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January 18, 2022

Airborne 01.18.22: HIGH Alt Perlan II, 5G NOTAMs!, Virgin Orbit

Also: SuperBowl TFR, Piper Adds MSU, Boeing's 4th Quarter, Collier Nominations
Thales and Iridium have joined the infamous ultra-high-altitude Perlan continuous flight program. The engineless glider can now avail itself of the Iridium communications network, offering the world's highest internet hot spot at more than 65,000 feet. Perlan will use their newfound connectivity for inflight communications, as well as live streaming from both the glider and its Egret super tow plane. The FAA has published its first round of Notices To Air Missions regarding the soon-to-be activated 5G cell networks, placing warnings over 1,462 airports in an effort to ease the industry into a post-5G world with minimal issue. The restrictions put into place warn that radio alt

Stratolaunch Completes 3rd Test Flight

Hypersonic Launch Vehicle On Track for Customer Flights in 2023

Stratolaunch LLC has seen the third successful Roc carrier aircraft test flight, finally taking the prototype above and beyond all previous records to an altitude of 23,500 feet at 180 knots. The flight has further proven the aircraft ahead of future testing for its hypersonic testbed vehicle, the Talon-A. The Roc is currently the largest flying aircraft in the world, boasting a 385-foot wingspan, originally conceived in the same vein as Virgin Galactic's WhiteKnightTwo carrier craft. A program pivot away from orbital payload delivery towards hypersonic research has brought the company into a niche of its own.

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Airborne-Unmanned 01.11.21: Joby's New eVTOL Prototype, NASA Webb!, Skydio 2+

Also: Unmanned Carrier Ops, eHang Opens AMC, MagniX CEO Steps Down, Michigan AMC

Joby Aviation has completed its second prototype aircraft in an effort to speed up its flight testing schedule heading into 2022, recently receiving its Special Airworthiness Certificate and US Air Force approval. JoeBen Bevirt, founder and CEO, said the pre-production campaign has been an enormous effort for the young eVTOL design, logging 65 terabytes of test data in 2021 alone. The addition of a second demonstrator will help to quicken the pace, and Joby intends for it to help see the design obtain FAA certification in time for a commercial operations launch in 2024. NA

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2013 Raptor v Phantom Run-In Revealed

Little-Known Story of An F-22's Interception of Iran F-4's Remembered

An interesting story has come to light, illustrating a meet-cute between an Iranian air force F-4 Phantom and an American F-22 Raptor. In 2013, said Pentagon press secretary George Little, the Iranian air force was attempting to intercept U.S. MQ-1 Predator drones flying through international airspace near the country, resulting in a series of nail-biting aerial disputes. The most notable concerned a wing of 2 Phantoms that came within 16 miles of a Predator drone, reportedly breaking off their interception when responding American fighters warned them away with direct radio messaging.

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MCDO Legal Fund Begun for Michigan Drone Battle

Legal Battle to Stop $500 Fines for Drone Flights On State, Public, Property

Ottawa County, Michigan may have a fight on its hands if a local law firm has their way. A new drone ordinance disallows drones being flown on or around county property, as well as from taking photographs or recording video of certain public property in the state. The new law violates a higher Michigan state law that prohibits local and county governments from creating their own local restrictions on drone operations. The state is one of 17 that passed its own preemption law to create a more stable operating environment for the burgeoning UAV industry. In 2021, the Michigan Coalition of Drone Operators sued Ottawa County and won an injunction prohibiting the county from e

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Planet Ecological Survey Constellation Reaches 200

SpaceX Launch Delivers 44 SuperDove Satellites

Planet, an ecological space surveillance company, has successfully launched their Flock 4X satellite cloud, adding 44 to their fleet of roughly 200 already in orbit. The delivery was made in conjunction with SpaceX by sending the new additions aboard a Falcon 9X, bringing its track record with Planet up to 127 satellites across 8 launches. The new mission was the first under a recent multi-year, multiple launch rideshare agreement between the two. Planet said that contact was quickly made with their satellite cloud additions, establishing connections within minutes. The constellation allows Planet to obtain daily insights about the Earth's resources and global events under the firm's PlanetScope

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Classic Aero-TV: The PB4Y-2 Privateer - A Priceless Aero-Treasure

From 2015: Oshkosh Reveals Many Treasures... Including Old Warbirds Full Of History

