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October 04, 2021

Aero-TV: Pilot Communications Display Their Latest Devices At Oshkosh

Cyrus Akradi, VP of Sales and Marketing, Details Three Devices With ANN

“We brought out the BluLink II, the A1 and the P1. The A1 and P1 are carbon fiber, those are three newest devices that we brought out for this year. There is a lot of bells and whistles with it, we have new things from the previous BluLink, we added a USB-C power input, we added an auxiliary input also you can connect the to two devices at once, meaning you can have an Ipad paired to the BluLink and a cell phone paired at the same time,” Akradi says. “No one else is doing that. Other people are only doing one device currently, so we a

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Airborne 10.04.21: RED AO3 Engine, Autel Evo Lite-Nano, Mars Heli

Also: Beijing Declines Boeing, Bell Textron Canada, Kent Pietsch, 737 Dive Site

Sealand Aviation anticipates the first flight of their modified DHC-2 Beaver shortly. One of their De Havilland Beavers has been outfitted with the RED A03 engine developed by RED Aircraft in Germany. The RED A03 is now undergoing checks and calibration and has already been fixed to the airframe. The next steps include the aircraft undergoing further maintenance such as custom-made cowling and the installation of the Full Authority Digital Engine Control. Autel Robotics announced their newest evolution in the Evo Drone series with the Evo Lite and Evo Nano. The carbon-legged Evo Lite weighs 1.8 pounds and offers a 1” CMOS sensor and 4-axis gimbal for its improved camera. Th

Airborne 09.29.21: SmartSky Wins!, Space Movie, Blue Origin's Next Flt

Also: SFO Requires The Jab, 50th Gulfstream G600, First Flight Society, Air Force CV-22

SmartSky Networks has prevailed in its arbitration of legal claims against a former vendor, Wireless Systems Solutions, LLC. SmartSky was awarded over $12M in damages, legal expenses, and sanctions. The panel of three arbitrators issued a permanent injunction against WSS, its companion companies DAG Wireless Ltd. and DAG Wireless USA, and individuals Laslo Gross, Susan Gross, and David Gross. All counterclaims against SmartSky were dismissed with prejudice. Tom Cruise’ 200 million dollar space movie may not be the first movie shot in space... On the morning of

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Beijing Declines Boeing Purchases For Domestic Airlines

Billions Of Dollars At Stake For Boeing

Chinese Government regulators appear to have been barring domestic air carriers from purchase of Boeing goods, alleged Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo last week. Chinese airlines want to buy, but their Government is standing in the way, she said in an off-the-cuff comment during a Q&A session. If true, they could be flouting earlier 2020 trade agreements with the former Trump administration to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between the U.S. and China. 

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NASA's Mars Helicopter Delays Flight 14 for Systems Check

The Lil' Helo That Could... Will Again

In an update to the Mars Helicopter Blog, NASA broke news of Flight 14's postponement. Engineers want more time to address small issues in the aircraft as it sits more than 212 million nautical miles away. Serving beyond its initial assignment, the probe must compensate for seasonal decreases in atmospheric density by boosting output. A series of ground and vibration tests have been optimistic in addressing the changes, but an anomaly in two of the flight-control servomotors prevented a brief Sept. 18 test flight. 

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Autel Releases Lightweight Evo Lite, Nano Drones

The Consumer Drone Arms Race Continues

Autel robotics announced their newest evolution in the Evo Drone series last Monday, bringing to market more weight-conscious offerings in the Evo Lite and Evo Nano. This could be a shot across the bow for industry favorites from competitor DJI, aimed at their Air 2S and Mini 2 drones. The carbon-legged Evo Lite weighs a scant 1.8 pounds (820g) and offers a 1” CMOS sensor and 4-axis gimbal for its improved camera. Autel notes enhanced night photography using the adjustable aperture and moonlight algorithms, good for 50mp photos and 6K video at 30 frames per second. The Evo Lite enjoys similar battery life to its Evo II and Pro stablemates, an estimated 40 minutes of flight time. 

