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Wed, Jul 28, 2004

New Piper Entry-Level Models To Feature Avidyne Entegra IFDS

From Trainers to High-Performance Aircraft, the Most Extensive Application of Advanced Glass Avionics in GA

New Piper Aircraft, Inc. has announced that it will offer Avidyne's FlightMax Entegra Integrated Flight Deck as optional equipment on all of its entry-level aircraft, making Piper's deployment of the Entegra system the most extensive application of advanced glass avionics in general aviation.

The Entegra system will be offered in the PA-28 family of aircraft - the Warrior III, Archer III and Arrow. These entry-level aircraft will join the ranks of the Saratoga II HP, the Saratoga II TC, the Piper 6X and the Piper 6XT, which, when the system was introduced on the aircraft earlier this year, became the only six-place aircraft delivering this state-of-the-art avionics system.

"Advanced avionics are essential to general aviation today," said New Piper President and CEO Chuck Suma. "By extending this technology to our entry-level and training aircraft, we are ensuring that Piper customers are equipped with the very latest and best technology. In addition, our fleet customers - primarily flight schools and universities - are now able to offer this vital technology as part of their flight training, ensuring that their students will be at the cutting-edge of proficiency during their initial training and throughout their training experience. In effect, they're better equipped for their professional flying careers, right from the start."

The FlightMax Entegra system, designed and manufactured by the Avidyne Corporation of Lincoln, MA, simplifies the pilot's workload and provides the tools that allow for more aggressive missions and flight profiles. It consists of two high-resolution, 10.4-inch diagonal, sunlight-readable displays, including an EXP5000 primary flight display (PFD) with integrated solid-state air data and attitude/heading reference system (ADAHRS), and an EX5000 multi-function display (MFD) featuring moving map, flight plan information, terrain contours, as well as an Engine Indication System, (EIS). The EMax™ Engine and Datalink Weather systems are available as options on Piper's PA-28 series of aircraft.

Entegra's EXP5000 PFD presents standard flight instrumentation, including electronic attitude direction indicator (EADI), electronic horizontal situation indicator (EHSI), altitude, primary engine instruments, airspeed, and vertical speed.

The Entegra system delivers total situational awareness on an integrated display, including moving map, terrain, complete engine information and optional datalink weather, lightning and traffic. Primary engine instrument capability includes the display of RPM, fuel flow, and oil pressure on the PFD. The optional EMax system will also provide fuel totalizer capability and a lean assist function, which takes the guesswork out of fuel management. Moreover, the EMax system shows fuel remaining and computes nautical miles per gallon, fuel-to-waypoint, and fuel-to-destination on the MFD.

The Entegra system also displays and monitors cylinder head temperatures (CHT), exhaust gas temperature (EGT), oil temperature, outside air temperature (OAT), and electrical bus voltages. When the EMax option is installed, all four exhaust gas temperatures will be monitored. The system also provides data-logging capability of critical engine performance parameters, which are downloadable via the MFD data port into a standard spreadsheet format for easy analysis.

"The Entegra Integrated Flight Deck speaks directly to safety and value and meets the needs of our Flight School partners and personal aircraft owners," said Molly Martin Pearce, Director of Dealer Relations and Sales for The New Piper Aircraft, Inc. "The Entegra System is simple to use and intuitive while providing powerful capabilities and uncompromised functionality. As a result, it's the perfect combination for both the new and experienced pilot. In addition, the Entegra System addresses the needs of our flight school and university customers who need to train their students on advanced flight deck technology required for careers in the commercial airline industry without sacrificing the efficiencies, reliability, functionality and safety found in Piper's tried-and-true fleet."

The PA-28 family of aircraft has long been known for its reliability and reputation as being among the most capable trainers and entry-level aircraft in the marketplace. With the addition of the new Entegra integrated flight deck, these aircraft will lead innovation in the general aviation market by coupling a trusted and proven airframe with the latest in integrated avionics suites.

Entegra equipped Pipers are all electric, replacing the vacuum system and related vacuum powered equipment - providing additional reliability and utility.

Additionally, New Piper will offer Narrowcast Datalink as an option with the FlightMax Entegra System. Narrowcast Datalink Technology displays GPS location/positioning with Nexrad weather information, providing pilots with a new level of situational awareness and decision-making tools in the cockpit.



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