While at EAA AirVenture 2015, ANN News Editor, Tom Patton, ventured out to visit the warbirds and was attracted to a large four engine aircraft that is a variation of the World War II Consolidated B-24. It turns out to be the world’s only flyable PB4Y-2, Privateer, which is a U.S. Navy version of the B-24. To get the full scoop about the airplane, Tom talked with Boyd Gallaher, who is the pilot of the aircraft. Gallaher first became acquainted w

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Airbus Sells A Bundle of A220's

2 More Gucci Private ACJ TwoTwenty's Sold

Airbus has moved some more of its A220 family aircraft, with a deal to Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based aircraft lessor Azorra. The outfit focuses on "executive, regional, and mid-size aircraft", making their selection of 20 A220-300S and 2 of the premium, executive ACJ TwoTwenty a nice fit with their established fleet of "turnkey aircraft solutions". Azorra's purchase adds to the slowly warming reception for ACJ's new private bizjet A220-100, which recently delivered the first production model to partner Comlux for cabin fitment and completion. The jet's release in late 2020 came at a strange time for the aviation industry, then in the midst of pandemic response and slumping travel demand. Its timing may be

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Aerospace/Defence Composite Forecast Released

Carbon Fiber, Glass-Impregnated Composites Leading the Pack For Component Popularity

Forecasted manufacturing component needs throughout the aerospace and defense industry are looking up, according to a recently released report analyzing the composites market through 2029. As technology has improved, manufacturers have increasingly leaned into alternative materials for aircraft components, owing to a series of benefits ranging from decreased thrust requirements, reduced fuel consumption, and reduced carbon emissions. Use of fiber-impregnated polymers, carbon fiber, and other thermoset composites are quickly biting off a bigger piece of the market from traditional aluminum and steel for new production aircraft.

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Innovative Solutions Founder/CEO Goes West

Longtime Industry Veteran's Surprise Passing Shocks Company

The Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer of Innovative Solutions & Support, Incorporated, Geoffrey S. M. Hedrick, has passed away due to complications from a sudden illness. “It is with great sadness that we announce that Geoffrey S. M. Hedrick, our founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, has passed away due to complications from a sudden illness. The entire IS&S family mourns this tragic loss. He will be sorely missed,” said the company in an official statement.

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NTSB Prelim: Zenith CH750

Fuel Pressure And RPMs Fluctuated Between Normal And Zero

On January 02, 2022, about 1040 mountain standard time, a Zenith CH750, N750DP, was substantially damaged when it was involved in an accident near Montrose, Colorado. The pilot was uninjured. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 91 personal flight. The pilot stated that before taking off for the flight, he added 24 gallons of 92 octane, ethanol free automotive gas to the fuel tanks. After waiting for the fuel to settle, he sumped the fuel tanks and observed no contamination or water. About 30 minutes after departure and while in cruise flight, at an altitude of about 10,500 ft mean sea level, he observed the fuel pressure decrease from 44 pounds per

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (01.18.22)

Aero Linx: Latino Pilots Association (LPA) In 2015, five friends attending Jacksonville University in Florida noticed the absence of a professional pilot organization representing the Latino community. Accordingly, they founded the Latino Pilots Association (LPA). Subsequently, the Latino Pilots Association became a nonprofit organization committed to empower, support, and mentor the underrepresented in our communities by providing education programs, training, mentoring, and scholarships. With their mission statement in hand, they integrated Latino cultural values as the framework for LPA.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (01.18.22): Outer Fix

Outer Fix A general term used within ATC to describe fixes in the terminal area, other than the final approach fix. Aircraft are normally cleared to these fixes by an Air Route Traffic Control Center or an Approach Control Facility. Aircraft are normally cleared from these fixes to the final approach fix or final approach course.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (01.18.22)

“Today’s successful flight demonstrates and validates improvements to the carrier aircraft’s systems and overall flight performance. We will take the data we gathered today and continue to advance the aircraft’s operational performance to support hypersonic testing in 2022.” Source: Dr. Zachary Krevor, Stratolaunch President and Chief Operating Officer, commenting on the third flight of the Stratolaunch vehicle. The company took the prototype above and beyond all previous records to an altitude of 23,500 feet at 180 knots. The flight has further proven the aircraft ahead of future testing for its hypersonic testbed vehicle, the Talon-A.

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