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Wed, Apr 13, 2005

Avidyne Announces FlightCenterâ„¢ Aviation Datalink Services

FlightCenter Provides A Suite Of Two-Way Datalink Services For GA

Avidyne has launched its FlightCenter™ suite of datalink-enabled services. FlightCenter delivers aviation services both on the ground via the internet, and in the air through Avidyne’s MultiLink™-enabled FlightMax Entegra integrated flight deck, and FlightMax EX500 and EX5000 multi-function displays (MFD).

FlightCenter services currently include Flight Tracking and Two-way Text Messaging. Avidyne’s FlightCenter provides web-enabled, password-protected access for the aircraft owner and other designated persons on the ground to view the aircraft’s Flight Track or to send and receive text messages to that particular aircraft via the internet.

FlightCenter’s flight tracking service uses the automatic position reports and down-linked flight plan information from a MultiLink-enabled aircraft to create and display a map view of the airplane’s route of flight, including departure time, continually-updated present position, and estimated time of arrival (ETA). FlightCenter’s two-way text messaging utilizes a web interface from which text messages are sent up to the airplane and displayed on the EX5000 or EX500 MFD. A visual cue appears on the MFD screen to alert the pilot that a text message has been received, and with a single touch the pilot can view the message. The pilot can also send or respond to text messages utilizing the EX500 or EX5000’s standard user interface.

A critical part of the delivery of FlightCenter services is the exclusive Network Operations Center (NOC) that Avidyne has developed. Having their own NOC allows Avidyne to provide the services that are customized for their airborne products and to develop and add new services faster and easier.

“FlightCenter offers fleet operators, aircraft owners, business associates, and family members a convenient and affordable way to monitor an aircraft’s position and progress, and to deliver information to the pilot during a flight” said Mark Sandeen, Avidyne’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “From a pilot’s point of view, FlightCenter keeps you linked with family and business associates when plans change.”

“FlightCenter makes it easy for the person who’s picking you up at the airport to know when you have departed, if you have been delayed, and when you are expected to arrive at your destination,” said Bill Munroe, Avidyne’s Director of OEM Product Marketing. “You can imagine the value of FlightCenter for fleet operators and flight schools who will use FlightCenter to monitor overall fleet activity, track the location of specific aircraft, and communicate with any or all of them via satellite datalink, when they would otherwise be out of radio range.”

“Avidyne is committed to providing the most advanced communication links to the aircraft, and FlightCenter is built on the investment we have made in the Avidyne Network Operations Center (NOC),” said Avidyne president Dan Schwinn (pictured right).

“Avidyne is uniquely positioned with the infrastructure in place that we can leverage it to add services which will dramatically improve the transfer of information to and from the flight deck of general aviation aircraft. The benefits are improved situational awareness, greater aircraft utility, and increased safety of flight.”

FMI: www.avidyne.com


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