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November 04, 2011

ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 11.04.11

Russia says those Yak pilots were inadequately trained, and one was on drugs.
The Senate backs the return of BARR.
And the AH-64D Block III starts deliveries.

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ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 11.03.11

Ronald Reagan now overlooks his namesake airport.
Singapore Airlines names its low-cost subsidiary, "Scoot."
And TSA had an interesting day at the checkpoints Monday.


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EU Holds Firm On Emissions Scheme

Is 'Disappointed' In ICAO Position Against The Carbon Tax

The European Union on Thursday said it would proceed with its plan to assess a carbon tax on airlines operating in European airspace beginning January 1st despite an ICAO white paper warning of a potential trade war over the payments.

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Starfighters Tested At Kennedy

Surplus Military Aircraft Evaluated As Potential Launch Vehicles For Nanosatellites

Plans to launch small satellites into orbit from the wings of a supersonic jet are moving along following a taxi test on the runway at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The test was carried out to evaluate a newly developed suborbital vehicle that has the potential to carry nanosatellites into low Earth orbit.

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No Decision On 737 MAX Factory Site

Planemaker May Announce Location In Six To Eight Months

Boeing has committed to the re-vamped 737 MAX, but the company is holding the location where it plans to build the airplane close to the vest. And, there is no timeline for the conversion of provisional commitments to firm orders.

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Study Identifies Potential Navigation Improvements For Sun Valley Airport

New RNP Procedures Lower Decision Heights, Visibility Requirements

A study of airspace around Sun Valley Airport has identified significant improvements in airport access that could be achieved during periods of inclement weather with the deployment of new, advanced instrument approach procedures. The study, conducted by GE, found that new procedures, using Required Navigation Performance (RNP) technology, would allow Bombardier Q400 passenger turboprops to operate at Sun Valley on days of low ceiling and visibility that currently force diversions and cancellations.

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Airport Commissioner Canned By Scottsdale, AZ City Council

Close Vote Removes John Washington From Advisory Panel

The Scottsdale, AZ, City council has voted 4-3 to remove John Washington from the Scottsdale Airport Advisory Commission. Washington had reportedly sent a letter to the FAA which questioned the council's vote to allow an apartment complex to be built near Scottsdale Airport (KSDL).

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Second JGSDF Helicopter Shipped To Japan

Enstrom Has A Contract For A Total Of 30 Helos For The Japanese Ground Self Defense Force

The second of a planned 30 TH-480B helicopters for the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force was recently shipped overseas by Enstrom Helicopter Corporation. The aircraft will be used by the JGSDF to train flight instructors for the future TH-480B fleet. Aero Facility will deliver the helicopter to the JGSDF in early 2012 and then continue delivering the remainder of the fleet through 2014.

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Ronald Reagan Now Overlooks Reagan National Airport

Former President's Bronze Likeness Unveiled To Celebrate Centennial

More than a decade after a Washington, DC-area airport was named in his honor, former President Ronald Reagan was honored Tuesday with a nine-foot bronze statue which overlooks the airport entrance. The Daily Caller reports the ceremony was attended by luminaries from his era, including Transportation Secretary Elizabeth Dole, and her deputy James Burnley.

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Miami-Dade Police Takes Delivery Of Fourth AS350

Aircraft Part Of Fleet Replacement Program For South Florida Police Force

The Miami-Dade Police Department’s (MDPD) Aviation Unit has taken delivery of another AS350 B3 helicopter. This is the fourth AS350 B3, and it will join the department’s Special Patrol Bureau’s Aviation Unit that includes a fleet of rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft.

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Brazilian Police Ram Airplane To Prevent Takeoff

Aircraft Was Getaway Vehicle For Drug Runners

A video has popped up on the Internet taken from the back seat of a Brazilian police vehicle which shows the car ramming an airplane to prevent it from taking off. The clip has a very Hollywood action movie feel to it ... but it's real life.

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AD: GE Turboshaft Engines

AD NUMBER: 2011-21-17

MANUFACTURER: General Electric Company Turboshaft Engines

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AD: Rolls-Royce Turbofan Engines

AD NUMBER: 2011-22-03

MANUFACTURER: Rolls-Royce Corporation Turbofan Engines

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Aero-TV: Step by Step -- A Kestrel Aircraft Progress Report

One Of The Few Companies Making Real News In BizAv Updates ANN On The Latest

After some two years of doldrums and disappointment, its nice to update a story with real promise. At the 2011 NBAA Convention we sat down (literally) with Alan Klapmeier to find out the latest goings-on in the arduous process of bringing an innovative new turboprop to the market.

