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October 13, 2019

CF Snowbird Down At Atlanta Airshow, Pilot Ejects Safely

Captain Kevin Domon-Grenier Reported OK On The Ground

A member of the much vaunted CF Snowbird Military Jet Demonstration Team has ejected from his aircraft just prior to the start of a performance at the Atlanta Air Show. Officials have now canceled the rest of the events. The Snowbirds reported via social media that, "Snowbird 5, Capt Kevin Domon-Grenier was forced to eject from his aircraft shortly before our performance in Atlanta this afternoon. Capt Domon-Grenier made it safely to the ground and is okay. The aircraft fell in an unpopulated area and no one was injured." The Fayette County Sheriff reports that the impact area is 13 miles southwest of the race track in the 600 block of Grant Road near Brooks, Georgia.

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Airborne 10.11.19: FAA Targets Model Av, Collings Request, uAvionix Acquisition

Also: Future Of USB Power, Zero Aviation Fatalities?, Unlicensed Pilot, Electric Aircraft Market

In what may be a stunning mis-step that could critically impair a facet of the aviation world that many consider to be THE entry-level for the entire community, the FAA is readying extensive and inexplicable restrictions on the model aviation community. The Academy of Model Aeronautics is asking for assistance in what it describes as an urgent matter. The FAA recently unexpectedly informed the AMA that, contrary to earlier commitments to the organization, the agency is planning to limit all recreational mode

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ICAO Endorses Key Action Items For Strategic Objectives

Affirms Commitment To Strengthening Implementation Of Security And Facilitation Plans

States endorsed a wide range of security- and facilitation-related topics at the 40th Session of the ICAO Assembly this year, reflecting both their long-term objectives and their broad support for a new Declaration on Aviation Security – affirming global commitment to strengthening implementation.

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Statue Of First African-American Fighter Pilot Unveiled In GA

Second Lt. Eugene Bullard Flew For France During WWI

A statue honoring 2nd Lt. Eugene Bullard, who was the first African-American fighter pilot, was unveiled at a ceremony Wednesday at the Museum of Aviation at Warner Robins Air Force Base in Georgia.

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ATR Launches Short Take-Off And Landing 42-600S

Turboprop Manufacturer’s Board Of Directors Approves The Launch Of New STOL Version

ATR has received authorisation from its board of directors for the launch of the ATR 42-600S. With the ‘S’ representing STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing), this new version of the ATR 42-600 offers take-off and landing capabilities on runways as short as 800m with 40 passengers on board in standard flight conditions. This makes the ATR 42-600S the best performing aircraft in this segment.

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NASA's Curiosity Rover Finds An Ancient Oasis On Mars

Exploring Gale Crater, A 100-Mile-Wide Ancient Basin

If you could travel back in time 3.5 billion years, what would Mars look like? The picture is evolving among scientists working with NASA's Curiosity rover.

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City Of Chula Vista Police Drone Program Reaches Milestone

Has Surpassed 1,000 Millions Supporting Patrol Operations

The City of Chula Vista, CA Police Department's Drone as First Responder (DFR) program has reached a major milestone, surpassing 1,000 missions in support of patrol operations. CVPD’s innovative DFR program is part of the FAA's UAS Integration Pilot program (IPP), which began in 2018.

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Alaska Airlines Unveils Pixar-Themed Livery

Paint Scheme Developed In Collaboration With Disneyland Resort In California

A trio of familiar Pixar characters span both sides of the aircraft: Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Jessie of Toy Story fame. For more added fun, one of the Aliens from the popular animated movie series can be spotted on both winglets, and even Rex the Tyrannosaurus makes a special appearance at the boarding door. The plane is named "Friendship and Beyond at Disneyland Resort."

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Duncan Aviation Scheduling ADS-B Installations For Next Year

Inside of 12 Weeks Until ADS-B Mandate Deadline, Sacramento Satellite Shop Is Already Booking For Q1 2020

In spite of the fact that there are still 12 weeks remaining until the FAA’s mandate deadline for Automatic Dependent Survelliance-Broadcast (ADS-B), Bob Hazy, the Manager of Duncan Aviation’s Satellite Avionics Shop in Sacramento, California, says that shop is already booking upgrades through March 2020.

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First Royal Canadian AF C295 Shows Off Its Final Livery

Delivery Planned Before The End Of The Year

The first Airbus C295, purchased by the Government of Canada for the Royal Canadian Air Force’s (RCAF) Fixed Wing Search and Rescue Aircraft Replacement (FWSAR) program has rolled out of the paint shop showing off its final livery at Airbus facility in Seville, Spain. The aircraft will now go through the final preparation phase before its delivery to the customer, planned to take place in Spain before the end of the year.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (10.13.19)

Aero Linx: Pilots for Christ International Pilots for Christ International is an organization of volunteer pilots and non-pilots who provide air and ground transportation for individuals and families in need. We work to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all we come in contact with. We are a non-denominational organization and we leave our belief differences with Our Heavenly Father, while we focus on our unified belief in Jesus Christ as our salvation. This store is established to receive voluntary donations for membership's and others items consistent with our purpose and mission statement. 

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (10.13.19): Movement Area

Movement Area The runways, taxiways, and other areas of an airport/heliport which are utilized for taxiing/hover taxiing, air taxiing, takeoff, and landing of aircraft, exclusive of loading ramps and parking areas. At those airports/heliports with a tower, specific approval for entry onto the movement area must be obtained from ATC.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (10.13.19)

"Adding the ATR 42-600S to our family makes total sense and paves the way for the company’s future. There is a huge potential for 50-seater aircraft and the ATR 42-600S could help airlines widen their horizons, as it can reach up to around 500 new airports across the globe. This is a clear illustration of our dedication in helping more people and more remote communities benefit from being part of a connected world and in a sustainable way.” Source: ATR Chief Executive Officer Stefano Bortoli, discussing the news that ATR has received authorisation from its board of directors for the launch of the ATR 42-600S. With the ‘S’ representing STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing), this new version of the ATR 42-600 offers take-

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