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Wed, Aug 20, 2008

PETA Offers Unusual Ad Deal To DFW Officials

Um, Yeah, We'll Get Right Back To You On That...

PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, sent a letter Monday to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport CEO Jeff Fegan, expressing empathy for the airport's financial difficulties, and asking to buy advertising space for a provocative message. But PETA wants to put its ads on the inside walls of the airport's bathroom stalls.

You know the beef industry slogan, "Beef: It's what's for dinner?" The Dallas Morning News' "Airline Biz Blog" reports PETA wants to parody the ads by posting its own version next to toilets that says: "Beef: It's What's Rotting in Your Colon."

We at PETA are sorry to hear that the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is experiencing financial difficulties, but I have a proposal that might help," writes Tracy Reiman, an executive VP with PETA. "While DFW doesn't currently have bathroom advertisements, we'd like to suggest them as a new revenue source, and we'd like to be the first to buy space. The ad we'd like to run on bathroom stall doors (attached) promotes the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. The ad makes the point that one of the many health hazards of eating beef--as well as other meats and animal products--is an increased risk of colon cancer.

"Putting PETA's provocative ads in every airport restroom stall could generate revenue for the airport and save passengers' -- and animals' -- lives," she added.

A spokesman for DFW airport said Monday that the airport doesn't currently have advertising in its restrooms.

Regardless of your thoughts on PETA's tactics, one thing seems evident to us. Considering the lucrative cattle-ranching industry in Texas... we doubt that Fegan, or anyone else at DFW, is in a rush to waste a stamp on replying to PETA's offer.



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