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Mon, Jul 25, 2005

Piper To Supply UND With New Entegra-Equipped Warriors

Piper Continues Leadership in Sales of Advanced Trainers Featuring Cutting-Edge Glass Avionics

The New Piper Aircraft Inc. has sold seven (7) Warrior III aircraft to the University of North Dakota's (UND) aviation department to expand its fleet of instructional airplanes. The sale is an index of Piper's continued leadership in providing basic trainers - as well as advanced trainers equipped with the latest in glass avionics - to the nation's premier flight schools.

The University's new fleet of Piper Warriors - equipped with the Avidyne Entegra Integrated Flight Deck - will give UND students the ability to train on the latest cockpit technology throughout all stages of their training. The state-of-the-art system, featuring full-glass panel cockpit displays similar to those found in commercial aviation, is coupled with one of aviation's most reliable and performance-driven aircraft: the Warrior III.

Piper delivered the University's first new Entegra-equipped Warrior on the opening day of Oshkosh, and will complete delivery of the remaining six aircraft in August. One of the seven aircraft will be equipped with EMax™, which will enable the University's electronic management and tracking of maintenance issues and engine parameters and make UND the first flight school to order this capability.

University officials said the Entegra-equipped Warriors will add a vital element to the school's fleet of 115 Piper trainers. The purchase places UND among the first universities nationwide to offer its student pilots training with such advanced technology.

"Our commitment to delivering the best and latest technology in affordable and reliable aircraft marks Piper as a leader in providing vital tools to tomorrow's pilots … today," said New Piper President and CEO Chuck Suma. "The PA-28 family of aircraft has long been known for reliability and value. Now with this new glass cockpit technology, these aircraft address the needs of our flight school customers by providing the uncompromised functionality in demand today."

Bruce Smith, Dean of UND's School of Aerospace Sciences, cited Piper's relationship with UND as integral to the University's success in collegiate flight training.

"Piper's focus on providing a series of basic training aircraft is fundamental to the University's training philosophy. North Dakota has the most diverse flying conditions the world has to offer, and Piper aircraft have played a major role in our unparalleled safety record. Piper has earned a reputation the world over for providing top-notch reliability and excellent performance while remaining virtually maintenance-free."

Smith added: "With the addition of these Entegra-equipped Piper Warriors, UND is addressing a significant requirement in preparing and training the next generation of pilots. When our students graduate from UND's aviation program, they possess credentials recognized throughout the aviation industry … credentials that mark them as being ready to deliver top quality and excellence in any aviation venue."

Avidyne's FlightMax Entegra Integrated Flight Deck debuted as optional equipment on all of Piper's entry-level PA-28 family of aircraft - the Piper Warrior III, Piper Archer III and Piper Arrow. In addition to its entry-level aircraft, Piper offers the system on the Piper Saratoga II HP, the Piper Saratoga II TC, the Piper 6X and the Piper 6XT, as well as the Piper Meridian, the company's flagship single-engine turboprop. In all, Piper has the most extensive application of advanced glass-cockpit avionics in general aviation.

"UND's aviation program educates approximately 1,700 students and flies over 110,000 flight hours per year," said Molly Martin Pearce, Director of Dealer Relations and Sales for New Piper. "With a mission like that, there is no margin for anything less than unparalleled reliability and value-for-money. The fact that the University of North Dakota continually turns to Piper for its training aircraft, and cites our reliability and customer service as key factors in their decision-making, is truly an honor and speaks for itself."

The FlightMax Entegra system, designed and manufactured by the Avidyne Corporation of Lincoln, Mass., simplifies the pilot's workload and provides the tools that allow for more aggressive missions and flight profiles. It consists of two high-resolution, 10.4-inch diagonal, sunlight-readable displays, including an EXP5000 primary flight display (PFD) with integrated solid-state air data and attitude/heading reference system (ADAHRS), and a multi-function display (MFD) featuring moving map, flight plan information, terrain contours, as well as an Engine Indication System, (EIS).

The EMax Engine and Datalink Weather systems are available as options on Piper's PA-28 series of aircraft. EMax provides fuel totalizer capability and a lean assist function, which takes the guesswork out of fuel management. Moreover, the EMax system shows fuel remaining and computes nautical miles-per-gallon, fuel-to-waypoint, and fuel-to-destination on the MFD.

The Entegra system also displays and monitors cylinder head temperatures (CHT), exhaust gas temperature (EGT), oil temperature, outside air temperature (OAT), and electrical bus voltages. When the EMax option is installed, all four-exhaust gas temperatures are monitored. The system also provides data-logging capability of critical engine performance parameters, which are downloadable via the MFD data port into a standard spreadsheet format for easy analysis.

The PA-28 family of aircraft has long been known for its reliability and reputation as being among the most capable trainers and entry-level aircraft in the marketplace. With the addition of the new Entegra integrated flight deck, these aircraft lead innovation in the general aviation market by coupling a trusted and proven airframe with the latest in integrated avionics suites. Entegra equipped Pipers are all electric, replacing the vacuum system and related vacuum powered equipment - providing additional reliability and utility.

UND Aerospace, which includes the Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences at the University of North Dakota and the UND Aerospace Foundation (UNDAF), is an international leader in collegiate and contract aviation education and training services flying over 110,000 hours per year in over 120 aircraft. UNDAF also has facilities in Honolulu, Hawaii with Honolulu Community College; Spokane, Washington with Spokane Falls Community College; Lumberton, North Carolina with Robeson Community College; Phoenix, Arizona in conjunction with Chandler-Gilbert Community College; Williston, North Dakota with Williston State College; and Crookston, Minnesota with the University of Minnesota in addition to its home-base in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

With more than 2,100 students from throughout the world, the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences is the second largest college at the University of North Dakota. Undergraduate and graduate programs leading to a variety of rewarding careers in aerospace are offered through four different academic departments: aviation, atmospheric sciences, computer science and space studies. The UND Aerospace training complex is the most technologically advanced environment for aerospace education, training and research in the world.

FMI: www.newpiper.com, www.avidyne.com


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