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Virgin Galactic Cleared for Flight

FAA Accepts Proposed Changes, Unity 23 Cleared for Mid-October Flight

Virgin Galactic has announced the outcome of an FAA inquiry into an airspace deviation during the Unity 22 Test flight on July 11, 2021. The FAA has accepted the company’s proposed corrective actions to prevent future issues during the aircraft’s re-entry phase. The next test flight, Unity 23, is expected to take place Mid-October in conjunction with the Italian Air Force. The Inquiry was begun in response to Unity 22’s momentary airspace incursion during the reentry phase of its July flight. During its glide back to Earth, the aircraft deviated below its protected approach path for 1 minute and 40 seconds before stabilizing again within protected airspace

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Bell Textron Canada Celebrates 35 Years

Makers of Classic Bell 206B, 429, Griffon Reach Milestone

Founded in 1986, the Global Centre of Excellence is the Quebecois home for premium Canadian helicopter development, production, and customer delivery. From its first Bell 206B Jet Ranger (type pictured) to the new Bell 429, Bell Canada has been instrumental to the aviation industry, producing more than 5,600 commercial aircraft now operating around the world, with about a fifth of those remaining in the Canadian Market. 

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ALPA Continues Fight For Increased Flight Deck Security

Says Current Doors Leave Cockpit Vulnerable While Open, Secondary Barriers Needed

The Airline Pilots Association, the largest Pilot Union in the world, is continuing its ongoing fight for a final rule requiring secondary flight deck barriers. Since their initial 2013 white paper describing the shortcomings of the current reinforced cockpit door, the Association has repeatedly petitioned the FAA, Department of Transportation, and the Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ARAC) for the inclusion of a final rule that would create additional protection for flight deck operations.

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NTSB Prelim: Beech A35

Engine Suddenly Lost All Power, But The Propeller Remained Windmilling

On September 2, 2021, about 1045 central daylight time, a Beech A35 airplane, N8419A, was substantially damaged when it was involved in an accident near Morrilton, Arkansas. The pilot and passenger sustained minor injuries. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight. The passenger reported that he had recently purchased the airplane and that he and the pilot were in the process of flying it to his home airport. The pilot and passenger had flown the airplane before the purchase and for familiarization before the accident flight and the airplane operated normally.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (10.04.21)

Aero Linx: Flying Wings of Louisiana Rusty Lavergne is the founder of Flying Wings of Louisiana along with his wife and co-founder, Kelly Lavergne. Rusty is a former Army Blackhawk Helicopter pilot and has been fulfilling his passion of aviation by  flying helicopters for the past 24 years. Rusty's love of aviation has led him to flying fixed wing airplanes where he has acquired many ratings. Having raised their 3 sons, Rusty and Kelly are ready for another chapter in life of giving back. Cancer has affected both of their families and they decided to help by supporting the smallest victims, the children. Flying Wings will serve pediatric cancer patients and their families in the local area.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (10.04.21): Oceanic Airspace

Oceanic Airspace Airspace over the oceans of the world, considered international airspace, where oceanic separation and procedures per the International Civil Aviation Organization are applied. Responsibility for the provisions of air traffic control service in this airspace is delegated to various countries, based generally upon geographic proximity and the availability of the required resources.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (10.04.21)

"China has all along firmly upheld the WTO-centered multilateral trading system and does business in accordance with international trading rules. The international community sees very clearly who has been wielding the big stick of sanctions, and politicizing and weaponizing economic issues with ideological prejudice in the past few years.... We hope the US will earnestly respect market economy principles and international trading rules, and work with China to strive for healthy and steady development of China-US trade and economic relations..."   Source: Yet another self-serving statement from Chinese government officials... this one issued to deflect criticism as the US noted that the Chinese government seems to be barring their

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