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April 02, 2022

Blue Origin Successfully Completes 4th Crewed Flight

NS-20 Enjoys a Happy, Beautiful, and Thankfully - Uneventful Launch

Blue Origin's postponed NS-20 flight safely launched, taking its crew of 6 into suborbital space for a brief window before returning back to Earth. The astronauts returned uneventfully less than 15 minutes after their launch at 09:58 am from Origin's Launch Site One in West Texas. The occasion went by somewhat unnoticed by the general public, perhaps a side effect of the loss of celebrity passengers this time around. Blue Origin's past launches have included high-profile figures like founder/owner Jeff Bezos, William Shatner, and Michael Strahan, a perfect way to build brand recognition for the exceedingly expensive experience while raking in free publicity.

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MD Helicopters Reaches Asset Purchase Agreement

Future Looking Up for Little Bird Manufacturer

Things are finally "coming up Milhouse" for MD Helicopters following the announcement that will see the company through its current rough patch after an infusion of $60 million in new capital. MD Helicopters, famous manufacturer of the Hughes MD 500, or 'Little Bird' after its common military nickname, has entered into an agreement with a creditor consortium led by Bardin Hill and MBIA Insurance Corporation.

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Mark Vande Hei Hitches a Ride With Roscosmos

Space Veteran Ends 355-Day Space Living Streak

Mark Vande Hei ended his 355-day streak for the longest single spaceflight in history by an American, heading to Earth on March 30. He began making his way back home alongside a pair of Roscosmos cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and Pyotr Dubrov, proving that cooperation between the Russian space program and NASA can continue where it counts. The trio departed the ISS and made a safe, parachute-assisted landing in Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan. Vande Hei will be an interesting case study in long-duration spaceflight on humans, coming in at a fine time as the agency picks up momentum for the Artemis program.

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DJI Releases Next-Gen Enterprise Drone System

DJI has expanded its portfolio, stretching itself further into the business range of UAS aircraft with the new Matrice 30 Enterprise Drone

The new system contains a range of novel equipment for DJI, like a more refined and controllable FlightHub 2 Control System for remote planning, flying, and data management for not just one drone, but a fleet of them. The DJI Dock acknowledges the level of operational independence that so many operators are hungry for, offering an automated, remotely manageable way to launch, retrieve, store, and recharge drones without any human intervention for lengthy periods of time.

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Classic Aero-TV: Avionics Cooling Fans -- Sandia's Temperature Control Solutions

From 2011 (YouTube version): How Cool Is YOUR Cockpit???

Aviation publications LOVE to write about all the new wiz-bangs that are seen front and center is today's cockpits... the latest generation of cockpit displays are about a slick as things get these and look sexy as hell. BUT... what about the BEHIND the scenes... those components that allow all those super-cool new technologies to remain... well, super cool?

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Gogo Business Aviation Marks Millionth Internet-Connected Flight

Sees 38% Bump in Megabytes Used per Flight, 29% Increase in Flights

Gogo Business Aviation announced the passage of another milestone as they continue their march through the inflight internet market, boasting the completion of 1 million flights backed by the firm's internet connectivity services. The AVANCE system, whether in its older L3 or cutting-edge L5 trim, has become the "most successful broadband product ever launched in business aviation, with 2,504 business aircraft flying with an AVANCE L5 or L3 system onboard,” according to Gogo spokesman William Davis.

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Published Study Announces Availability of Micro/Nano UAV Studies

Advancements in Miniaturization, Tech Integration, Automation Set Prime Tiny UAS Segment for Growth

Market Forecast, headquartered in Amsterdam, publicized its completed study on the growing micro, mini, and nano drone market. Uncrewed, autonomous and semi-autonomous aircraft have been growing quickly on all fronts, easily outpacing previous generations of technological advancement. A stream of developments in miniaturization and battery improvements have brought a steady stream of smaller, lighter, higher-performance equipment. 

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NTSB Prelim: McDonnell Douglas 500N

...Rotation Became More Aggressive As The Helicopter Began To Descend

On February 19, 2022, about 1834 Pacific standard time, a McDonnell Douglas 500N, N521HB, was substantially damaged when it was involved in an accident in Newport Beach, California. The pilot sustained minor injuries, and the tactical flight officer (TFO) was fatally injured. The helicopter was operated as a public aircraft flight by the Huntington Beach Police Department. The helicopter was owned by the City of Huntington Beach and was providing law enforcement air support under a contract service agreement for the City of Newport Beach.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (04.02.22)

Aero Linx: The New Mexico Pilots Association The New Mexico Pilots Association is a grass roots organization of members with a passion for general aviation in New Mexico.  Our mission is promoting general aviation, aviation safety, pilot camaraderie, and preservation of airfields and airspace. JOIN US! You’ll get to know a network of pilots and aviation enthusiasts who enjoy flying, discovering new places, and having fun! By joining NMPA, you support aviation in New Mexico!   NMPA provides proactive leadership on issues and concerns of interest to general aviation pilots statewide. 

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AD: The Boeing Company Airplanes

AD 2022-06-18 Requires Replacing The Alternative Ventilation Duct Having A Certain Part Number

The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for all The Boeing Company Model 767-2C series airplanes. This AD was prompted by a report of multiple nuisance caution "RECIRC SMOKE" engine indication and crew alerting system (EICAS) messages that may occur when water accumulates in the alternative ventilation system (AVS) duct. This AD requires replacing the alternative ventilation duct having a certain part number with a new part number, and for certain airplanes, changing the insulation blanket to install the drain hose. This AD also prohibits the installation of an alternative ventilation duct, part number (P/N) 216T2101-704, on any airplane.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (04.02.22): Profile Descent

Profile Descent An uninterrupted descent (except where level flight is required for speed adjustment; e.g., 250 knots at 10,000 feet MSL) from cruising altitude/level to interception of a glideslope or to a minimum altitude specified for the initial or intermediate approach segment of a nonprecision instrument approach. The profile descent normally terminates at the approach gate or where the glideslope or other appropriate minimum altitude is intercepted.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (04.02.22)

"I've obviously been thinking about what this experience will be like for our astronauts, and to experience it myself was a joy. It was 10 times more intense than I thought it would be, or anything that I've ever experienced in my life physically, mentally, emotionally."  Source: Spoken by Gary Lai, the chief architect for the New Shepard NS-20 rode upon during their recent sub-orbital space trip. He was the only unpaid ticket on the trip, generously allowed to experience his handiwork from the customers' side of the launch pad. Lai's journey as an astronaut was an emotional one. 

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