston Technology Center Partner For Entrepreneurs

Hope To Accelerate The Growth Of Technology Companies

NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) and the Houston Technology Center (HTC) have formed a strategic partnership to further expand HTC's mission of accelerating the growth of emerging technology companies in the Houston region and to further develop the insights required to support NASA's long-term goals of increasing private and public collaboration.

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B-52 CONECT System Completes Flight Test Milestone

Program Poised For Low-Rate Initial Production Authorization

Required flight testing for the B-52 Combat Network Communications Technology (CONECT) program has been completed by Boeing. The milestone allows for low rate initial production (LRIP) authorization from the U.S. Air Force. The flight test program was conducted at Edwards Air Force Base, CA, by the USAF and Boeing.

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Sierra Industries Begins 3rd Citation G501SP “Glass Panel” Conversion

Updates Classic Citation With Avionics, Other Upgrades

The third Citation 501 slated for the state-of-the-art G501SP avionics suite arrived this week at Sierra’s South Texas modification facility. Developed in cooperation with Garmin International, Sierra’s G501SP upgrade gives the classic Citation 501 series cockpit the look, feel and functionality of a brand new business jet.

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Law Enforcement LSA Shown To The Public

Flight Design’s CTLE 'Sheriff One' Enters Duty In CA

A law enforcement model of the Flight Design CTLE was recently shown to the public. “Sheriff One” is the call sign used by the new Flight Design CTLE operated by the Tulare County California Sheriff's Department. Captain David Williams led the county’s acquisition effort for the Flight Design Light-Sport Aircraft to be used for law enforcement work.

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Transport Canada Certifies Third-Generation SureSight Enhanced Vision System

Sensor Provides Four Times The Resolution Of Currently Certified EVS Sensor Systems

Transport Canada has granted type certification to Esterline CMC Electronics (CMC) for its third-generation SureSight Enhanced Vision System (EVS) sensor, known as the CMA-2700, on November 18, 2011.

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AAR Partners With City Colleges Of Chicago To Fill Skills Gaps In Aviation

Trainers Will Help Design, Teach Curriculum To Create Pathways To Jobs

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Office has chosen AAR as its aviation industry partner for a new education to careers engagement strategy between the City Colleges of Chicago and private business to prepare residents for jobs in high-growth sectors. AAR Chairman and CEO David P. Storch joined Mayor Emanuel for the announcement of the "Colleges to Careers" initiative, which will focus on building industry partnerships for careers in aviation, healthcare, logistics, hospitality and information technology.

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Airborne 12.16.11: Burt and Paul Are Spacebound, Boeing Cert's 747-8I, and SpaceX Gets NASA Blessing

Also: SWA, Lightsquared, Piper, GE, NLRB, EUETS, TSA, Tarmac Delays, AVW Gets Rotor-Happy, Aviation Partners, Astronaut Undies... and MORE!!!

It's been a most interesting week for the Airborne crew as we assembled the top stories of the week for your perusal and enjoyment. Your feedback has been greatly appreciated and in listening to your critique, we're getting a far better idea as to how to tweak and fine-tune future Airborne programming to fit you needs. Already; we've implemented your suggestions for a tighter overall length, without reducing the story count, on this week's Airborne, and I assure you that we have even great things in store for you as Airborne evolves rapidly to serve the aviation world. So... be sure to keep filling us in what you want from ANN, Aero-TV and

SpaceX Releases Details Of Upcoming COTS Demonstration Mission

Dragon To Make Near Approach, Possibly Rendezvous With ISS

December 8 2011, marked the one year anniversary of Dragon’s first Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) demonstration flight. The flight made history as SpaceX became the only commercial company to successfully return a spacecraft from orbit. This feat had previously been accomplished only by five nations and the European Space Agency. The company is now preparing the Dragon spacecraft for yet  another historic flight – becoming the first commercial vehicle in history to visit the ISS.

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Gone West: Former FAA Administrator J. Lynn Helms

Led The Agency Under President Ronald Reagan

Former FAA Administrator J. Lynn Helms, who led the agency during Ronald Regan's first term as president and was instrumental in the firing of some 11,000 striking air traffic controllers, passed away December 11th at the age of 86. The Washington Post reports that he succumed to heart failure and complications from pnuemonia at his home in Westport, CT.

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NASA Takes Next Step In Developing Commercial Crew Program

Bolden: Competitive Agreements Will Help Keep U.S. Commercial Space Program On Track

NASA on Thursday announced a modified competitive procurement strategy to keep on track the agency’s plan to have U.S. companies transport American astronauts into space instead of outsourcing this work to foreign governments. Instead of awarding contracts for the next phase of the Commercial Crew Program, the agency plans to use multiple, competitively awarded Space Act Agreements.

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Commercial Spaceflight Federation Lauds NASA For Commercial Crew Decision

Space Act Agreements Should Shorten The Gap, Create Jobs, Reduce Dependence On Russia

The Commercial Spaceflight Federation issued a statement Thursday congratulating NASA on the agency’s important decision to continue to use Space Act Agreements for the Commercial Crew Development Program. The organization feels the decision will shorten the gap in U.S. access to space, help spur additional private investment, reduce America's dependence on Russia, save taxpayer money, ensure the future of the International Space Station, and increase industry competition.

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Idaho Eyes Regional Jets At Friedman Memorial Airport

FAA Must Accept As-Yet-Unspecified Operational Changes

Regional jets could be approved for use at Friedman Memorial Airport (KSUN) in Hailey, ID before the end of 2012, if yet-to-be-specified changes to the airport's operating procedures are accepted by the FAA. Currently, SkyWest operates turboprop Embraer Brasilia 120 planes from the airport, but the airline has started transitioning from these planes to larger regional jets in some markets.

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Klyde Morris 12.16.2011

Klyde, They'll Just Say They're Laughing WITH You


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Satellite Snaps China's First Aircraft Carrier

Photographed During Sea Trial Off The Chinese Coast

A satellite belonging to a Colorado company has captured an image of China's first aircraft carrier during sea trials off the Chinese coast in the South China Sea. DigitalGlobe Inc. posted the image on its website Wednesday, and analyst Stephen Wood told the Associated Press that the location and date of the photo make him confident it is of the Chinese ship.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (12.16.11)

"NASA is committed to ensuring that U.S. companies are sending American astronauts into space." Source: NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (12.16.11): Fail-Safe Aircraft Structure

The attribute of an aircraft structure that permits it to retain its required residual strength for a period of unrepaired use after the failure or partial failure of a principal structural element.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (12.16.11)

Rocketman Space Museum

What do you get after 40+ years of collecting aviation and space memorabilia? You got enough stuff to put up on a website to show fellow aviation and space enthusiasts.

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