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Fri, Jun 29, 2012

Skydive Debuts Google Glass Project

Seeing The Freefall From The Skydivers Point Of View

Google co-founder Sergey Brin came up with a pretty novel way to introduce Google Glass, which is a pair of glasses designed to deliver much of the same information as you might get from your smart phone, but in a wearable HUD. The glasses allow the user to interact with the Internet through voice commands, getting the display literally right before his or her eyes.

To introduce the product, Brin stood on stage in front of a large video display a the Moscone Center in San Francisco while four skydivers wearing the Google Glass interface stepped out of the gondola of an airship over the downtown area, transmitting the jump live to the center where the Google I/O conference was being held. The skydivers landed on the roof of the convention center, according to several media sources including the technology e-zine Venturebeat and the Huffington Post.

While Brin said to the crowd "This could go wrong in about 500 ways," nothing went awry as the skydivers wearing wingsuits exited the Airship Ventures Zepplin and flew towards the convention center, showing it all in real time to the I/O conference crowd.

After the skydivers landed, other employees wearing Glass rode bicycles across the roof of the convention center, jumping obstacles as they went. Another employee rappelled down the side of the building, handing off a package to a final group of cyclists who rode into the convention center and up onto the stage, where Brin was waiting.

Google Glass is expected to be available to the public next year, but it's not inexpensive. The price tag will likely be near $1,500 for the device.



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