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August 19, 2004

Mineta Announces O'Hare Deal

Limits Ops To 88/Hour

From The Department Of Transportation... Time lost by travelers on flight delays at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport will be cut by 20 percent before the end of the year under an agreement reached between negotiators for the US Department of Transportation's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and airlines, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta announced Wednesday.

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Airlines React To O'Hare Flight Caps

Promise Cooperation

From Spirit Airlines... Spirit Airlines is pleased with any initiative that reduces congestion at O'Hare International Airport. We have been working closely with the FAA and in fact voluntarily changed our flight times on 28 percent of our flights to assist in the management of arrivals at the airport.

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O'Hare Accord: The View From The Tower

Controllers Accept O'Hare Caps, Decry Staffing Shortages

Air traffic controllers in Chicago Wednesday said they accept the announced flight restrictions at O'Hare International Airport in the interest of safety, but urged the Federal Aviation Administration to pay as much attention to the rapidly deteriorating staffing situation at the major Chicago air traffic control facilities as the agency has in addressing the problem of flight delays.

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ANN Readers: Feedback Needed!

Got A Few Things To Say About Oshkosh 2004? Tell Us!

The ANN Editorial Team is just about done with all the summaries we can assemble about the most recent Oshkosh EAA Fly-In -- and we'd have been done by now if not for that pesky hurricane thing that went through here a few days ago. As is our custom, we've taken a few weeks to consider things carefully (as well as to recover from the "Big O') and have assembled a few articles and awards lists that quantify and qualify the very best and worst of the Oshkosh 2004 experience.

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Mystery Substance Causes Illness At Indiana Airport

FBI, DHS Investigating Fort Wayne Incident

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are on the case, but initial reports say the Fort Wayne (IN) airport was shut down Wednesday after a bag leaked chemicals used to make perfume.

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Three Lost In Oklahoma Mishap

Plane Down Near Riverside-Jones Airport

Three people -- two adults and a child -- were lost Tuesday night when their Cessna 210 went down shortly after take-off from Riverside-Jones Airport in Jenks (OK).

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Victim Of GA Crash Was Under Investigation

FBI Involvement Termed "Unusual"

Michael Keilty was flying from Waterbury-Oxford (CT) Airport to Ticonderoga (NY) last month when the Piper Navajo (file photo of type, below) in which he was a passenger crashed in upstate New York. Now, the Connecticut Post reports the 40-year old Keilty was being investigated by the FBI at the time of his death.

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Air Canada Creditors Back Recapitalization Plan

Creditors Could Soon Own Most Of Airline

The people to whom Air Canada owes money like it -- a plan to recapitalize the world's eleventh biggest airline. Now, it's up to a Canadian court to decide if that plan -- and the airline -- will fly.

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UK Investigates Gatwick Scam

Security Guard Used X-Ray Machine To Plot Thefts

Who watches those who watch? More to the point, who watches those who steal the watch? A security guard at London's Gatwick Airport will spend the next 18 months behind bars after he was convicted of using the X-Ray screening machine to spot precious loot in passengers' luggage.

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Congratulations, It's A Girl

Baby Born On Transatlantic Flight, Mom May Get Big Bill

Aren't pregnant women supposed to avoid air travel in the final weeks before they deliver? Well, a Jordanian woman apparently wasn't quite honest when asked how far along she was. She said she was in her 27th week of pregnancy. Still, flying from Amsterdam to Chicago Tuesday, she went into labor.

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Governor's Plane Sparks Partisan Battle

New Mexico's Republicans Want A Delay, AG Agrees

Believe it or not, they're still fighting in New Mexico over the plane Governor Bill Richardson wants to buy.

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Vintage Plane Down In Washington

May Have Been Last Monocoach Flying

William Piper spent a decade meticulously restoring a 1929 Monocoach (file photo of type, below) to flying condition. It was, safe to say, his pride and joy.

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Border Patrol Puts New Eyes In The Sky

They'll Fly Along The NORTHERN Border

Aircraft flying border patrols between the US and Mexico are a rather common sight. Somewhat less common are the patrols flown over the US-Canadian border -- even though they've been flying for the past 20 years. Now, the US is beefing up its northern border patrols, adding new aircraft and a new command center in Bellingham (WA).

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Swiss Adventurer Plans Solar-Powered Flight 'Round The World

Bertrand Piccard's Plane Would Be Huge

Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard is at it again. This time, he plans to circumnavigate the world in a solar-powered aircraft.

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Aero-News Picture Of The Week

Beautiful But Deadly

This awe-inspiring shot was taken by CFII Bill Graham near San Diego recently, a majestic sight that reminds us how beautiful, yet deadly, nature can be.

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IAS Has A Plan For The KC-135

International Air Systems Submits Proposal To Air Force

International Air Systems, Inc. of Elk Grove Village (IL) says it has submitted a proposal to the Air Force for the recapitalization of the KC-135. This proposal provides for 100 new air-refueling tanker/transport aircraft using a "Private Financing Initiative" method for the funding of the aircraft and a "Contract Air Refueling" service to provide air mobility support to the Air Force in the form of air-refueling and/or airlift operations.

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Closing In On Return To Flight

Discovery Milestones

The pace of preparations for Return to Flight is picking up, with several key milestones in recent weeks marking important progress in readying the Space Shuttle Discovery for its next mission.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (08.19.04)

"We were able to reach a cooperative, voluntary agreement with the carriers. Both groups want the same thing: efficient transportation for the flying public." Source: FAA Administrator Marion Blakey, after her boss, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, announced a deal between the FAA and airlines serving Chicago's O'Hare International. The deal caps the number of flight operations at O'Hare.

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Alaska TFR: Until Further Notice

NOTAM: 4/8673 Issued: 08/18/2004 02:26 Effective: Immediately - Until Further Notice State: AK Facility: ZAN - ANCHORAGE (ARTCC),AK. Type: HAZARDS Description: 8 MILES EAST OF PALMER, ALASKA.

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Oregon TFR: Until Further Notice

NOTAM:  4/8699  Issued:  08/18/2004 19:45  Effective:  Immediately - Until Further Notice  State:  OR  Facility:  ZSE - SEATTLE (ARTCC),AUBURN,WA.  Type:  HAZARDS  Description:  MEDFORD, OR. 

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Wasington TFR: Until Further Notice

NOTAM: 4/8671 Issued: 08/18/2004 01:40 Effective: Immediately - Until Further Notice State: WA Facility: ZSE - SEATTLE (ARTCC),AUBURN,WA. Type: HAZARDS Description: CHELAN, WA.

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Washington TFR: Until Further Notice

NOTAM: 4/8695 Issued: 08/18/2004 18:27 Effective: Immediately - Until Further Notice State: WA Facility: ZSE - SEATTLE (ARTCC),AUBURN,WA. Type: HAZARDS Description: YAKIMA, WA.

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