Classic Aero-TV: Intrinzic Value -- The Cessna Corvalis TTX

Cessna Throws Down The Gauntlet In The High-Performance Piston Airplane Game

Aero-Note: Since this program appeared last spring, much has changed. Cessna retired Jack Pelton... while Cirrus Aircraft, who used to eat Cessna's lunch in this market has imploded and appears to be heading for even more trouble. All that being the case... will the Corvalis TTX become the leading edge for the high-end GA piston market? Hmmmm.... -- Jim Campbell, ANN CEO/Editor-In-Chief The battle for supremacy among the high performance piston aircraft market just got a great deal more interesting. Cessna has revamped the Corvalis li

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Aero-Analysis: Guest Editorial -- How Is Foreign Ownership Working Out for GA?

The Face of GA Is Changing... But Is It A Positive Change?

Guest Analysis/Opinion by Rich Belzer ANN E-I-C Introduction: We continue to enjoy the contributions of outside experts and their analysis of the pressing issues that the aviation world is dealing with. And while we may not agree with their conclusions, methodology or research, there is no question that there is much to learn from the contributions of others with unquestioned insight and expertise into the topics at hand. Herewith, another inriguing analysis of the changing face of GA... by someone who has worked in the trenches of this business. And agree or disagree, we find a lot of food for thought in the following extrapolations... -- Jim Campbell, ANN E-I-C. Pipe

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Layoffs Hit Air Force Commissioned Officers, Civilians

Layers Of 'Middle Management' Cut In Adjustments To Staffing Levels

Some 436 captains and majors in the United States Air Force are finding that joining the military was not necessarily a guarantee against losing their jobs. The Air Force plans to lay off that number of mid-grade officers as part of a staffing level adjustment due the services' highest retention rate in 16 years. The move was one of several announced by the Air Force Wednesday.

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737 MAX Engine Configuration Update Announced By Boeing

New Airplane Has Received More Than 600 Order Commitments From Eight Airlines

The new 737 family, designated 737 MAX, will be powered by CFM International LEAP-1B engines with a 68-inch fan diameter. The optimized engine design will provide the lowest fuel burn and operating costs in the single-aisle market, the company says.

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Investors Business Daily Slams Pelosi Over Boeing/Labor Statements

Says Democrat Has 'Risen To Her Level Of Incompetence'

Investors Business Daily (IBD) Tuesday published a very blunt criticism of California Democrat and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her recent comments suggesting that if workers don't belong to a union, they deserve to be unemployed. IBD observes, "The Peter Principle applies to politics, and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be its poster child, having risen to the level of her incompetence."

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Klyde Morris 11.04.2011

ISO The Bard Of The Lineboys ...


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Alexander Saltman Selected To Lead The Commercial Spaceflight Federation

Founding Executive Director John Gedmark Welcomes His Successor On Board

Eric Anderson, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, is pleased to announce that the Federation has selected Dr. Alexander Saltman as the organization’s Executive Director. Saltman is a physicist who has most recently served as the Legislative Director for Congressman Adam Schiff of California.

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Kansas Aviation HOF Ceremony This Saturday

Charter Pioneer Clay Lacy Among Four 2011 Inductees

From the time he was a young boy growing up in the farmland of Wichita, Kansas during the Great Depression, veteran pilot and business aviation pioneer Clay Lacy experienced a natural fascination with flight. He first took to the air at age eight and began working at a local airport in exchange for flying time at age 12. He has since spent nearly every day of his life around airplanes.

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TSA Busy With Odd Contraband On Halloween

But Comments Point Out Confiscated Items Were Not Threats

Lots of kids put on costumes and went door-to-door trick-or-treating on Monday, but some of the surprises that arrived at airport security checkpoints were not received as cute or funny by TSA. In its official blog, the agency cites some examples of items passengers tried to bring through checkpoints.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (11.04.11)

"(T)his decision will affect neither the EU's commitment to working within ICAO to agree on a global solution nor our adopted legislation to include aviation in the EU ETS" Source: EU climate action commissioner Connie Hedegaard.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (11.04.11): Global Forecast System (GFS)

One of the operational forecast models run at NCEP. The GFS is run four times daily, with forecast output out to 384 hours.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (11.04.11)


AIM Air is a Christian missionary aviation organization—part of the larger ministry of Africa Inland Mission. Our mission is the coordination and delivery of safe, reliable, economical air transport service to enhance the ministries of evangelical missionaries, church workers, and Christian relief and development agencies in East and Central Africa.

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