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Fri, Jan 10, 2020

Airborne 01.08.20: New Mooney Woes, New Airbornes!, Space Record

Also: Tailwind Technologies, Thunder Mustang Down, NATA Loss of License Insurance, Mike Heuer Confirmed

After about a month back on the job, Mooney employees have once again been furloughed, and the company says it is not able to make good on a promise of two weeks of holiday pay.

According to human resources specialist and de facto spokeswoman Devan Burns, 55 employees were sent home on Monday. "There have been a lot of promises," she told media. "I've just been trying to help keep Mooney stay alive." Burns also told the paper that she's looking for work to support herself and her two children while remaining very supportive of Mooney and its employees. Airborne’s ‘Aero-Verse’ approach will shortly commit itself to 5 new special interest weeklies in 2020. The first new special interest Airborne news program will dedicate itself to the growing, as well as turbulent, world of flight training. The new program will cover the vast interests of the industry… from subjects of exceptional interest to new and continuing flight students, to the business of flight training itself… Debuting this year, ‘Airborne-Flight Training’ (A-FT) will webcast bi-monthly for a month or two while the program gets all aspects of the system working properly and will then adopt a weekly schedule thereafter. Like other efforts, ‘A-FT’ will be partnering with leaders in the Flight Training field and has announced a number of early endorsements with the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators, the Master Instructors LLC program, and the Flight School Association of North America. Over a dozen other support relationships are either completed or under negotiation. NASA Astronaut Christina Koch set a record for the longest continuous single spaceflight by a woman on December 28, according to NASA. On that date, Koch passed the record of former Station Commander Peggy Whitson, who spent 288 days in space. By the time she arrives back on Earth in February 2020, she will have spent 328 days in space. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

Airborne 01.08.20 is chock full of info in this Daily News Episode, Wednesday, January 8th, 2020... Presented by Aero-TV veteran videographer and Airborne Host Sophie Hurlock. Sophie is supported by ANN Chief Videographer Nathan Cremisino, as well as ANN CEO/Editor-In-Chief Jim Campbell. This episode covers:

  • Mooney Employees Back On Furlough
  • 2020 Airborne Special Programming Initiative Expands 
  • NASA Astronaut Christina Koch Sets Space Endurance Record
  • Tailwind Technologies Grows Its Portfolio 
  • TM-1 Thunder Mustang Down In California 
  • NATA Loss of License Insurance Program Reaches Pilot Enrollment Milestone
  • Mike Heuer Confirmed As U.S. Advanced Aerobatic Team Manager

Get Comprehensive, Real-Time, 24/7 coverage of the latest aviation and aerospace stories anytime, at And be sure to join us again tomorrow, for the next edition of "Airborne Unlimited" here on Aero-TV. Thanks for watching. See you, again, tomorrow!

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