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March 12, 2023

SkyAngels Air Ambulance Adds PAL-V Flying Car to Fleet

More Mobile Air/Land Option Chosen for Doctor, Paramedic Response Vehicle

A UK-based medevac company has announced a partnership with PAL-V for the use of their Liberty flying car. The Liberty combines aspects of an aircraft with the terrestrial mobility of a traditional automobile, providing the best of both capabilities with access to speedy, ubiquitous road infrastructure. The PAL-V will see use as a fast response vehicle, with paramedics and doctors able to arrive on scene faster and more efficiently to begin treatment sooner than any other method.

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Airbus Looking for 800 New Hires in Canada

As Airbus Ramps Up Canadian Production, Opportunities Abound

Airbus has announced the availability of 800 jobs in Canada throughout 2023 as the brand ramps up production of the A220. The company plans to recruit 500 of them for new positions, in nearly all areas of production, engineering, IT, and customer service. Overall, two thirds of the additions will be hired into support functions, with the remainder working in production capacities. Specialties will include everything from helicopters and defense to space and commercial aircraft.

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Rebtech Completes STC for UH-60 Night Vision Lighting

Lighting and NVG Company Completes Helistream Installation

REBTECH has completed their latest FAA STC for night vision compatible UH-60A lighting, finished on an aircraft under contract with HeliStream. HeliStream’s other aircraft, a Bell 205, is undergoing similar component production at the Rebtech facility in Bedford, Texas. The firm’s lineup allows operators to have fully compatible night vision lighting for both interior and exterior lighting.

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HondaJet Operators Gain New Upkeep Program

Phased Maintenance Program Accepted by FAA

Honda’s aircraft arm announced their new Flexible Phased Maintenance Program for HondaJet customers, a program “that aims to optimize maintenance events for increased operational flexibility.” The new program was accepted by the FAA and will become available to HondaJet customers as early as April via the HondaJet dealer network.

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Lockheed Martin Resumes F-35 Test Flights

With Fix for Engine Resonance Issue Available, Operations can Resume

After an unusual incident involving an F-35, Lockheed Martin has resumed acceptance flight operations after a 3-month hiatus. The problem landing occurred on December 15, 2022, when an aircraft undergoing a checkout experienced an apparent engine issue as it made a vertical landing, bouncing off the tarmac and collapsing the nose gear before settling on the ground.

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Lockheed Martin, KAI, and Red 6 Announce Augmented Reality TF-50 System

Simulation Capability Coming Soon to Advance Korean Jet Trainer

Lockheed Martin has joined hands with Korea Aerospace Industries and Red 6 Aerospace to bring the latter's Airborne Tactical Augmented Reality System (ATARS) into the KAI TF-50. The addition of ATARS will give pilots and operators additional training capabilities with the The system gives pilots and ground operators new capabilities to see and interact with synthetic threats in real-time, high-speed environments.

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Classic Aero-TV: Powerful Alternatives – UL Power’s Sport Aviation Powerplants

From 2014 (YouTube Version): New Powerplant Offerings Promise More Than Variety... They Raise The Bar in SportAv Propulsion

While at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2014, ANN CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell talks with Robert Helms, the General Manager of UL Power North America. Jim had just returned from flying the Zenith 750 Cruiser which is powered by a UL 350iS engine, and he asks Helms for more background information about the UL Power products. Helms explains that UL Power is located in Belgium and got its star

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US Army Selects AeroVironment's JUMP 20 for FTUAS Program

Likely Replacement for RQ-7B Shadow Enters the Pipeline

The AeroVironment Jump 20 is a fixed-wing, uncrewed, VTOL ISR aircraft, primarily focused on providing multi-sensor intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. The Jump 20 was evaluated alongside a field of competing aircraft to attain the honor of replacing the long-lived RQ-7B Shadow UAS. Once the FTUAS program reaches increment 2, the Jump 20 and its peers will be handed over to Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs). The Jump 20 sports a 115-mile range and 14 hours of endurance, with a 30-lb payload.

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Leonardo Expands Australian AW139 Presence

Babcock, CQ Rescue, and StarFlight Australia Purchase 6 Aircraft

Leonardo has seen additional popularity for its intermediate twin engine helicopter, the AW139, after selling 6 of the type to 3 prime Australian operators. The customers split up the order, with 2 AW139s going to Babcock for a range of HEMS, search and rescue, and inter-hospital patient transport missions on behalf of an undisclosed client. Babcock’s new aircraft will be delivered in 2024 and will enter service in the latter half of the year once they complete local customization.

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GE Aviation Sees Surge in Revenues

Strong Jet Engine Sales Drive Record Profits

General Electric stated on 09 March 2023 that its GE Aviation subsidiary’s revenues are forecast to grow by at least low-double-digits through 2025, thereby boosting the company’s shares and shareholders’ spirits to levels not seen since 2018. GE’s strong performance has been ascribed to surging post-COVID demand for air-travel and a commensurate spike in demand for new Boeing and Airbus airliners, many of which are powered by GE jet engines.  

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (03.12.23)

Aero Linx: International Stinson Club The goal of the International Stinson Club is to preserve information and technology to help keep the Stinson aircraft flying. It also acts as a social club for people who love the Stinson aircraft.  

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (03.12.23): Go Around

Go Around Instructions for a pilot to abandon his/her approach to landing. Additional instructions may follow. Unless otherwise advised by ATC, a VFR aircraft or an aircraft conducting visual approach should overfly the runway while climbing to traffic pattern altitude and enter the traffic pattern via the crosswind leg. A pilot on an IFR flight plan making an instrument approach should execute the published missed approach procedure or proceed as instructed by ATC; e.g., “Go around” (additional instructions if required).

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (03.12.23)

"Range, payload, and practicality are key factors when considering a flying car for our air ambulance service. The PAL-V Liberty is not just an aircraft, and neither is it just a car - it's both. The fact that the aircraft can drive on roads means that it is not restricted by weather conditions and it’s a car that can fly which doesn’t need roads makes it an ideal solution for our emergency response needs, especially in areas where ground infrastructure is limited. We are thrilled to have PAL-V as our partner and look forward to utilizing their unique technology in our operations."   Source: David Polo Marks, Airboss of SkyAngels, commenting on their partnership with PAL-V for the use of their Liberty flying

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